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Elvis Costello - 1989-09-15 - Berkeley, CA (w/ The Rude 5)

Elvis Costello & The Rude 5
(also with Nick Lowe)
September 15, 1989
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, California
Decent audience recording
Lossless (FLAC) Files

After Elvis's spring-summer 1989 solo tour (through US, UK, Europe, and Japan!), and with virtually no break, he went back to the US in August-September, and this time took with him a crack back-up band dubbed The Rude 5 (though on this tour there were actually 6), composed of various parts of previous groups he'd worked with, including Pete Thomas (of the Attractions), Jerry Scheff (of the Confederates), Larry Knechtel (formerly of Bread), Steven Soles, and multi-instrumentalist and oddball guitarist Marc Ribot and percussionist extraordnaire Michael Blair (from the Spike recording sessions). Ribot and Blair both had worked previously with Tom Waits, and were partially responsible for that funky, clanky, subterranean sound that Waits was becoming known for at that time, and that also shaped much of the Spike album. This was an eclectic ambitious group that brought with it all kinds of horns (tuba, trombone, cornet) and percussion (marimba, timpani, anvils), and funky new song arrangements. So, this was a really cool sound, especially following the mainly sparse solo shows. And the album Spike was a real mix of styles and moods, too, from the spooky Waits-like sounds of 'Let Him Dangle' to the the pop stylings of the McCartney-MacManus collaboration 'Veronica'. But somehow, it all worked, as did these cool 1989 shows with the Rude 5. Unfortunately, this recording from the end of the tour (next to last date), is not that great, and most of the band stuff is very muddy and way in the background (voclas are OK, but the instruments can't be heard clearly), so you can't really hear much of what is going on back there, which is a real shame, because it is definitely cool stuff. However, as this is the only available recording I know of from these 1989 Rude 5 shows, it will have to do, as it represents another unique look at the ever-changing world of Elvis's music and concerts. So, here it is, Elvis and the Rude 5.

OK, But before I get to the show, just wanted to also let you all know about a cool and relatively new blog, The Rare Stuff (, which has featured some more nifty Elvis Costello stuff recently, including a compilation of The McCartney-MacManus Collaboration stuff, containing all the demos, songs, and some performances from that collaboration, which was from about this same time period (1988-89). Also offered there is a compilation of rarities and miscellaneous recordings not available on other albums, as well as some interviews and an expanded version of a Costello/Bacharch show (another of his succesful collaborations). In addition to the Elvis stuff, there's also some great and rare Graham Parker and other stuff. So, check it out, brought to you by new friend 'ThePopCulturist'.

But first, get this Elvis & Rude 5 show now.

Disc One - 70:32
01. Intro
02. Accidents Will Happen
03. Brilliant Mistake
04. Clubland
05. Honey, Are You Straight or Are You Blind?
06. Let Him Dangle
07. Lovable
08. God's Comic
09. Radio Sweetheart / Jackie Wilson Said (Elvis solo)
10. Tramp the Dirt Down (Elvis solo)
11. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Elvis solo)
12. Girls Talk (Elvis & Steven Soles)
13. American Without Tears
14. ...This Town...
15. Miss Macbeth

Disc Two - 53:00
16. I Want You
17. Uncomplicated/Hidden Charms
18. Hidden Charms Reprise/Mystery Dance
19. Man Out of Time
20. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? (w/ Nick Lowe)
21. Alison
22. Veronica
23. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror / band intro
24. Watching the Detectives - end cut
25. Pump It Up - beginning cut

The Rude Five -
- Jerry Scheff - string bass, electric bass, tuba
- Larry Knechtel - hammond organ, grand piano
- Steven Soles - accoustic guitar, mandolin, trombone, vocals
- Michael Blair - accordion, marimba, timpani, percussion, vocals
- Marc Ribot - electric guitar, coronet, e flat horn
- Pete Thomas - drums

Lossless (FLAC) files:
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Note: song#18 is misidentified as 'Chewing Gum' in file listing. Correct song title is provided in setlist above

Info, artwork, etc:

Ok, So there it is, my look at Elvis in the Eighties. Hope you liked it, and found some new and interseting music in there. Of course, Elvis didn't stop there, and continued to grow and develop his music, style, and craft. But, the '80's were where the explorations started, with a wide variety of new music, sounds, styles, and shows. and actually, this late '80's period probably marked the beginning of Elvis's next phase, which was characterized by various collaborations (McCartney, Brodsky Quartet, Bacharach, Toussaint, etc), as Elvis continued to grow and develop through the 90's and beyond.

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Elvis Costello - 1989-04-24 - Mill Valley, CA (w/ Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, among others)

Elvis Costello (w/ guests Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir,and others) 
Solo set, then jam session with special guests & friends
Village Music (21st Birthday Party)
The Sweetwater, Mill Valley CA
April 24, 1989

Soundboard recording
mp3 @ 192 kbps

1988 marked the first year since 1977 that Elvis did not release a new album and/or tour extensively. Thus, no concerts available from 1988. His next album, Spike, was released in early 1989, and he started touring again in Spring 1989, continuing with predominantly solo shows, most often with Nick Lowe opening and joining Elvis for 2-3 songs. The shows were structured much like the 'Spinning Songbook' shows of 1987, with a solo set from Elvis, culminating with the duos with Lowe, then coming back out as his 'Napoleon Dynamite' alter-ego and doing an encore set of talk, requests, and various audience participation bits. The main difference obviously being the inclusion of several songs from Spike. The show presented here, however, was truly a one-of-a-kind event, in which, Elvis is joined onstage by none other than Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and other West Coast rockers for a wild and spontaneous jam session. During his Spring US tour, he was asked to perform for the Village Music (a legendary music store) 21st Birthday celebration at The Sweetwater in Mill Valley, CA. So, after his initial solo set (culminating with the Lowe duo on 'Peace, Love and Understanding'), he then did a few songs with his back-up band, a modified version of the Confederates). After that, however, other rock luminaries in attendance were called up to the stage. First Charles Brown and Kim Wilson sang a few songs, then Jerry Garcia joins Elvis onstage for some country tunes (with Elvis on vocals). Then Elvis asks if anyone else wants sing, and up comes Commander Cody and Sammy Hagar(?). Bob Weir eventually also joins the group for couple more, finally ending with Elvis back on vocals for 'Let The Good Times Roll' and 'Lovable'. Strange assemblage of artists, but alot of fun. It is not clear if Elvis stayed onstage and played throughout during the Brown and Wilson songs (probably not), but he was definitely jamming with Garcia and Weir, and Garcia does play through til the end of the set. Elvis and Jerry talked about the spontaneity of this show in a later interview with Musician magazine (March 1991 Issue), as excerpted here:
"Elvis: Certainly a candidate for the world's greatest record store is Village Music, in Mill Valley. Every year John Goddard has a party for his friends and customers, and he always has a really good bill of people. So last year on the twenty-first anniversary, I did a show with Nick Lowe, and he invited James Burton and Jerry Scheff, who'd played with me on the road. I did my little set, Nick did his set and then it was a free-for-all; Charles Brown did a piece, and people were getting summoned to the stage. I was standing in the corridor when I suddenly heard, "Jerry Garcia to the stage!" And, emboldened by several margaritas, I decided to join him.
Jerry: Not only that, but it was one of those situations where I had the choice of playing either Elvis' guitar, which is low and it's stiff, and the strings are quite wide as well, and all this confusing script, or of playing Burton's guitar, which is strung with spider webs. I mean it's the absolutely lightest you can string a guitar and still get a sound out of it. I'd take Burton's and play a note on it and it goes "spack." So I opted to play Elvis' guitar as the lesser of two evils. [*laughter*] And I vowed I would never go to another one of those shows without my own.
Elvis: It was a whole Three Stooges routine -- "Here, you take my guitar," "No, I'll take your guitar." I think I had Burton's old Telecaster for half a song, and James had my old Martin acoustic which wasn't cranked up so he couldn't solo--and Jerry's struggling with my guitar. But once everybody got settled we managed to struggle through a couple of Hank Williams songs. Like any sort of jam thing it inevitably came to degenerate towards lots of blues. But we managed a few songs with changes.
Jerry: A pretty high level of jam-sessionry really, considering what it was. Really fun. And Elvis' solo set was phenomenal, I thought. That's one of those things that I can't do at all, just playing the guitar and singing. You're so solid with that, you don't miss a band. I always feel like I'm missing a band."

So, hope you enjoy this odd and unique show. I'll wrap up this 'Elvis in the Eighties' series with one more show from 1989 later this week.

01. Accidents Will Happen (Elvis solo)
02. Brilliant Mistake (Elvis solo)
03. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Elvis solo)
04. Mystery Dance (Elvis solo)
05. Poisoned Rose (Elvis, Jerry Scheff & Austin de Lone)
06. God's Comic (Elvis solo)
07. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes (Elvis solo)
08. New Lace Sleeves (Elvis solo)
09. Pads, Paws And Claws (Elvis solo)
10. Radio Sweetheart / Jackie Wilson Said (Elvis solo)
11. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (Elvis & Nick Lowe)
- James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Austin de Lone & Scott Matthews join Elvis
12. The Big Light (Elvis vocal)
13. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (Elvis vocal)
14. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line (Elvis vocal)
15. Leave My Kitten Alone (Elvis vocal)
- Kim Wilson, Charles Brown join group
16. I Stepped In Quicksand (Charles Brown vocal)
17. Drifting Blues (Charles Brown vocal)
18. All My Life (Charles Brown vocal)
19. One's Too Many (And A Hundred Ain't Enough) (Kim Wilson & Nick Lowe vocals)
20. Real Gone Lover (Kim Wilson vocal)
- Jerry Garcia & Pete Sears join group
21. You Win Again (Elvis vocal)
22. Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down (Elvis vocal)
23. Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)? (Elvis vocal)
- Commander Cody, Sammy Hagar, Mitch Woods, and Annie Sampson join group
24. Riot In Cell Block #9 (Commander Cody vocal)
25. Going Down (Sammy Hagar vocal)
- Bob Weir joins group
26. C.C. Rider (Bob Weir vocal)
27. Turn On Your Lovelight (Bob Weir vocal)
28. Let The Good Times Roll (Elvis vocal)
29. Lovable (Elvis vocal)

Elvis Costello
James Burton
Jerry Scheff
Austin de Lone
Scott Matthews
Nick Lowe
Jerry Garcia
Pete Sears
Mitch Woods
Annie Sampson
Bob Weir
and with
Charles Brown, Kim Wilson, Commander Cody, and Sammy Hagar doing vocals on select songs

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part2: ECfriends_1989-04-29_-_Mill_Valley_CA.part2.rar

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Elvis Costello - 1987-04-18 - San Diego (Solo, Spinning Songbook show)

Elvis Costello -- solo, with Singing Songbook segments
(duet w/ Nick Lowe on 1 song)
April 18, 1987
San Diego State University
San Diego, California
Good Audience Recording
mp3 @ 192

In April-May, 1987, Elvis went out on a short solo tour in the U.S. (generally w/ Nick Lowe opening and joining Elvis on 1 song -his own 'Peace, Love, and Understanding'). On this tour, which had a decidedly different atmosphere than shows with the Confederates, he introduced the 'Spinning Songbook', in which in the second half of the show (following his duet w/Lowe and a brief intermission), Elvis came out as 'Napoleon Dynamite' and acted as a kind of game show host. The Spinning Songbook was a big 'Wheel-of-Fortune'-type spinning prop containing song titles from Elvis's catalog. Audience members were selected and invited up on stage to spin the wheel, and Elvis would perform the songs determined by the wheel spin. In many shows, he also selected a member of the audience to 'play drums' on a couple songs.The atmosphere was very loose and carnival-like, Elvis and the audience seem to be having a lot of fun with it, but it definitely is one of those 'You really had to be there' kind of things, as on the recording it mainly comes across as a lot of talk and a sort of waste of precious concert time. Nonetheless it was another unique kind of show Elvis offered, and he delivers many interesting solo versions of new and classic songs here. Later in 1987 (Fall), Elvis would go back on the road (U.S., Japan, Australia) with the Confederates as his backing band and go back to the more folk and country-tinged shows he started the year with.
One other 1987 note: 3 London shows in January 1987 (1/22 to 1/24) just before the Confederates shows, were the last time Costello would play a show with the Attractions until 1994 (and the Brutal Youth Tour).

01. Sally Sue Brown
02. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
03. - talk -
04. Green Shirt
05. - talk -
06. Heathen Town
07. Uncomplicated
08. Inch By Inch
09. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
10. American Without Tears
11. American Without Tears No. 2
12. Radio Sweetheart / Jackie Wilson Said
13. I Want You
14. - Nick Lowe intro -
15. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
16. - talk - Napoleon Dynamite intro
17. - talk - spinning songbook
18. Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind?
19. Everyday I Write The Book
20. Alison
21. - talk - more spinning songbook
22. Watching The Detectives
23. Taxi
24. Just A Memory
25. Girls Talk
26. Pump It Up (fades out)

Notes -
- duet with Nick Lowe on Peace, Love And Understanding.
- audience member Carolyn on drums during "Everyday I Write The Book" and "Alison".
- EC with beatbox on "Uncomplicated", "Watching The Detectives", "Pump It Up".
- fades between "Radio Sweetheart" and "I Want You" and the Nick Lowe intro
- Pump It Up comes from a different recording of the same show, but fades out early at 5:12.

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Evis Costello - 1987-01-30 - Manchester, UK (with The Confederates)

Elvis Costello & The Confederates
January 30, 1987
Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England
Good audience recording
Lossless (FLAC) Files

After finishing up his 1986 european tour (featuring both solo shows and Attractions shows) with extended UK dates in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Liverpool in December, Elvis went right back to the UK in January-February 1987 for more shows, this time backed by the Confederates, a group of American musicians (including James Burton-guitar, Jim Keltner-drums, Benmont Tench(from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers)-keyboards, and T-Bone Burnett) that he worked with on the King of America album. The Confederates had backed him on several dates on the 1986 US tour, but did not come with on the subsequent european tour. Elvis must have enjoyed the shows with them, because he invited them back for most of the 1987 tour. As would be expected, the shows with the Confederates focused much more closely on the King of America songs, as well as other country, folk and country-influenced songs. Here, then is a full-length show from Mancester, England that provides a very good representation of these shows with the Confederates.

Disc 1
01. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - Elvis solo
02. Stranger In The House
03. That's How You Got Killed Before
04. The Big Light
05. Our Little Angel
06. Good Year For The Roses
07. It Tears Me Up
08. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
09. Poisoned Rose
10. I'll Wear It Proudly
11. Lovable
12. Riverboat
13. Radio Sweetheart - including Jackie Wilson Said - Elvis solo
14. Alison - including lines from Living A Little, Laughing A Little, Point of No Return and You Win Again - Elvis solo
15. Tokyo Storm Warning - Elvis solo
16. - talk
17. Any King's Shilling - Elvis solo
18. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Elvis solo
19. - talk
20. Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness - including a couple of lines from Lullaby of Broadway - Elvis solo
21. Shipbuilding - Elvis solo

Disc 2
01. - talk
02. Little Palaces - Elvis solo
03. Indoor Fireworks
04. Sally Sue Brown - including You're No Good and 36-22-36
05. True Love Ways
06. American Without Tears
07. Brilliant Mistake
08. Glitter Gulch
Encore 1
09. Suit Of Lights
10. Green Shirt - Elvis solo
11. I Want You - Elvis solo
Encore 2
12. What Would I Do Without You
13. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
Encore 3
14. Oliver's Army - including Be My Baby - Elvis solo
15. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
16. Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral My Trial
Encore 4
17. That's How You Got Killed Before
18. Payday
19. Sleep Of The Just

The Confederates:
James Burton - lead guitar
Jim Keltner - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Benmont Tench - keyboards
T-Bone Wolk - dobro, guitar, mandolin, accordion, backing vocals

FLAC Files (Mediafire links, courtesy of the Elvis Costello Wiki Pages):
Elvis Costello_1987-01-30_Manchester_FLAC files

Info, etc.

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Elvis Costello - 1986-11-23 - London (with The Attractions)

Elvis Costello and the Attractions
November 23, 1986
Royalty Theatre, London, England
BBC Radio Broadcast, excellent quality (source: BBC transcription discs)
mp3 @ 320 kbps

1986 was a busy and productive year for Elvis. King of America, which he recorded in 1985 under the guidance of T-Bone Burnett (and was made without his regular band, The Attractions), was released in January 1986. Following a series of radio and TV appearances in early 1986 to promote the album, instead of going on tour, Elvis went back into the studio, this time back with the Attractions and old-pal producer Nick Lowe, to record another album. This new album, Blood and Chocolate, was more in the rock vein, and was made fast and loose (reportedly in a matter of days), with a raw, aggressive, and decidedly unpolished sound. A couple of stunning leftovers, 'Blue Chair', which was a holdover from the King of America sessions, and 'I Hope You're Happy Now', which was from the Goodbye Cruel World sessions, get new Attractions makeovers (to great results - 'Blue Chair' coulda/shoulda been a hit single) and are added to a roster of raw and intense new tracks. The result was a raucous, exhilharating, emotionally rich, dark, and somewhat depressing, but satisfying album. By July, Elvis and the Attractions were back out on tour. Oh yeah, he also got married (to Cait O'Riordan of the Pogues) around this time. For the Fall tour, Elvis devised a series of multi-night shows in key cities, first in the U.S, then in Europe, in which each night would feature a different show, where one night would be a show with the Attractions, one night a solo Elvis show, and one night a show backed by the Confederates (a group of studio musicians used on the King of America album). This culminated in a week-long stay at London's Royalty Theatre in October 1986. The first night (the show presented here) was with Elvis with the Attractions, and featured songs from the new Blood and Chocolate album. This was taped and broadcast (high quality recording) by the BBC. The second night (featured below) was a solo acoustic show with Elvis all by himself for a more intimate evening of talk and songs. The rest of the week continued with the nights alternating between Attractions and solo Elvis shows (The Confederates were not present on this part of the tour, but don't worry, I will have a show with the Confederates as part of the 1987 shows, coming soon). So, enjoy these next chapters in the development of Elvis and his music in the 1980's .

disc 1 - [68:26]
01. Accidents Will Happen
02. The Beat
03. Tokyo Storm Warning
04. Watching the Detectives
05. Battered Old Bird
06. Honey, Are You Straight or Are You Blind?
07. Temptation
08. New Lace Sleeves
09. Blue Chair
10. Jack of All Parades
11. Uncomplicated
12. Lipstick Vogue
13. Beyond Belief
14. Clubland

disc 2 - [47:04]
15. I Want You
16. I Hope You're Happy Now
17. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head
18. Lovable
19. Leave My Kitten Alone
20. Oliver's Army
21. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
22. I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down
23. Pump It Up
24. Poor Napoleon
total - [1:55:30]

New Links! (Updated 01/13/14)

Lossless (FLAC) version of this show available through the Elvis Costello Wiki project links:

Elvis Costello - 1986-11-24 - London (Solo Acoustic)

Elvis Costello (solo acoustic)
November 24, 1986
Royalty Theatre, London, England
Very Good Audience Recording
Lossless (FLAC) Files

Here's the second night performance from Elvis on his week-long series of shows at the Royalty Theatre in London in 1986. This time it's a full-length solo acoustic show, with just Elvis and his guitar, except for one song (Crimes of Paris) when he is joined onstage by his new wife, Cait O'Riordan (of the Pogues). Elvis is genial and chatty, telling jokes, stories, and anecdotes throughout the show, which features a fantastic setlist and many unique and wonderful interpretations of a wide variety of songs, including several covers (You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, True Love Ways, King Midas in Reverse, Pretty in Pink, etc.) and a focus on songs from King of America. An excellent show where you can really start to see Elvis's personality and commitment to his music and performance come through.

disc 1 - [73:21]
01. intro
02. Brilliant Mistake
03. Tokyo Storm Warning
04. Suit of Lights
05. - talk -
06. Green Shirt
07. - talk -
08. Heathen Town
09. - talk -
10. Little Palaces
11. - talk -
12. American Without Tears
13. - talk -
14. American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version)
15. - talk -
16. Deportee
17. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
18. - talk -
19. Almost Blue
20. Forgive Her Anything
21. - talk -
22. Radio Sweetheart
23. Girls Talk
24. You Little Fool
25. Our Little Angel
26. - talk -
27. King Midas in Reverse
28. Pretty in Pink

disc 2 - [64:44]
29. - talk -
30. Crimes of Paris (w/Cait O'Rordan-vocals)
31. - talk -
32. I'll Wear It Proudly
33. - talk -
34. Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness
35. Shipbuilding
36. - talk -
37. Please Stay
38. - talk -
39. Inch By Inch
40. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
41. - talk -
42. Indoor Fireworks
43. Poisoned Rose
44. - talk -
45. The People's Limousine
46. The Big Light
47. I Want You
48. - talk -
49. True Love Ways
50. - talk -
51. Sleep of the Just
total - [2:18:05]
51 tracks (32 songs / 19 talk)

As there were many lengthy talking bits, any talk segment longer than 30 seconds was separated into its own track.
- track 17: first two verses of "New Amsterdam" missed due to tape flip (brief fade-in applied).
- track 34: "Put Your Big Toe" fades out early at 3:23 due to tape flip (fade-out applied).

Music Link (Courtesy of the Elvis Costello Wiki project):
Elvis Costello_1986-11-24_FLAC Files
Info Link -

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Elvis Costello - 1985-07-01 - Tokyo (Solo Show)

Elvis Costello (solo),
and with T-Bone Burnett (as the Coward Brothers)
July 1, 1985
Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Good Audience Recording
Lossless (FLAC) Files

In 1984, in addition to his tour with the Attractions, Elvis also did a limited number of solo shows for the first time (Unfortunately, most of the recordings from these early solo shows are not very good). He continued these shows in 1985, doing a series of shows, mostly solo, but including a segment as a duo with T-Bone Burnett (and billed as the Coward Brothers). By this time, Elvis was in the midst of recording what would become his next album (Produced by T-Bone), King of America, without the Attractions, a knockout album of American Roots-oriented music (folk, rockabilly, etc.), personal and heartfelt, that continued his development as one of our finest songwriters and performers, and marked his 2nd masterpiece album of the 1980's. Here then is one of those 1985 solo shows, which previews a few of the new songs from King of America, as well as a wide variety of solo versions of both well-known and little-known Costello songs, and even features Elvis on piano on a few songs. Once again, these FLAC files come to us through the folks at the The Elvis Costello Wiki (, so much thanks to them for making this available.

disc 1 [68:51]
01. Pump It Up
02. Everyday I Write The Book
03. Girls Talk
04. Brilliant Mistake
05. The Only Flame In Town
06. Pills And Soap
07. Almost Blue
08. Little Palaces
09. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
10. Sleep Of The Just
11. Worthless Thing
12. Poisoned Rose
13. Inch By Inch
14. I'll Wear It Proudly
15. Riot Act
16. Blue Chair
17. Green Shirt
18. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
19. I Hope You're Happy Now
20. Alison / You Win Again

disc 2 [29:25]
Encore 1 - with T Bone Burnett (as The Coward Brothers)
21. Tom Dooley
22. The People's Limousine
23. Twist And Shout
24. The Wild Side Of Life
25. She Thinks I Still Care
Encore 2
26. Oliver's Army
27. Shipbuilding
28. Having It All

Notes -
- EC is unamplified during the first half of "Pump It Up" so the first 45 seconds is mostly screaming fans.
- includes one of five (known) performances of "The Wild Side Of Life"