Friday, February 25, 2011

Important Blog Announcements

Announcements (from Elvis Costello?)
Blog Announcements

Please excuse this brief interruption of the music for a few announcements, some good, some bad.

DMCA takedown notification
First, for the bad news. This blog recently received its first DMCA takedown notification from Blogger. It concerned The Kinks rarities compilations that were posted last year (Rare Anthology Vols. 1 &2, and the Ultimate Compilation of the Great Lost Kinks Album Rarities) comprising an alleged copyright infringement. As far as I knew these collections contained only unreleased outtakes and rarities. Now, I don't know what part or parts of these collections are in violation of copyright, so I had to remove the entire posts and download links. So, sorry, but these have been removed and will not be re-posted. So, that's a bummer. I have not and will not knowingly post anything that is copyrighted, and I am sorry that (if?) these compilations contained some copyrighted recordings. Fortunately, this does not affect any of the live Kinks shows that I have posted, only the rarities collections. Anyway, this is not a big deal, and should not have negatively affect the future of the blog. However, it does raise a couple of concerns. First is that now that they know this blog is here and had one copyright complaint, we might be scrutinized more closely in the future. Second, and of greater concern, is that this blog now has one complaint against us, and could be shut down by blogger if repeated complaints are received.

Blog Activity
On a more positive note, this blog recently surpassed 300,000 visits in a little over a year (since I started keeping track). Now, for some sites that isn't very much, but for this little outpost it seems quite substantial. More importantly, the numbers have been growing steadily. About a year ago, we were averaging about 500-600 visits a day, and now those numbers are well over 1200 a day, or more than double from a year ago. So, although I don't post a great volume of stuff here (average of only about 6 new posts a month), I think that what is posted is really great stuff, and at least we seem to be on the right track, that is, we do seem to have a core group of followers that regularly check back, and we are steadily adding new followers as well, so all that is good (although I wish I could get some more comments back from some of you folks. It's very hard to determine what people think of what is posted here when so few bother to comment). Now, this blog is strictly a personal (and enjoyable) thing for me. I have limited time to devote to this (and already spend far more time on this than I should), thus it will always be somewhat erratic and part-time endeavor (in other words, the current output rate is about all you can ever expect from this blog). But I will always try to provide interesting and quality stuff, that may be difficult to find through other outlets, and it will always be my own personal preference of great artists (ones that I really like). So, anyway, just wanted to give you that little progress report.

New rare, uncirculated recordings to be featured on BB Chronicles
Now here is some big, great, new, and exciting news! After posting the rare SHF Band show last month, I was contacted by a fan of the group who said he had recordings from a number of their 1974 shows, most of which he recorded himself. He sent a few of these to me, and there were some very good recordings and more extensive shows and setlists than anything I have previously seen for this great, neglected band. So, my new friend, David from Massachusetts said it would fine if I posted them here. When I asked him if he had more recordings like this of other bands, he said he had lots. David is a big Byrds and Byrds-related artist fan, so what he has is alot of shows of the Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, and various band incarnations of members, former members, and related artists (McGuinn, Hillman, Clarke, Parsons, Leadon, etc.), from throughout the 1970's and '80's. Periodically, over time, I will try to get some of these shows, too, and make them available through this blog. So, starting next week, I will feature a couple of full-length, previously uncirculated shows from the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band from David. After that, we'll see how it goes, but I expect that we should be regularly seeing more of these rare, uncirculated audience recordings from some of the best artists of the '70's and '80's. So, stay tuned.

Your friend (hopefully),

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Steely Dan - The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes

Steely Dan
The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes

Studio outtakes, very good quality
mp3 @ 320

For many years, this was considered the holy grail of Steely Dan bootlegs, as it features a complete alternative Gaucho album including several unreleased songs from the Gaucho sessions that were not included on the eventual album. As is known by most SD fans, Becker and Fagen had to endure various misfortunes during the long and grueling process of the making of Gaucho, which caused numerous delays in its release. Becker was hit by a car, one of their favorite new tracks "The Second Arrangement" was accidentally erased by an assistant recording engineer, and there was a dispute over which record company had the rights to their forthcoming album. MCA won the contract dispute (although Fagen and Becker had already signed to a new label, WB) but then decided to increase the album's list price to one dollar more than all other albums at that time. Donald and Walter tried unsuccessfully to fight the price increase. Through all this, Fagen and Becker grew more and more disenchanted, and eventually scrapped much of what had been recorded previously, including several entire songs. Gaucho was eventually released in November, 1980. But the ordeal, poitics, and aftermath of the making and remaking of Gaucho may have lead to Donald & Walter's decision to call it quits after this album. Nonetheless, these outtakes represent all that is left from these sessions and the last unreleased songs from Steely Dan.
This outtake collection, consists of the 'Lost' Gaucho album (CD1), which is a complete album vastly different to what was released, as well as a collection of other miscellaneous outtakes, demos, and alternate versions from these sessions (CD2). Of the 8 songs included on the 'lost' edition, only three of these were tracks that appeared on the official album, in somewhat different form. 'Were You Blind That Day' was an early rendition of a song with different lyrics that finally appeared as 'Third World Man' on the released Gaucho. 'Time Out Of Mind' on the lost version is simpler, missing the embellishments added on the Gaucho version. And the title track here is just an instrumental. The rest of the tracks are original unreleased Steely Dan songs prepared for Gaucho, but not used. These include 'Kind Spirit', 'The Bear', 'The Second Arrangement', 'Talkin’ About My Home' and 'Kulee Baba', and have never been released in any form. Earlier versions of these songs circulated somewhat in poorer quality (but were difficult to find) until around 2002 when high quality copies of the sessions emerged. Although these sessions have become fairly widely availble in the last few years, I also wanted to include them here as well, for completeness.

CD1: The Lost Gaucho
01 Kind Spirit
02 Were You Blind That Day
03 The Bear
04 The 2nd Arrangement
05 Talkin' About My Home
06 Time Out Of Mind
07 Kulee Baba
08 Gaucho (instr.)

CD2: Various Demos, Outtakes, & Alternate Versions
01 Gaucho
02 The Second Arrangement
03 Glamour Profession
04 Babylon Sisters
05 My Rival
06 Gaucho (piano demo)
07 Babylon Sisters
08 The Second Arrangement
09 Talkin' About My Home
10 I Can't Write Home About You
11 Kulee Baba

Link to this previous version of these tracks no longer available. However...

Now Available! - Upgraded and enhanced version of these files (phase-corrected, EQ, and audio clean-up) available in both lossless and mp3 versions - check here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steely Dan - Katy Lied/Royal Scam Outtakes

Steely Dan
Katy Lied/Royal Scam Outtakes

outtakes and demos from Katy Lied
& Royal Scam sessions
Soundboard recordings, excellent quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

To finish up this brief look at Steely Dan, here's some of their session outtakes, which is only appropriate because for most of their existence, they were exclusively a product of the painstaking studio sessions conducted by Fagen & Becker & a host of session musicians.  Fagen, in particular was a perfectionist and spent hour after hour making sure that every sound on the record was just right. Here then are some of the earlier versions, Fagen's piano demos, alternate versions, and outtakes from the Katy Lied sessions, which also includes a couple of very early versions of 2 songs that would eventually end up on Aja, 'Black Cow' and 'I Got the News'. The Royal Scam outtakes are bit different, as all except one of these ('Don't Take Me Alive' - alternate version) are full backing tracks without vocals or solos. So, here, in particular, we can hear the precision and detail that went into the backing and rhythm track, before adding the finishing touches. So, enjoy some behind the scenes looks at Steely Dan in the Studio.

The Complete Katy Lied Outtakes
1. Black Friday
2. Bad Sneakers
3. Rose Darling
4. Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More
5. Dr. Wu
6. Everyone's Gone To The Movies
7. Your Gold Teeth II
8. Chain Lightning
9. Throw Back The Little Ones
10. Mr. Sam (unreleased song)
11. Gullywater (unreleased instrumental)
12. Black Cow [Take 1] (piano demo)
13. Black Cow [Take 2]
14. I Got The News (early version)
15. Black Friday
16. Rose Darling
17. Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More
18. Dr. Wu
19. Your Gold Teeth II
20. Chain Lightning
21. Throw Back The Little Ones

Steely Dan - Katy Lied outtakes.rar  updated 09/02/15

Royal Scam Outtakes
01 Kid Charlemagne (backing track)
02 Sign In Stranger (backing track)
03 Everything You Did (backing track)
04 Green Earrings (backing track)
05 Don't Take Me Alive  (outtake w/vocals)

Steely Dan - Royal Scam outtakes.rar updated 12/09/13

Monday, February 14, 2011

Steely Dan - 1993-09-01 - St. Louis, MO (Riverport Amphitheater) SBD

Steely Dan
Riverport Amphitheater, St.Louis, MO

Soundboard recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Continuing with more Steely Dan, here's a great soundboard recording from early in the first reunion tour, in 1993. After the 1974 tour, and dissolution of the live band and touring phase of the group, it was almost 20 years before Steely Dan would perform live again. Of course, the duo of Fagen & Becker, along with various studio musicians kept the Dan going through the 1970's (but without performing live), producing their most successful albums. But their last album before calling it quits was in 1980 (Gaucho). Fagen did perform live again in 1991when he put together the New York Rock and Soul Revue featuring himself, Michael McDonald, Phoebe Snow, Boz Scaggs, and others. It was after that experience that he began planning for a Steely Dan Reunion tour that would feature a full-size Jazz Band (8-piece backing band and 3 female vocalists) (evidently former Dan members Jeff Baxter, Denny Dias, and Jim Hodder were not invited back). The result was a stunning success, but, as noted earlier, this was a very different Steely Dan than the one hat last toured in 1974. This was definitely a Jazz Band and not a rock band, but a very good and unique Jazz Band. I saw them on this tour, and the show was very enjoyable and pleasant, a great listening experience, just not very exciting . They toured again with basically the same lineup in 1994, and again in 1996. In 2000, Steely Dan released their first studio album of new music (Two Against Nature) in 20 years, followed by a big tour. Then, in 2003, released another new album (Everything Must Go) and tour, which has been followed by subsequent tours in 2006-2010. In their most recent tours, they have been featuring live versions of complete albums, such as Aja, Gaucho, and the Royal Scam (notably, however, not any of the earlier albums). So, give a listen to this to hear the later version of Steely Dan and their music live. The setlist was basically the same for the whole tour. Included here is a bonus track, FM (from the NY Saratoga show), that was played as an additional encore at several shows on this tour, but was not played at this show. Go ahead and compare this fine show with the earlier shows from 1974, and you'll hear what I'm talking about. As I said before, All Steely Dan music is great stuff, but, contrary to what Fagen & Becker themselves might tell you, the fact is their very best stuff was back in '74.  Check 'em out and decide for yourself.

1. Royal Scam-Bad Sneakers-Aja (Instrumental Overture)
2. Green Earrings
3. Bodhisattva
4. I.G.Y.
5. Josie 
6. Hey Nineteen
7. Book of Liars
8. Chain Lightning
9. Band Intros
10. Green Flower Street
11. Home at Last
12. Black Friday

13. Deacon Blues
14. Tomorrow's Girl
15. Babylon sisters
16. Reelin' in the Years
17. Fall of '92
18. Peg
19. Third World Man
20. Teahouse on the Tracks
21. My Old School
Bonus track:
22. FM (8/22/93 - Saratoga,NY)

New Links! (Updated 07/12/20)
disc 1: Steely_Dan_-_1993-09-01_-_St._Louis_SBD_disc1.rar
disc 2: Steely_Dan_-_1993-09-01_-_St._Louis_SBD_disc2.rar

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Steely Dan - 1974-05-20 - London (Remastered) Lossless

Steely Dan
Rainbow Theatre, London, UK

Stereo soundboard, 2010 Remastered Edition (Remasters Workshop), excellent quality
Lossless (FLAC) files
Artwork included

So, here is another excellent show, and fine soundboard recording, from the 1974 Steely Dan tour. This one is the full-length show, featuring 4 additional songs ('My Old School', 'Dirty Work', 'Showbiz Kids', and substitutes 'Brooklyn' for 'Any Major Dude') not included in the earlier LA radio broadcast (see previous post), as well as an extended version (complete with dual drum solos, duet?) of the Dan rarity 'This All Too Mobile Home', which was only performed on this tour, and never recorded or released in any form. In addition, this is a recently remastered  (Remasters Workshop, August 2010) version of this classic show, so the sound quality is top-notch, and presented here in lossless for maximum sound quality. So, here you get the full treatment, and can witness the original Steely Dan Band live in all it's glory, in what was really the only time ever (this tour, that is). This was Steely Dan at their best. A must for any fan of the band.

Track listing:
01  Bodhisattva
02  The Boston Rag
03  Do It Again
04  Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)
05  King Of The World
06  Rikki Don't Lose That Number
07  Pretzel Logic
08  introductions
09  My Old School
10  Dirty Work
11  Your Gold Teeth II
12  Reelin' In The Years
13  Show Biz Kids
14  This All Too Mobile Home

Donald Fagen (keyboards, vocal) • Walter Becker (bass) • Denny Dias (guitar)
Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter (guitar) • Royce Jones (percussion, vocal)
Michael McDonald (keyboards, vocal) • Jeff Porcaro (drums) • Jim Hodder (drums)

Note: For this edition, approximately three minutes of applause and tuning were removed to fit the show on one disc.

New Link! (Updated 06/10/12)
FLAC: New Depositfile Link

Friday, February 4, 2011

Steely Dan - 1974-03-20 - Los Angeles, CA (Pre-FM)

Steely Dan
The Record Plant
Los Angeles, CA

KMET - Live
Pre-FM Master Reel, Excellent quality recording
New! Now available in both FLAC and mp3 (@ 256 kbps)

Finally, I am posting something from another of my very favorite bands, the truly unique, different, and compelling, Steely Dan. The only reason I haven't posted them sooner was simply that much of their stuff is already available on other sites. But listening to Skunk Baxter and The Best's version of 'Bodhisattva' last month, reminded me again of just how great these guys were, particularly in the early years, and as a live band. Now, any Steely Dan is great, but the first three allbums, in particular, were, for me, by far their best stuff. Before Fagen & Becker and their assemblage of various studio musicians settled into their midtempo, cool, jazz-funk groove (exemplified by Aja and Gaucho) in the later years of the band, in those early years they were still more of a rock band, a real, live, rock band (unconventional, yes, but still rockin'). With the dual guitars of Skunk Baxter & Denny Dias, there was more rockin and jammin' than in later years, and they put on some great live shows. Unfortunately, they only had one full tour as a headlining act (1974), after which Fagen & Becker told the band that they would not tour anymore (they were never comfortable performing live), and that they would continue solely in the studio with a variety of studio musicians. Thus, this was essentially the end of the 'band' phase of Steely Dan, as guitarists Skunk Baxter & Denny Dias, and drummer Jim Hodder left (Baxter went to the Doobie Brothers, Dias & Hodder still played on some Dan tracks, but were not 'members' anymore). Thus, there are only a handful of live recordings from this phase of the band. Fortunately, there are a few very good quality ones among these. Although Steely Dan continued making albums through 1980 (and achieved their greatest success with Aja and Gaucho),  we would not here any live Steely Dan again until 1993, when Fagen & Becker got back together (along with a large Jazz Band) for a big world tour. They have been touring on and off (and released new albums in 2000 and 2003) ever since. Thus, most of the live Steely Dan shows around have been from these reunion tours. But, great as these more recent reunion shows are, make no mistake, the band was still best back in their early days, and the 1974 tour, which featured songs from their two best albums, Countdown to Ecstacy and the as-yet unreleased Pretzel Logic, presented Steely Dan as a full-fledged jazz-rock band for the only time ever.  This show, an excellent Pre-FM recording from a radio show early in the tour, is fantastic, and marred only by the fact that it is not their full-length set (obviously shortened for a 1-hr radio broadcast, as was the usual practice). Probably the best sounding recording available from the '74 tour.

01 - Introduction/Waiting for drummer
02 - Bodhisattva
03 - The Boston Rag
04 - Do It Again
05 - Any Major Dude
06 - King Of The World
07 - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08 - Pretzel Logic
09 - Your Gold Teeth II (Jam)
10 - Reelin' In The Years
11 - This All Too Mobile Home

Donald Fagen – piano, vocals
Walter Becker – bass
Jeff Baxter – guitar
Denny Dias – guitar
Jim Hodder – drums
Jeff Porcaro – drums
Royce Jones – percussion, backing vocals
Michael McDonald – electric piano, backing vocals

New FLAC Link! (Updated 09/29/17)

mp3 - Steely_Dan_-1974-03-20_-_LA_(Pre-FM).rar

Note that a remastered version of this same show is also now available here.

Stay tuned for more great Steely Dan. Since this was not their full-length show, next I'll post another excellent recording from this tour that features additional songs not included here.