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Genesis - 1982-09-29 - Reunion Rehearsal (w/Gabriel) - London

"All The Help I Can Get"
September 29, 1982
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

Rehearsal for Genesis Reunion Concert
at Milton Keynes, Oct. 2, 1982

Soundboard recording,
MP3, 192 kbps.

Now available in Lossless (FLAC) and upgraded mp3 (320 kbps) versions! see link below

Artwork Included

Well, here it is, the recently-surfaced soundboard recording from the only rehearsal session prior to the one-off 1982 Genesis Reunion Concert at Milton Keynes, UK on 10-02-1982. For those that don't know, this was an impromptu 'one-time-only' reunion show, in which Gabriel got together with his former bandmates, presumably to help get Peter out of debt after getting the WOMAD festival established earlier that year. The performance from that memorable concert event is available on various bootlegs (as 'The Lamb Woke Up Again', 'Six of the Best', 'Live from Milton Keynes'), some available elsewhere on this forum. As many have commented, the performance from that show is a bit shaky in spots (due to lack of preparation time and rehearsal), but it remains the only time Gabriel has re-joined the band onstage to date, certainly a one-of-a-kind event. Unfortunately, all the known recordings from this show are fairly mediocre audience recordings, certainly worth having, but not the best quality. So, now here comes some higher quality tapes of the rehearsal session (9-29-82) prior to the concert. Now we have a better document of this unique time and concert experience.

I've been trying to get hold of these ever since I first heard about them. The assessment: Yes, these are a marvelous documentation of this event, and the sound quality is much better than the tapes of the actual concert I've heard. It is fascinating to hear this behind the scenes glimpse at them running through these songs for the first time in many years. However, as with the concert itself, these are far from their best performances, and perhaps because this IS just a rehearsal, some of the performances are a bit lackluster. Gabriel, in particular, is notably rusty and somewhat lost in some of the older songs that he hadn't performed in years ('Supper's Ready', 'Musical Box', and 'The Knife'). The sound quality also is not as good as one might hope, not as crisp, clean, or clear as the best soundboards, uneven mix, and the volume seems to fade in and out somewhat sporadically. Not that I'm complaining, as I am thrilled to get the chance to hear these sessions after all these years. Make no mistake, despite the flaws (and maybe even partly because of them), these tapes are a rare find and a 'must-have' for any serious Genesis or Gabriel fan. A big thank you to whoever was responsible for bringing these tapes to the public.

BTW, for whatever reason, apparently Steve Hackett was not part of the reunion plans, and does not appear at this rehearsal session. However, Steve did show up at the actual concert, and joined the rest of the band for the encore ('The Knife').


1.1 Back In N.Y.C. (05:56)
1.2 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (04:02)
1.3 The Carpet Crawlers (05:45)
1.4 Firth Of Fifth (09:02)
1.5 The Musical Box (10:45)
1.6 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (06:37)
1.7 Fly On A Windshield (04;37)
2.1 In The Cage (09:21)
2.2 Supper's Ready (24:09)
2.3 The Knife (03:42)
2.4 Solsbury Hill (Take 1) (01:51)
2.5 Solsbury Hill (Take 2) (03:24)
2.6 Solsbury Hill (Take 3) (05:04)

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Peter Gabriel: Vocals
Tony Banks: Keyboards
Mike Rutherford: Bass Guitar
Phil Collins: Drums / Percussion / Vocals
Daryl Steurmer: Lead Guitar
Chester Thompson: Drums

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Neil Young, A Perfect Echo Vol.1-4

Volumes 1-4, 8-disc compilation of soundboard recordings 1967-2001
Compiled by Braden Strickler

Excellent Quality
Available in both lossless (SHN files) and 320 kbps MP3 versions
Artwork included

Here is another excellent compilation of Live Neil Young recordings, more extensive and better quality than the fine Rock 'n Roll Cowboy Collection. Whereas RnRCowboy goes more for the unique, obscure, and noteworthy individual songs and performances (wide-ranging venues, unusual songs, and varying sound quality), Perfect Echo attempts to put together the best quality recordings of live songs throughout his career. Since relatively few performances are repeated on both sets, it is really worth it to get both compilations. Together, they represent a pretty comprehensive retrospective of Neil's great career and live performances.

Original Notes from Braden (Original compiler of this collection):
"This is a compilation of soundboard recordings from 1967-2001. The term soundboard is a bit of a misnomer. By soundboard I mean, basically, not an audience recording. Some are true soundboards, while others are FM, TV, ALD, or video-sourced recordings. The recordings were all taken from CD-Rs or videos that are circulating in the trading community.
There are a total of 115 tracks (109 songs, as 6 get repeated). Some years were heavy with available recordings (1976 and 1989 come to mind). I tried to balance the set by not using too many songs from a single show. The entire 8 discs run in, roughly, chronological order.
The intent was to make a nice sampling of soundboard recordings from throughout his career. Its sort of like an expanded 'Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy', with the intent to keep the sound quality higher and more consistent."

Track List:

Volume 1: 1967-1976
Disc 1 - 1967 - 1971
01. Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield - Hollywood, CA 11-Aug-1967)
02. Birds (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
03. I've Loved Her So Long (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
04. Sea Of Madness (CSNY - Big Sur, CA, 13-Sep-1969)
05. Helpless (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
06. Country Girl (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
07. Broken Arrow (Cincinnati, OH 25-Feb-1970)
08. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
09. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
10. Winterlong (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
11. Cinnamon Girl (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
12. Cowgirl In The Sand (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
13. On The Way Home (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
14. Tell Me Why (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
15. Out On The Weekend (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
16. Journey Through The Past (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
17. Love In Mind (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)

Disc 2 - 1974 - 1976
01. Walk On (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
02. Ambulance Blues (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
03. Lookin' For A Love (San Francisco, CA, 23-Mar-1975)
04. No One Seems To Know (Tokyo, Japan, 10-Mar-1976)
05. Human Highway (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
06. Cortez The Killer (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
07. White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 10-Nov-1976)
08. Don't Cry No Tears (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
09. Peace Of Mind (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
10. A Man Needs A Maid (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
11. Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
12. Lotta Love (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
13. Like A Hurricane (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
14. Harvest (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
15. Campaigner (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
16. Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)
17. The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)

Volume 2 - 1978 - 1989
Disc 3 - 1978 - 1984
01. Thrasher (San Francisco, CA, 22-Oct-1978)
02. Little Thing Called Love (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
03. Old Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
04. Transformer Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
05. Sample And Hold (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
06. Don't Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 18-Sep-1983)
07. Barstool Blues (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
08. Touch The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
09. Tonight's The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
10. Comes A Time (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
11. Southern Pacific (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
12. Down By The River (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)

Disc 4 - 1984 - 1989
01. Heart Of Gold (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
02. Flying on the Ground is Wrong (New Orleans, LA, 27-Sep-1984)
03. Road Of Plenty (Mansfield, MA, 21-Sep-1986)
04. Hippie Dream (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
05. Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
06. When You Dance I Can Really Love (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
07. See the sky about to rain (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
08. Mideast Vacation (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Oakland, CA, 4-Dec-1988)
10. For The Turnstiles (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
11. Sugar Mountain (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
12. Four Strong Winds (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
13. Cocaine Eyes (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
14. Like A Hurricane (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
15. Rockin' In The Free World (New York, NY, 30-Sep-1989)

Volume 3 - 1989 - 1993
Disc 5 - 1989 - 1990 Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Rockin' In The Free World (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
02. Don't Let It Bring You Down (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
03. After The Goldrush (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
04. Ohio (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
05. Too Far Gone (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
06. Hangin' On A Limb (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
07. Crime In The City (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
08. Eldorado (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
09. Someday (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
10. My My Hey Hey (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
11. The Old Laughing Lady (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
12. The Needle And The Damage Done (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
13. No More (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
14. Days That Used To Be (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
15. Mansion On The Hill (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)

Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Love And Only Love (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
02. Forever Young (San Francisco, CA, 3-Nov-1991)
03. Harvest Moon (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
04. Unknown Legend (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
05. Dreamin' Man (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
06. You and Me (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
07. Natural Beauty (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
08. From Hank to Hendrix (Ames, IA 24-Apr-1993)
09. Separate Ways (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
10. Love to Burn (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
11. Live To Ride (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
12. All Along The Watchtower (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)

Volume 4 - 1993 - 2001
Disc 7 - 1993 - 1998 Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. The Loner (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
02. Country Home (New Orleans, LA, 18-Sep-1994)
03. Prime of life (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
04. Driveby (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
05. Train of love (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
06. Change Your Mind (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
07. Big time (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
08. Hey Hey My My (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
09. Music arcade (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
10. Pocahontas (George, WA, 14-Sep-1996)
11. Throw Your Hatred Down (Tinley Park, IL, 3-Oct-1998)

Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. Red Sun (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
02. Distant Camera (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
03. Philadelphia (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
04. Buffalo Springfield Again (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA, 18-Feb-2000)
06. Looking Forward (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
07. Out of Control (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
08. Slowpoke (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
10. Ohio (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
11. Long May You Run (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
12. Winterlong (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
14. Words (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
15. World On A String (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
16. Powderfinger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-Jan-2001)

(Links Updated 08/02/19)
All files are 320 kbps MP3
Vol.1 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD1.rar
Vol.1 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD2.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD1.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD2.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2.rar 

Lossless versions (SHN Files): (Links updated 11/05/2019)
Vol.1 part1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD1_SHN.rar
Vol.1 part2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD2_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2_SHN.rar

Volume 5 now also available here

Volume 6 now also available here

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Neil Young, Rock 'n Roll Cowboy

Neil Young
Rock 'N Roll Cowboy: A Life On the Road 1966-1994

4-CD Set Live Compilation (1994)

New upgraded file quality!
Now available as 320 kbps mp3 files (instead of 192 k)
Artwork and 44p booklet included

Info, reviews:
In the late '80s, Neil Young casually mentioned in an interview that he was planning a box set of rarities and outtakes (entitled The Neil Young Archives), which would be ready for release shortly. It never appeared, even though it's supposedly still being assembled and finalized to this day [Ed. note: Neil's Archives Vol.1 was finally released in 2009, covering the years 1965-1972]. To alleviate the fans' frustration, this bootleg four-CD Italian (Great Dane Records) box set appeared, and it covers all the phases of Young's lengthy concert career. The first disc (1966-1973) proves to be the best. It's here that you'll find an early barnstorming guitar version of "Cowgirl in the Sand" (clocking in at 14-and-a-half minutes) and a harmonious Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young take of "Tell Me Why." A piano-laden medley of "A Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold" follows, and the beautiful unreleased acoustic nuggets "Everybody's Alone" and "Dance Dance Dance" comfort the listener. Disc two (1974-1978) contains material from Young's dark period, including unplugged versions of "Pardon My Heart" and "On the Beach," recorded at New York's Bottom Line. Disc three proves to be the weakest since it covers what is widely regarded as Young's unfocused years (1982-1985). "Touch the Night" is essentially a rewrite of "Like a Hurricane," and there is a reason why "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking" was never released. The countrified "Down by the River" and a banjo version of the reflective "My Boy" save the disc from being a total washout, however. And the final disc (1986-1994) shows Young regaining his strength and focus with the definitive "Rockin' in the Free World" (from Saturday Night Live) and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," where he is joined by friends Simon & Garfunkel. The set of four may be a bit too intimidating for more casual fans, but the sound quality is consistent, and it proves to be the ultimate showcase of Young in concert. Also included is a 45-page booklet packed with pictures, song notes, quotes, and a list of every live date played by Young from 1968 to 1993. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy is a rich, if somewhat frustrating, listening experience. It's a four-disc set that collects various Neil live performances, spanning from his Springfield days to his Grammy Award show performance of "Philadelphia" in 1994. Among the many treats: "Sweet Joni," a 1973 piano-based paean to Joni Mitchell apparently only performed once. Other highlights include several Stills-Young Band run-throughs, especially "Southern Man" which features some scintillating guitar solos from both Stills and Young. Other highlights include the unreleased songs "Everybody's Alone," "Traces," "Love Art Blues," "Give Me Strength," "Lady Wingshot," "If You Got Love," "Gonna Rock Forever," "Amber Jean," "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking," "Grey Riders," "Nothing is Perfect," "Ordinary People," "Silver and Gold," "Homefires" and "Separate Ways." Add in several reworked versions of known quantities, such as the Saturday Night Live debut of "Rockin' in the Free World," "Shots" (performed acoustically from San Francisco's Boarding House) and "Helpless" (a stunning take from Neil & the International Harvester's Austin City Limits appearance in 1984) and "Stringman," recorded in London in 1976, and you have a great collection. However, thanks to this collection's breadth--in total, 63 songs taken from upwards of 40 concerts--the sound quality ranges from the near-atrocious to excellent. Thus accounting for the frustration at times. One other comment: The accompanying booklet to Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy is excellent, far surpassing many liner notes to legitimate boxed sets, featuring a well-written overview of Neil's career as well as a track-by-track commentary AND complete tour schedule from Neil's 1968/69 solo tour through to his 1993 jaunt with Booker T. & the MGs. It does much of what the set itself does, collecting many of Neil's comments and observations on many of his songs. Despite its sound lapses, until the Archives are released--and possibly even then--this is a true "essential." (A+)

Track Listings:
Disc 1 (1966-1973):
1. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, 2. Birds, 3. Cowgirl in the Sand, 4. Tell Me Why, 5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 6. Everybody's Alone, 7. A Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold, 8. Out on the Weekend, 9. Love In Mind, 10. Dance Dance Dance, 11. Cripple Creek Ferry, 12. L.A., 13. Soldier, 14. Harvest, 15. Sweet Joni, 16. Tonight's the Night, 17. Tired Eyes

Disc 2 (1974-1978): 1. Pardon My Heart, 2. On the Beach, 3. Traces, 4. Human Highway, 5. Love Art Blues, 6. Hawaiian Sunrise, 7. Like a Hurricane, 8, Stringman, 9, Evening Coconut, 10. Long May You Run, 11. Southern Man, 12. Give Me Strength, 13. Comes a Time, 14. Sail Away, 15. Lady Wingshot, 16. Shots, 17. Downtown

Disc 3 (1982-1985): 1. If You Got Love, 2. Transformer Man, 3. My Boy, 4. Old Ways, 5. Kinda Fonda Wanda, 6. Gonna Rock Forever, 7. Touch the Night, 8. Amber Jean, 9. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking, 10. Helpless, 11. Down by the River, 12. Interstate, 13. Grey Riders, 14. Nothing Is Perfect, 15. Southern Pacific

Disc 4 (1986-1994): 1. Mideast Vacation, 2. Road of Plenty (El Dorado), 3. Computer Age, 4. Bad News, 5. Ordinary People, 6. Rockin' in the Free World, 7. Winterlong, 8. Silver and Gold, 9. Campaigner, 10. Homefires, 11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 12. Mr. Soul, 13. Separate Ways, 14. Philadelphia

New links! (Updated 07/09/20)
CD1: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk1.rar
CD2: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk2.rar
CD3: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk3.rar
CD4: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk4.rar
Artwork/Booklet: NY_RnRCowboy_Artwork.rar