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Neil Young, A Perfect Echo Vol.1-4

Volumes 1-4, 8-disc compilation of soundboard recordings 1967-2001
Compiled by Braden Strickler

Excellent Quality
Available in both lossless (SHN files) and 320 kbps MP3 versions
Artwork included

Here is another excellent compilation of Live Neil Young recordings, more extensive and better quality than the fine Rock 'n Roll Cowboy Collection. Whereas RnRCowboy goes more for the unique, obscure, and noteworthy individual songs and performances (wide-ranging venues, unusual songs, and varying sound quality), Perfect Echo attempts to put together the best quality recordings of live songs throughout his career. Since relatively few performances are repeated on both sets, it is really worth it to get both compilations. Together, they represent a pretty comprehensive retrospective of Neil's great career and live performances.

Original Notes from Braden (Original compiler of this collection):
"This is a compilation of soundboard recordings from 1967-2001. The term soundboard is a bit of a misnomer. By soundboard I mean, basically, not an audience recording. Some are true soundboards, while others are FM, TV, ALD, or video-sourced recordings. The recordings were all taken from CD-Rs or videos that are circulating in the trading community.
There are a total of 115 tracks (109 songs, as 6 get repeated). Some years were heavy with available recordings (1976 and 1989 come to mind). I tried to balance the set by not using too many songs from a single show. The entire 8 discs run in, roughly, chronological order.
The intent was to make a nice sampling of soundboard recordings from throughout his career. Its sort of like an expanded 'Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy', with the intent to keep the sound quality higher and more consistent."

Track List:

Volume 1: 1967-1976
Disc 1 - 1967 - 1971
01. Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield - Hollywood, CA 11-Aug-1967)
02. Birds (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
03. I've Loved Her So Long (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
04. Sea Of Madness (CSNY - Big Sur, CA, 13-Sep-1969)
05. Helpless (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
06. Country Girl (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
07. Broken Arrow (Cincinnati, OH 25-Feb-1970)
08. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
09. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
10. Winterlong (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
11. Cinnamon Girl (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
12. Cowgirl In The Sand (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
13. On The Way Home (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
14. Tell Me Why (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
15. Out On The Weekend (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
16. Journey Through The Past (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
17. Love In Mind (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)

Disc 2 - 1974 - 1976
01. Walk On (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
02. Ambulance Blues (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
03. Lookin' For A Love (San Francisco, CA, 23-Mar-1975)
04. No One Seems To Know (Tokyo, Japan, 10-Mar-1976)
05. Human Highway (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
06. Cortez The Killer (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
07. White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 10-Nov-1976)
08. Don't Cry No Tears (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
09. Peace Of Mind (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
10. A Man Needs A Maid (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
11. Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
12. Lotta Love (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
13. Like A Hurricane (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
14. Harvest (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
15. Campaigner (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
16. Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)
17. The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)

Volume 2 - 1978 - 1989
Disc 3 - 1978 - 1984
01. Thrasher (San Francisco, CA, 22-Oct-1978)
02. Little Thing Called Love (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
03. Old Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
04. Transformer Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
05. Sample And Hold (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
06. Don't Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 18-Sep-1983)
07. Barstool Blues (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
08. Touch The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
09. Tonight's The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
10. Comes A Time (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
11. Southern Pacific (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
12. Down By The River (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)

Disc 4 - 1984 - 1989
01. Heart Of Gold (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
02. Flying on the Ground is Wrong (New Orleans, LA, 27-Sep-1984)
03. Road Of Plenty (Mansfield, MA, 21-Sep-1986)
04. Hippie Dream (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
05. Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
06. When You Dance I Can Really Love (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
07. See the sky about to rain (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
08. Mideast Vacation (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Oakland, CA, 4-Dec-1988)
10. For The Turnstiles (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
11. Sugar Mountain (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
12. Four Strong Winds (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
13. Cocaine Eyes (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
14. Like A Hurricane (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
15. Rockin' In The Free World (New York, NY, 30-Sep-1989)

Volume 3 - 1989 - 1993
Disc 5 - 1989 - 1990 Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Rockin' In The Free World (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
02. Don't Let It Bring You Down (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
03. After The Goldrush (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
04. Ohio (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
05. Too Far Gone (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
06. Hangin' On A Limb (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
07. Crime In The City (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
08. Eldorado (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
09. Someday (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
10. My My Hey Hey (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
11. The Old Laughing Lady (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
12. The Needle And The Damage Done (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
13. No More (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
14. Days That Used To Be (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
15. Mansion On The Hill (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)

Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Love And Only Love (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
02. Forever Young (San Francisco, CA, 3-Nov-1991)
03. Harvest Moon (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
04. Unknown Legend (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
05. Dreamin' Man (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
06. You and Me (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
07. Natural Beauty (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
08. From Hank to Hendrix (Ames, IA 24-Apr-1993)
09. Separate Ways (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
10. Love to Burn (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
11. Live To Ride (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
12. All Along The Watchtower (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)

Volume 4 - 1993 - 2001
Disc 7 - 1993 - 1998 Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. The Loner (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
02. Country Home (New Orleans, LA, 18-Sep-1994)
03. Prime of life (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
04. Driveby (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
05. Train of love (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
06. Change Your Mind (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
07. Big time (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
08. Hey Hey My My (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
09. Music arcade (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
10. Pocahontas (George, WA, 14-Sep-1996)
11. Throw Your Hatred Down (Tinley Park, IL, 3-Oct-1998)

Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. Red Sun (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
02. Distant Camera (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
03. Philadelphia (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
04. Buffalo Springfield Again (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA, 18-Feb-2000)
06. Looking Forward (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
07. Out of Control (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
08. Slowpoke (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
10. Ohio (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
11. Long May You Run (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
12. Winterlong (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
14. Words (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
15. World On A String (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
16. Powderfinger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-Jan-2001)

(Links Updated 08/02/19)
All files are 320 kbps MP3
Vol.1 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD1.rar
Vol.1 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD2.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD1.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD2.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2.rar 

Lossless versions (SHN Files): (Links updated 11/05/2019)
Vol.1 part1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD1_SHN.rar
Vol.1 part2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD2_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2_SHN.rar

Volume 5 now also available here

Volume 6 now also available here


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dude vol 4 disc one in MP3 format , link is dead, i got all the rest, could you re up this link.

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PS these neil posts are bloody awesome.

BBKron said...

Thanks for letting me know about the dead link, Roddus. I have replaced the link in the post with a new updated one, but also here it is again, just so there's no confusion.
Hope you enjoy it!

Roddus said...

Cool, thanks man, neil rocks, better than dylan.


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Would love flac versions of Vol 1-4.

BBKron said...

Lossless versions just re-upped. They are, however, in SHN format, not FLAC, as that is how I got them. Enjoy.

Narrow Dog said...

Hi BBKron, appreciate the effort you are doing in re-upping a lot of old links. My problem is that I have down loaded the mp3 files of vol 4 cd 2 twice now, but track 13 on cd 2 is either damaged or corrupted. Being a little of a collector this is an itch I can't scratch. if you get a moment could you possibly look at this for me please. I did think this was on vol 5 but re listening I have tracked the glitch down again.

BBKron said...

Thanks Narrow Dog,

I checked and re-downloaded mp3 vol.4CD2, and everything downloaded and extracted fine. However, when I played track 13, you are right, it was damaged or corrupted and did not play properly, so thanks for pointing that out. I went back and got the original undamaged file and have now updated the post with links for both the corrected full dl for CD2, as well as just the single track alone, so you can replace that single damaged track. Thanks for catching that (I never would have found that otherwise).

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Thank you! Outstanding share!

I've managed to get Vol 1 and 4 and I'm getting the second half of Vol 2 right now. I will try to get 5 and 6 later. Volume 3 - both parts(shn)- are broken links or no longer available.

Could you please re-up 3 in SHN if you still have it?
I haven't tried the mp3 because I prefer lossless but will take it to complete the set if I have to.

Thanks again!

BBKron said...


Vol 3 (SHN) has been updated with new links! I have also updated Vol.5 and 6. The older Depositfile links are starting to give out, but I have no way of knowing when they die, unless someone lets me know. So, thanks for the heads up, and enjoy the music.

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BBKron said...


Links for Vol 1 now updated. Enjoy

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Links fixed. Enjoy.

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BBKron said...


No, actually, both volumes 5&6 are available here, but are included in separate posts. I have added the links to those posts within this one.