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Eagles - 1973-11-21 - Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA

Holy Cross College
Worcester, MA
'Desperadoes On The Border'

Audience Master Recording, Decent quality
Available as lossless (FLAC)
and mp3 (320 kbps) files
Artwork Included

Today it gives me great pleasure to unveil another remarkable previously uncirculated audience master recording from our friend, David M. And I believe this early Eagles show from the original quartet is an astounding find that every Eagles (and/or any country-rock) fan will want to hear. Although the quality of the recording itself is not all that great, there are several reasons that make this performance and recording particularly special, and different from any other previously available recording. First, it is a longer and more complete show (over 19 songs, ~100 min.) than any of the other available recordings from these early years. Second, it takes place at a unique time and reference point in the band's history. I do not know of any other shows from around this time. This show (11-21-73) occurs well after the regular Desperado tour ended (Spring-Summer 1973), after they had already started work on their next album, On The Border. In fact, this show occurs right after they returned from their recording sessions (2 months in London) with producer Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, but apparently before they dismissed Johns, replacing him with Bill Szymczyk as producer, and finished recording the album in LA in early 1974. As most already know, Johns was replaced as producer because he saw the group as more of a vocal country-rock band, and the band wanted to go more towards harder-edged rock, so they felt a change was needed, Szymczyk was brought in, and the rest is history. Thus, this show catches the band right at this crucial turning point (which is why I've given this boot the tentative title of "Desperadoes On the Border"). Lastly, and most importantly, this show features two original previously unknown and unreleased Eagles songs (that were apparently intended for the On The Border album, but later dropped). Now, I am no expert on Eagles rarities, but I have heard many recordings of Eagles shows from 1973-1974, and I do not know of these songs appearing anywhere else. Although it is well-known that the Eagles discarded most of what was recorded with Johns at those London sessions (only 'Best of My Love' and 'You Never Cry Like A Lover' survived to appear on On The Border), as far as I know, there has never been any talk about any specific songs that were recorded and discarded, and certainly none that have been released (either officially or as bootleg outtakes). Thus, these songs would appear to be quite rare indeed. The first of these songs is introduced by Frey as a new song from their upcoming On The Border album, called 'Wait and See', and written and sung by Randy Meisner. It is a blues-rock number that is given center-stage and epic treatment here, with an extended guitar jam and an 11 minute running time. Although the 2nd song is also introduced (as written by Bernie), the title is not clear, but appears to be 'Georgia Peach' (I originally thought it was 'Learn and Teach' or possibly 'Born to Teach'), and it is a lively, driving, straight-ahead rocker. Actually, both songs are quite impressive, and are a surprising and welcome addition to the Eagles canon. It is surprising, however, that with all the compilation and retrospective albums put out over the years, that if studio recordings of these and possibly other songs do exist, why haven't they released these as outtakes? If the studio recordings no longer exist, it is quite possible that this recording represents the only documentation of these lost songs. Well, anyway, regardless, now we have these remarkable tracks to show us another glimpse into the Eagles story. As for the rest of the show, it is a great mix of songs from Desperado and the First Album, including Bernie's banjo/bluegrass sequence ('Twenty-One', 'Earlybird', banjo solo, Shenandoah Valley) in the middle, with a few new songs from On the Border ('Ol' 55, 'James Dean', 'Good Day In Hell') thrown in. This basic structure and song lineup would serve as the basis for their live shows for the next couple years, with only minor modifcations.

As for the audience recording itself, well there were some definite problems. Overall, and particularly early in the show, it has pretty good sound, although it does have a bit of that echoey and distant sound common in audience tapes from this time. After the first tape-flip (in the middle of 'Tequila Sunrise'), the left channel audio was lost (actually just at extremely low levels) for the remainder of disc 1. Amplifying the left channel to achieve normal balance was possible, but also resulted in unacceptably high background noise and hiss. Thus, I opted to just use the right channel audio (mono recording) for both left and right channels for the tracks here (tracks 5-10). Unfortunately, another issue emerged towards the end of disc2, that of weakening and dying recorder batteries, resulting in sporadic pitch and speed fluctuations in the last few songs (primarily 'James Dean', 'Chug All Night', and 'Out of Control' ). I have tried to make adjustments for the larger segments where I could, but it was beyond my expertise and equipment to fix the many momentary fluctuations throughout, so the last few songs still have some problems in this regard. But overall, this is an amazing show, highlighted by the 2 previously unreleased original tracks from the first On The Border sessions. Thanks again to David M for first recording and now making available this historic recording and show.   
Disc 1
01 - Silver Dagger (Acapella) Intro - Take It Easy
02 - Outlaw Man
03 - Doolin-Dalton - Desperado Reprise
04 - Ol' 55
05 - Tequila Sunrise (cut/tape-flip at ~1:50 mark)
06 - Train Leaves Here This Morning
07 - Certain Kind of Fool
08 - Good Day In Hell
09 - Twenty-One
10 - Earlybird - Shenandoah Valley Breakdown

Disc 2
11 - Wait and See (previously unknown and unreleased original song - Meisner)
12 - Georgia Peach (?) (previously unknown and unreleased original song - Leadon)
13 - Witchy Woman
14 - Tryin'
15 - James Dean
16 - Peaceful Easy Feeling
17 - Chug All Night
18 - Out of Control

---------------------------- a BB Chronicles Exclusive Presentation -----------------------------

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Flac version: Disc 1: Eagles_1973-11-21_Worcester_MA_disc1_FLAC.rar
                    Disc 2: Eagles_1973-11-21_Worcester_MA_disc2_FLAC.rar

Taken directly from a previously uncirculated audience master recording by David M. Some editing, adjustments made for better sound quality and presentation. This version prepared exclusively for The BB Chronicles by BBKron

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BoDeans - 1993-10-11 - Chicago, IL FM

October 11, 1993
Record Release Party For "Go Slow Down"
Tower Records, Chicago, IL

FM Broadcast (WXRT-FM), excellent quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

To wrap up my 'Spring Cleaning' boots, here's a fine show from those vastly under-appreciated Midwestern roots-rockers, The BoDeans. This is a WXRT-FM broadcast (in excellent quality) of the album release (for 1993's Go Slow Down) concert at Tower Records in Chicago. Kurt, Sammy, and the band perform a nice mix of past favorites and 'new' tunes from the album for this hour-long concert event. Also included is a post-concert radio interview segment with Kurt and Sammy about the album.

1.  Introduction
2.  Naked
3.  Still The Night
4.  Idaho
5.  Texas Ride Song
6.  She's A Runaway
7.  Fadeaway
8.  Stay On
9.  Feed The Fire
10.  Do I Do
11.  Good Things
12.  Closer To Free
13.  Interview

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Up Next: A truly rare early Eagles performance (and another previously uncirculated audience master recording from David M)!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Steve Goodman & John Prine - 1980-09-25 - Minneapolis, MN

Steve Goodman and John Prine
September 25, 1980
Minneapolis, MN (venue unknown)

Audience recording, Excellent sound quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork Included

Previously, as part of my Chicago series, I featured several shows from each of these wonderful singer-songwriters, and noted that they were the best of friends and often played together on the same bill. However, I did not have any shows to share (nor had I actually heard any) where they actually performed together. Well, now I have one, and here it is. This is a show from Minneapolis in 1980. Steve opens the show with a great 15-song solo set, followed by Prine's masterful solo set, and then Steve joins John for the final 8 songs (all Prine songs). And it's a great show, and an excellent-sounding recording. However, I have to admit that I was more than a bit dissappointed with the combined performance of these two legendary musicians and friends. I was expecting more exchange and interplay between them, with duets, trading lead lines back and forth, and between song banter. But, alas, the combined set is very much just a continuation of Prine's set, with Steve providing background & harmony vocals only, and an occasional  guitar lead, but no lead vocals or duets on any songs, or stories, verbal exchanges between them. Oh well, perhaps I had built up this potential collaboration too much in my mind. It is still a great show, and I finally do get to hear them perform together. Enjoy. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the previous posts of fine shows from both of these great musicians.
Disc One
101. Bobby Don't Stop
102. Danger
103. Talk Backwards
104. Elvis Imitators
105. City Of New Orleans
106. Chicken Cordon Blues
107. This Hotel Room
108. The Dutchman
109. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
110. Turnpike Tom
111. I'm My Own Grandpa
112. The Auctioneer
113. You Never Even Called Me By My Name
114. Where Did The 20th Century Go?
115. My Old Man

116. Spanish Pipedream
117. Christmas In Prison
118. Fish And Whistle
119. Living In The Future
120. Angel From Montgomery

Disc Two
201. Iron Ore Betty
202. Bottomless Lake
203. Illegal Smile
204. Donald And Lydia
205. Sam Stone
206. That's The Way That The World Goes Round
207. There She Goes
208. I Had A Dream Last Night
209. Sabu Visit's The Twin Cities Alone
210. Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow) (With Steve Goodman)
211. Souvenirs (With Steve Goodman)
212. Ballad of A Teenage Queen (With Steve Goodman)
213. Paradise (With Steve Goodman)
214. Hello In There (With Steve Goodman)
215. Please Don't Bury Me (With Steve Goodman)
216. Dear Abby (With Steve Goodman)
217. Everybody (With Steve Goodman)

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disc 1: Steve_Goodman-John_Prine_-_1980_MN_disc1.rar
disc 2: Steve_GoodmanJohn_Prine_-_1980_MN_disc2.rar

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Guess Who - 1975-01-14 - Bottom Line, NY

The Guess Who
January 1975
The Bottom Line, New York City

(exact date uncertain - appeared at Bottom Line 13th-15th)
FM Broadcast, Very good quality
mp3 @ 320

I ran across this fine Guess Who FM Broadcast show a couple months ago, and finding any quality show from this band is an event worth celebrating, as there are so few decent recordings of this great band available. Thus, this is a nice addition to the shows already posted. This is from around the same time (and similar quality) as the previously posted Electric Ladyland radio broadcast, from January 1975 (thus, this is the Dominic Troiano era, final year of the band). But what sets this show apart from that previous show, is that this one is much longer, including several hits ('Albert Flasher', 'Hand Me Down World', 'Star Baby', and 'No Time') and some extended songs/jams ('Those Showbiz Shoes', 'Long Gone') that were not included in the EL broadcast (A full 75 minutes!). Thus we get to hear more rants, scats, croons, and shouts from Burton Cummings, the greatest rock vocalist of all time (yeah, that's right - It's my blog and that's my stand), as well as some mighty-fine keyboard (Burton - for example,  check out the extended jazzy piano intro to 'No Time') and guitar work (Troiano). And they show that they can still do the full-fledged space-out hippie jam fest in their overly extended 'Showbiz Shoes' (at over 18 minutes long, when apparently even the radio station had had enough and faded out the song while the guitar solos were still continuing). At the very least, these extended jams serve to dispel the notion that this later stage of the band was a slicker and more pop-oriented version of the band - they still can rock-out with the best of 'em.  This show was around the time of the release of Flavours, from which they play several songs. They would record one more album, Power in the Music, later that year, before Burton would decide to pull the plug and leave to go solo.  Note: There was a cut/tape flip about 1:30 into 'Straighten Out', so I spliced in the missing section (about 10 seconds worth) from the EL show (and fairly seamlessly, I might add) to restore the full song. So, this is a slightly improved version over others available elsewhere. So, once again, although near the end of their run, it is still great to hear Burton and these guys play these classic tunes as only The Guess Who can. Enjoy!

01 Dirty
02 Albert Flasher
03 Hand Me Down World
04 Star Baby
05 No Time
06 Sour Suite
07 Those Show Biz Shoes / Jam (18+ minutes!)
08 Straighten Out (cut/tape flip in middle - spliced/restored w/Electric Ladyland excerpt)
09 Hoe Down Time
10 Diggin' Yourself
11 Long Gone

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Friday, April 15, 2011

John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, and Paul Carrack - 1983-12-21 - Copenhagen, Denmark

John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, and Paul Carrack
(with Martin Belmont & Bobby Irwin)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Audience recording, Very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's a unique show from 1983 that neatly shows the collaboration between these 3 great performers. Previously, I've presented shows from Nick Lowe from around this period, his 'Noise To Go' and 'Cowboy Outfit' Bands that also featured Paul Carrack. As also previously mentioned, this band (which also included ex-Rumour guitarist Martin Belmont and Bobby Irwin on drums) served to back-up both Nick and Paul's solo albums around that time (Paul-Suburban Voodoo-1982, Nick-Nick The Knife-1982, The Abominable Showman-1983, Cowboy Outfit-1984,1985). In addition, they also were featured on John Hiatt's 1983 album, Riding with the King, which was also produced by Lowe. These 1983 shows in Europe and Scandinavia (where they were much more popular than in the U.S.) put them all together for a brief tour. So, we get all three leads taking turns doing their own songs, backed up by Nick's crack ensemble. This fits in nicely with the shows by each artist previously posted. Hiatt is obviously trying to promote Riding with the King, as all of his songs performed are from that album, whereas Nick and Paul do a mixture of new songs with old favorites from their various bands. This was still a few years before Hiatt would team up with Lowe again for 'Bring the Family' and finally become 'popular'. You can then follow the rest of these folks career outlined in the previous posts. A very interesting show and a worthy addition to the shows already posted, as well as a bit of 'history' to add to what is already outlined here.

01 Soul Cruising (Carrack)
02 I Don't Even Try (Hiatt)
03 Saint Beneath the Paint (Lowe)
04 The Love That Harms (Hiatt)
05 Tempted (Carrack)
06 Cruel To Be Kind (Lowe)
07 Switchboard Susan (Lowe)
08 Love Like Blood (Hiatt)
09 Girl On a String (Hiatt)
10 Half a Boy & Half a Man (Lowe)
11 Raging Eyes (Lowe)
12 I Need You (Carrack)
13 Little By Little (Carrack)
14 Cracking Up (Lowe)
15 Falling Up (Hiatt)
16 How Long (Carrack)
17 Burning (Lowe)
18 Lesson In Love (Carrack)
19 Riding With the King (Hiatt)
20 I Can't Win With Your Love (Carrack)
21 I Knew the Bride (Lowe)
22 Heart of the City (Lowe)
23 634-5789 (Lowe, Carrack, Hiatt - Wilson Pickett cover)

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Spring Cleaning Boots

Over the next several days, I will be clearing out some shows that I've been wanting to post, but just haven't gotten the chance to get to them. These are all shows by artists that I have previously featured here, but that I've only more recently acquired (over the past several months). They are good shows that would have fit in nicely with the previous posts by these artists, if I would have had them at the time. So, here they are now. First up is a show from 1983 featuring the combined talents of John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, and Paul Carrack.

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'BB' Makes Three

BB Chronicles celebrates third anniversary

Hard to believe, I know, but this little music-oriented internet outpost has now been in existence for three whole years. Time flies when you're listening to great music, right?  So, anyway, it's no big deal, but I guess it is something of an achievement just to have persisted this long as a music blog these days. I know that over the past year or so I've seen many of these kinds of sites that I have enjoyed closing down for one reason or another. And although I can't guarantee just how much longer I will be able to keep this thing going, I will say that I will continue as best I can with the sporadic (but high quality) output you have come to know and expect here. Although quantity is certainly not what I go for here, I'm proud to say that the number of posts have increased each year, as well as the viewership and numbers of downloads. Hopefully, what I provide here is of enough interest and value to at least a core group of followers with similar musical interests that people regularly stop by to check out, not only what there is to download, but also what I have to say about the artists and their music And that seems to be what is happening. This will always remain a personal project for me, and thus will reflect my personal music preferences. One thing I will guarantee is that there will never be any ads or commercial enterprises of any kind on this site (and that even includes the practice of dividing up files into multiple small units in order to earn 'download credits' or points from file-sharing sites - I don't do that). This site is just about discussing, sharing, and spreading the word about artists and music I enjoy, and specifically to try to make more available some of their great music that has not been commercially-released or made available through other outlets. Once again, as I have in the past, I also want to take this time to thank all the others out there who have made so much of this great music, which is not available for purchase anywhere, freely available to all who wish to download and enjoy it. I am only able to offer these downloads because others before me have made them available. So, to all the other bloggers, forum posters, and music fans that have collected these recordings and made them available over the internet, as well as to all the great artists and musicians out there that allow these recordings to be freely exchanged, I offer a huge and heartfelt Thank You. If you've followed this blog so far, you've probably gotten a pretty good idea of the kinds of music and artists I prefer, and it is quite a wide variety of stuff. I know that lately (over the past couple months) the blog has been devoted almost solely to country-rock type offerings (SHF, Hillman, Souther, Firefall, etc.), and it has been a great joy and privilege to be able to exclusively present and make available these previously uncirculated (from our friend David M) recordings, and more of these special recordings will continue to be featured here periodically and as they become available to me. But for those that are not into this particular music, rest assured that much other music will also be featured and presented. So, I hope you will stay with me as I continue this endeavor into our 4th year.  We'll start off this 4th year by changing the look of the site a bit, but for the most part, things will continue as they have been. Hope you enjoy all that's coming (and continue to enjoy what's already available here). I know I will.

Up next: Some spring cleaning! Clearing out (by posting) some great shows by previously featured artists that I just didn't have time to get to before.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chris Hillman - 1976-05-13 - Paul's Mall, Boston, MA (both sets)

Chris Hillman
1976-05-13 (both sets)
Paul's Mall, Boston, MA

Audience Master Recording, Good Quality
Available as both Lossless (FLAC)
and mp3 @ 320 kbps files

Barely a week after Firefall and J.D. Souther appeared at Paul's Mall in Boston (my previous posts), their friend and cohort Chris Hillman and his band also played multiple nights at the same venue. Here is a rare, previously uncirculated audience master recording from the final night of those shows (provided, once again, by the taper, our friend David M). Chris was also promoting his new solo album at that time, the soon-to-be-released Slippin' Away, and the show featured yet another variation of the Chris Hillman Band. I had planned on providing an edited version of the 2 sets, removing all the duplicated songs (the complete 1st set, then only new songs from 2nd set). However, I couldn't figure out a way to adequately edit them together wtihout losing the continuity and flow of the sets (In addition, although the 1st set is the most complete -- longer, more songs, better-known songs -- the recording for the 2nd set is actually a little better-sounding), so, I decided to just go ahead and post both complete sets, with most of the between song background and banter intact. This way, you have both complete shows to enjoy. If you want to rearrange and edit them down to remove duplicate songs, the whole show should fit on a single CD. Anyway, once again, this is great stuff, with Chris highlighting some great songs from the new album as well as a good assortment of FBB, Manassas, Byrds, and SHF Band classics. While introducing 'It Doesn't Matter', Chris even makes reference to the previous week's Firefall shows (Firefall also recorded and performed the same song), praising the band and asking if anyone there was at their shows. Well, thanks to David's tapes (and him making them available here), we all were there at that show, as well as this one and many other of these fine shows, even though they happened almost 35 years ago. Hope you all enjoy this wonderful show, and thanks again to David M for making it possible to experience these rare shows and recordings. Once again, I have done some minor editing to adjust volume fluctuations, smooth out rough spots, glitches, and transitions, etc., to make the recordings more enjoyable and presentable, but for the most part these are the complete shows as originally recorded.

01 - Intro
02 - Lazy Days
03 - Follow Me Through
04 - Hot Burrito #2
05 - Bound To Fall
06 - It Doesn't Matter
07 - Slippin' Away
08 - Fallen Eagle
09 - Sin City
10 - Take Me In Your Lifeboat
11 - Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise)
12 - Step On Out
13 - Down in the Churchyard
14 - Heavenly Fire
15 - Midnight Again
16 - Six Days On The Road
17 - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star

2nd Set
01 - Follow Me Through
02 - Slippin' Away
03 - Down in the Churchyard
04 - Bound To Fall
05 - It Doesn't Matter
06 - High Fashion Queen
07 - Fallen Eagle
08 - Wheels
09 - Take Me In Your Lifeboat
10 - Amnesty
11 - Witching Hour
12 - Midnight Again
13 - Mystery train
14 - Six Days On The Road

Chris Hillman: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Richard Marx: guitar, vocals
John Brennan: lead guitar
Al Stahely: bass
Merel Bregante: drums
Jeff DuFine: piano, organ

---------------------------- a BB Chronicles Exclusive Presentation -----------------------------

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1st Set-mp3: Chris_Hillman_-_1976-05-13_-_Boston_1st_set_-_mp3.rar
2nd Set-mp3: Chris_Hillman_-_1976-05-13_-_Boston_2nd_set_mp3.rar

Flac version: Chris_Hillman_-_1976-05-13_-_Boston_1st_set_FLAC.rar

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J.D. Souther - 1976-05-05 - Paul's Mall, Boston, MA

J.D. Souther
May 5, 1976
Paul's Mall, Boston, MA

Audience master recording, very good quality
available as both lossless (FLAC)
and mp3 @ 320 kbps versions

Here is J.D. Souther's show from Paul's Mall in Boston from the same night as Firefall (5-5-76), which was posted a few days ago. Once again, this is a rare, previously uncirculated audience master recording from our friend David M., exclusively available here for the first time anywhere! And this is a great show, in very good quality. After the demise of the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band in Mid-1975, J.D. returned to the studio to record a new solo album, and the recording became an all-star event, with friends and artists like Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Linda Ronstadt, David Crosby, Lowell George, Art Garfunkel, Andrew Gold, Joe Walsh, Waddy Wachtel, Stanley Clarke, and several others, all making contributions. The result was the wonderful album, Black Rose (1976). This tour in May 1976 coincided with the release of the album, and catches J.D. near the height of his most productive period. The show features mainly songs from his 2 solo albums with a couple SHF band songs thrown in. The first half of the set features Souther solo and acoustic, then in the second half he is joined by a lively backing band. It's great to hear both sides of Souther's songs, the softer introspective beauty of songs like 'Faithless Love' and 'Silver Blue', and the more rock and blues aspects of songs like 'The Fast One' , 'Banging My Head Against The Moon', and 'Midnight Prowl'. All in all, a great show. This is the complete first set. The second set consisted of the exact same setlist. Although mostly known as a songwriter, with other people often having more famous versions of his songs (such as The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, or Bonnie Raitt), Souther is a fine singer and wonderful performer himself, and does definitive versions of all his wonderful songs. Always somewhat of a loner and recluse (perhaps why, other than the short-lived SHF Band, he never was part of a Band), he never toured much, which makes this 1976 show all the more special. Over the next several years, Souther only released 2 more albums (You're Only Lonely, 1979 and Home By Dawn, 1984) before somewhat dissappearing from music in the late 1980's. He did some acting in movies and TV in the 1990's, but wasn't heard from much after that. But then in 2008, he returned (after 24 years since his last album) with a new album, If the World Was You, which was recorded live with a 5-piece Jazz group (including Bela Fleck). If you are at all a fan of singer-songwriters or country-rock music, but aren't very familiar with Souther, you really owe it to yourself to check out his stuff, he is one of the best. And this show here is a great place to start. Give a listen to John David Souther in 1976.  

Solo acoustic
01. How Long
02. Kite Woman
03. Faithless Love
04. Holiday In Mexico
05. Don't Cry Now
06. Silver Blue
07. Jesus in 3/4 Time
08. Simple Man
With Band
09. The Fast One
10. Run Like A Thief
11. White Wing
12. Banging My Head Against The Moon
13. Midnight Prowl
14. Trouble In Paradise
15. Black Rose
16. Somebody Must Be Wrong

Backing band - dubbed by JD as 'The Organic Socks'
Ira Engbert, Fuzzy Samuels, Michael Moore, Greg Leroy, Vince Melamed

mp3 version: JD_Souther_1976-5-5_mp3.rar
Flac version: JD_Souther_1976-5-5_FLAC.rar
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