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Roger McGuinn - 1974-03-14 - Cambridge, MA

Roger McGuinn
March 14, 1974 (both sets)
Performance Center, Cambridge, MA

Audience (David M.) recording, good quality
mp3 @ 128 kbps
Artwork (by Rocking-Byrd) Included

Ok, here's the last in this series of Roger's shows at the Performance Center in Cambridge, MA, This one from March 14, 1974, and the last night of his stay. Overall, similar setlists as the previous 2 nights featured, but, as usual, each performance is somewhat unique, and Roger still manages to come up with a couple additional songs not featured on either previous night's shows. Once again, these come from David M's recordings, and as adjusted and prepared by Rocking-Byrd. However, Rocking-Byrd uploaded this show at a much lower bitrate (128 - not sure why), so that is what I have, too. So, once again, here's Roger McGuinn, to complete this set of shows.

Set 1
1. I'm So Restless (4:19)
2. Ramblin' Banjo (1:04)
3. Old Blue 1 (3:43)
4. Old Blue 2 (3:45)
5. Take A Whiff (On Me) (2:28)
6. The Lady (4:48)
7. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:46)
8. 5D (2:52)
9. Mr Spaceman (2:25)
10. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (2:34)
11. Chimes Of Freedom (5:30)
12. Chestnut Mare (4:55)

Set 2
1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (5:08)
2. Bag Full Of Money (3:47)
3. Ballad Of Easy Rider - Wasn't Born To Follow (2:59)
4. Take A Whiff (On Me) (2:27)
5. Pretty Polly (3:25)
6. Mr Tambourine Man (2:57)
7. Lover Of The Bayou (3:00)
8. Eight Miles High (3:08)
9. Turn Turn Turn (2:54)
10. Old Blue (3:28)
11. Chimes Of Freedom (1:22)
12. The Water Is Wide (1:02)
13. Just A Season (1:25)
14. Hanoi Hannah (3:10)
15. Chestnut Mare (6:14)

Concert recorded and files provided by David M. – Many thanks again to him.
Files declicked, re-joined, re-balanced, re-levelled by Rocking-Byrd, and originally offered for download at

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Roger McGuinn - 1974-03-12 - Cambridge, MA

Roger McGuinn
March 12, 1974 (both sets)
Performance Center, Cambridge, MA

Audience (David M.) recording, good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork Included

As promised in the previous post, here is Roger McGuinn's second night show (both sets) at the Performance Center in Cambridge, MA from March 12, 1974. This concert was, once again, recorded and made available by David M. This audio version was prepared (de-clicked, re-balanced, and volume levels adjusted) by Rocking-Byrd and was originally made available through his private blog ( However, since that blog was only accessible to invited guests, I wanted to also offer the show here, so it could be made more available to others (as per David M's wishes). For those that have already downloaded the previous night's show, and may be wondering if it is worth downloading this show, which has a somewhat similar setlist, let me just say that, first, I think the sound quality is a little better here (a bit clearer, cleaner sound), and second, although the overall setlists are similar between the 2 shows, Roger  manages to include 10 additional new songs not played the previous night (so between the 2 nights, there are a total of 43 different songs played. Thus, I think any fan of Roger's would want to have both nights shows. But stay tuned, because there is still one more night (3-14) from these shows still coming.

Set 1
1. I'm So Restless (2:55)
2. You Ain't Going Nowhere (2:47)
3. Bagful Of Money (3:45)
4. Ballad Of Easy Rider - Wasn't Born To Follow (3:42)
5. Take A Whiff (On Me) (2:42)
6. Banjo Interlude (1:16)
7. Wayfaring Stranger (1:41)
8. Pretty Polly (4:19)
9. Old Blue (3:31)
10. My Back pages (2:19)
11. The Lady (6:10)
12. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:25)
13. Bells Of Rhymney (3:47)
14. Chestnut Mare (5:15)

Set 2
15. Skillit Good And Greasy (2:41)
16. Copper Kettle (4:53)
17. He Was A Friend Of Mine (3:05)
18. Lay Down Your Weary Tune (1:26)
19. Mr Tambourine Man (acoustic) (2:30)
20. Mr Tambourine Man (electric) (3:05)
21. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (2:12)
22. Chimes Of Freedom (4:07)
23. Eight Miles High (3:25)
24. Sweet Mary (2:58)
25. Hanoi Hannah (3:10)
26. Mr Spaceman (3:11)
27. 5 D (3:12)
28. Wild Mountain Thyme (2:09)
29. Draggin' (2:37)
30. Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out (2:42)
31. Chestnut Mare (5:15)

Concert recorded and files provided by David M. Picture used for artwork taken by David the actual concert– many thanks to him.
Files de-clicked, re-balanced, re-levelled by Rocking--Byrd, and originally offered for download at

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Roger McGuinn - 1974-03-11 - Cambridge, MA (both sets)

Roger McGuinn
1974-03-11, both sets
Performance Center, Cambridge, MA

Audience (David M) recording, Good quality
Available in both Lossless (Flac) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Previously, I have featured members of the Byrds in their various post-Byrds shows and bands (with so much invaluable assistance from David M and his recordings), including Chris Hillman, Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, Gram Parsons, Flying Burrito Brothers, Souther-Hillman-Furay Band, Firefall, etc.), yet, so far I have not featured any shows from the one guy that is most closely associated with the Byrds, Mr. Byrd himself, Roger McGuinn. Well, I'm going to fix that oversight right now. Here, then, is another of David M's previously uncirculated audience master recordings, this one from the first night of Roger McGuinn's series of shows at the Performance Center in Cambridge, MA, in March 1974. Here are both sets from that fine night, with Roger going back and forth between acoustic and electric solo versions of many of his classic songs, as well as a very diverse and impressive setlist of various other gems, with only a few songs repeated between the two sets. A pretty amazing performance. I have not done any tinkering with the sound on these recordings, other than some volume enhancements, so these are pretty much David's raw tapes, warts and all, but overall, pretty good sound quality.
David was also present for a couple of the following nights shows, too, and his recordings for those nights have been previously featured on Rocking-Byrd's private blog. But since that blog was not generally accessible to all, I will also post those subsequent nights shows here, too (over the next week or so), and possibly some more Roger after that. Although the setlists are similar for the different nights, Roger still manages to add in a bunch of different songs for each show.  So, here is Roger McGuinn in 1974.
Set 1:
01. I'm So Restless
02. My Back Pages
03. Bagful of Money
04. Ballad of Easy Rider - Wasn't Born To Follow
05. Take a Whiff
06. Banjo Interlude
07. Wayfaring Stranger
08. My Dog Blue
09. Old Blue
10. Draggin'
11. 5D
12. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n Roll Star
13. Mr. Spaceman
14. Lover of the Bayou
15. Chestnut Mare

Set 2:
01. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
02. Rock 'n Roll Time
03. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better
04. Born to Rock 'n Roll
05. Bells of Rhymney
06. Old Blue
07. Mr. Tambourine Man
08. You Ain't Goin Nowhere
09. My New Woman
10. Draggin'
11. 12-String Interlude
12. She Don't Care About Time
13. The Lady
14. The Water is Wide
15. Pretty Boy Floyd
16. Chestnut Mare
17. My Back Pages
18. Turn Turn Turn

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set1-mp3 - RM_1974-03-11_Cambridge_set1-mp3.rar
set2-mp3 - RM_1974-03-11_Cambridge_set2-mp3.rar

Flac version: RM_1974-03-11_Cambridge_set1-FLAC.rar

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The Kinks - 1974-11-27 - Felt Forum, NY

The Kinks
Preservation - Live
November 27, 1974
Felt Forum, New York, NY

Audience recording, Good quality (assembled from two sources and remastered by PR)
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Bonus Kinks! by request. I had intended for the 1996 'Final Concert' to be the last in this round of Kinks posts, but due to the great response and demand for more Kinks, here is one more unforgettable show. I was a little reluctant to post this one initially, because it comes from the Kinks least popular period and albums, Preservation Acts 1 & 2, being the height of their 'theater incarnation'. So, this one may be mainly for the real die-hard fans who want to hear all phases of the Kinks. Anyway, there are very few shows available that feature the full Preservation concert show, which is sort of a rock opera/theater piece, a sprawling chronicle of social revolution, starring Ray as the nefarious Mr. Flash, and Dave as his nemesis, Mr. Black. However, although the albums were initially panned by critics and generally ignored by the public at the time, they have received substantially more respect and admiration in recent years. And the live stage version of the show was always much better received than the albums themselves. So, here's your chance to check out the full stage version of Preservation, with several additional Kinks classics thrown in as appetizers before the theatrical entree.
I should note that I am not certain of the origin of this show. The files I received (from PinkRobert) were identified as being from November 1974, Felt Forum, Chester, PA. However, there is no Felt Forum in Chester, and there is no record of the Kinks playing in Chester in 1974 (They did play there in November 1975 (Widener Univ.), but that would have been a Soap Opera show, not a Preseravtion show. So, I'm assuming that this MUST be from one of the 2 Felt Forum shows (November 27, 28) in New York City, and since I have only ever heard of there being a recording from the first night (11/27), I am going with the 27th as the date. If anyone has any more definitive or accurate information on this recording, let me know.

101. Victoria
102. Here Comes A New Day
103. Celluloid Heroes
104. Lola
105. Alcohol
106. Skin And Bone
107. You Really Got Me / All Day And All The Night
108. Preservation Act 1, consisting of:
    Preservation / Morning Song / Daylight / There's A Change In The Weather / Money And Corruption /I'm Your Man / Here Comes Flash / Demolition
201. Preservation Act 2, consisting of:
    Money Talks / Shepherds Of The Nation / He's Evil / Scum Of The Earth / Slum Kids / Mirror Of Love / Alcohol / Flash's Dream / Flash's Confession / Nothing Lasts Forever / Artificial Man / Scrap Heap City / Salvation Road / Finale

mp3 version: - Kinks_1974-11-27_NY_mp3.rar
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FLAC version - Kinks - 1974-11-27 - NY_FLAC

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The Kinks - 1996-06-15 - Oslo, Norway (Final Concert)

The Kinks
June 15, 1996
Norwegian Wood Festival, Oslo, Norway
The Final Concert

Audience recording, Very good sound quality (remastered by PinkRobert)
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

The Kinks phenomenal musical career as a band lasted for over 32 years (1964-1996), wherein they released 24 studio albums, 5 live albums, and countless singles, collections, and compilations. But it all came to an end in 1996, when brothers Ray and Dave (after much feuding and bickering) finally decided to call it quits. Although no one knew it at the time, this 1996 performance in Oslo, Norway, at the Norwegian Wood Music Festival, turned out to be the last ever live performance by the band (up to now). And since a modern day reunion still appears very unlikely, it may very well remain as the very last Kinks performance ever. But the band still had it all going here in 1996, and this concert shows an impressive energetic performance featuring many Kinks favorites from throughout their whole career. And perhaps it is quite fitting that the last song they played was 'You Really Got Me', the song that started it all for this great group. So, please this enjoy this fine Kinks show, and taste of history for one of the greatest rock bands of all-time.

1. Intro / Till The End Of The Day
2. The Hard Way
3. Where Have All The Good Times Gone? / Tired Of Waiting For You
4. Dead End Street
5. Set Me Free
6. Death Of A Clown
7. Low Budget
8. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
9. Come Dancing
10. Alcohol
11. Living On A Thin Line
12. Apeman
13. Celluloid Heroes
14. Skin And Bone
15. Lola
16. Gallon of Gas/Sleazy Town - Blues Jam (Instrumental)
17. Victoria
18. You Really Got Me

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mp3 version - Kinks_1996-06-15_Oslo-FinalConcert_mp3.rar

Flac version - Kinks - 1996-06-15 - Oslo-Final Concert_FLAC