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Rockpile - No Rock Unturned - Live Compilation 1977-1980


(Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Billy Bremner, Terry Williams)
No Rock Unturned (Compilation of various Live tracks) (TDR-080)
Soundboard recordings, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 320 kbps) versions

I recently ran across this compilation of Live tracks from the legendary rock band Rockpile (for more on Rockpile, see previous posts), that I hadn't seen before and didn't have. It compiles tracks from various live sources. Most of these tracks are included in other shows I have posted here previously, but there are a few new or different ones, and they are nicely presented here as sort of extended Rockpile show. Although I prefer some of the full concerts previously posted, I thought it would be good to post this as well, for completeness, and you can never have too much Rockpile in your life. Enjoy.

1. Crawling From The Wreckage
2. Little Sister
3. Back To Schooldays
4. I Knew The Bride
5. A Mess Of Blues
6. Here Comes The Weekend / So Fine
7. Girls Talk
8. Born Fighter
9. Cruel To Be Kind
10. Jailhouse Rock
11. Let It Rock
12. Fool Too Long
13. No More Mister Nice Guy
14. It's My Own Business
15. Never Been In Love
16. So Fine
17. Deborah
18. Trouble Boys
19. Never Get Me Up In One Of Those
20. Loud Music In Cars
21. Three Time Loser

#1-2 Concert for Kampachea 1979 / Robert Plant on Vocals on #2
#3-6 BBC-4 / 1977
#7-10 Palladium, NYC 1980
#11 Washington DC 1977
#12 San Francisco 1978
#13-16 Bottom Line, NYC 10/1978
#17-19 My Father's Place, NY 11/1978
#20 Billy Bremner - solo single
#21 Concert for Kampuchea 1979

FLAC - Rockpile_No Rock Unturned_Live

Mp3 - Rockpile_No Rock Unturned_Live


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Album Spotlight/Review - Rocking Horse Music Club - Circus of Wire Dolls (2022)

Rocking Horse Music Club - Circus of Wire Dolls (2022)

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, just been very busy at work, and was out of the country for a couple weeks recently. In my last post, I highlighted some of the best new albums (at least my favorites) released over the summer months. Well, since then (over the past couple months) I have been totally obsessed with another album, which is not new, having come out in 2022, but which I only recently heard about. And this album is absolutely fantastic! If it had been released this year, it would easily be my favorite of the year. That album is Circus of Wire Dolls by the Rocking Horse Music Club, a sprawling concept double album, or more appropriately, a prog rock opera featuring a wide variety of musical styles. Never heard of them? Well, not many have. Rocking Horse Music Club is a music collective/collaboration based out of Rocking Horse Recording Studios in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, USA. The primary contributors are singer/songwriter Brian Coombes, a veteran prog musician/producer and owner of the Recording Studio; Justin Cohn, singer/songwriter/guitarist, and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Gochez, and supported by Brendan Harrisiades (bass), Myron Kibbee and Mike McAdam (guitars), and Eric Wagley (drums), as well as numerous other local, regional, and guest musicians to fill out the instrumentation and sound. Their previous work (and only other full-length album) was a Tribute album featuring the music of guitarist Anthony Phillips, called Which Way the Wind Blows (2019), which followed their debut EP, Every Change of Seasons (2018). But for this newest album, they had much bigger plans. The music tells the story of a man who has spent a good portion of his life creating a miniature circus of figurines made of wire, string, and cloth. As he nears the end of his life, he imagines the dolls each telling their own stories, with human thoughts and emotions, which actually reflect aspects of his own life. Thus, the story is told from several different voices (and featuring a series of guest vocalists). On the surface, it is the story of a miniature circus, but it's really about a man looking back on his life, his work, the people, his successes, his failures, his regrets. The different voices also provides the opportunity for many different musical styles. But whether or not you follow or are moved by the compelling story, it is the music that is the show here, and it is quite wonderful and breathtaking throughout. This expansive collection features 22 songs, ranging in length from 1 and a half to 8 and a half minutes each, for a total of over 95 minutes of music (which really doesn't even seem long at all because the songs are so good throughout). Guest artists include: Amy Birks, Tim Bowness, Caroline Carter, Evelyn Cormier (American Idol), David Cross (King Crimson), Kenwood Dennard (Brand X), Chris Difford (Squeeze), John Hackett, Greg Hawkes (the Cars), Noel McCalla (Mike Rutherford/Manfred Mann), Kate St John (Dream Academy), and Rob Townsend (Steve Hackett).  Overall, because of the variety of styles, it is a bit hard to categorize or compare to other works (genre-defying?), but the closest may be somewhat along the lines of a concept album by the Alan Parsons Project, featuring light melodic progressive rock, with much pop, rock, and symphonic influences, as well as musical theater, chamber pop, and aspects of jazz and blues, and even a taste of glam rock thrown in. Although it has an original sound, there are brief glimpses of many other bands that pop up, including Genesis, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Queen, Supertramp, The Pretenders, John Lennon, among others. Overall, the songs are touching and beautiful, with great melodies, themes, and recurring motifs. Of particular note is the impeccable production, arrangements, and attention to detail, always with the seemingly best combination of instrumentation and musical flourishes that are just right for each song, whether that might be strings, horns, clarinet, or whatever, and always most tastefully done. This is not an album that will hit you over the head, but in so many subtle and emotional ways just works immensely well. In that sense, it is similar to last year's The Murder Wall by Kaprekar's Constant, with just wonderful, beautiful songs throughout. All the songs work here, whether it is a tender duet ballad, such as Would You Be My Downfall, or the more raucous shot of glam rock in It's Not About You. Thus the list of best songs could go on and on, but I have narrowed it down to those I love the most. A truly wonderful album, that needs more love and respect. You can listen to the whole thing on YouTube (they have a YouTube Channel, which has just a measly 65 subscribers), as well as other streaming services. You can purchase their music through their website at:  Best tracks: Animate in 5/8, So Little Left, Cut From a Different Cloth, It's Not About You, 0300, SY22, Burn, All Shall Be Well, Every Show Must End, To Reach the Other Side, Flowers in November, and really all the rest. Rating: 5 stars

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New (recent?) Album Reviews - Summer 2023

New Album Reviews - Summer 2023 

Well, summer's gone already, but I'm not ready to let it go. I've been wanting to go through some of the new albums I have been really enjoying all this summer, but haven't gotten to it until now. But at least that has given me more time to listen and appreciate these albums, and they are the ones I have enjoyed most this summer. Anyway, these are all 2023 albums that were released in June, July, or August, and some really fine ones they are. Here are my own personal views of them.  

Ben Folds - What Matters Most

American singer-songwriter Ben Folds returns for his 6th album outside of the Ben Folds Five, and his 1st album in nearly 8 years (So There-2015). Not that he hasn't been busy, as he has been touring and playing with symphony orchestras around the world, he is the first artistic advisor to the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center, he wrote his memoir (A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons), and conducted a podcast series with a wide range of guests, as well as a regular series of home performance videos during the pandemic. But here we have his latest pop-oriented album, and Ben has done it again, producing an album full of songs with bright and catchy melodies, sometimes with a classical twist, resulting in a great album. Once again, Ben shows his songwriting, arranging, and performing skills as he constructs intelligent, insightful, and moving depictions of modern life, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious and heartfelt, and always engaging. He takes events from his own life and turns them into clever stories or lessons, and not being afraid to depict himself in a negative light. Whether humorously describing a bad one night stand, an unfortunate break-up, some disturbing texts from a childhood friend, or other musings and introspectives on life, Ben's songs have an honesty and refreshing relevance, and just great melodies and arrangements. Best tracks: Clouds with Ellipses, Kristine from the Seventh Grade, Back to Anonymous, What Matters Most, Winslow Gardens, Moments. Rating: 4ó

Comedy of Errors - Threnody for a Dead Queen

Comedy of Errors
are a Scottish progressive rock band, originally formed in 1984, but having little success disbanded in 1990, but then re-formed in 2010, and feature a melodic symphonic style of Prog. This is their 6th album since re-forming, and follows their very strong 2022 release, The Time Machine, but takes a very different approach, with wonderful results. Threnody For a Dead Queen is a much more gentle, mostly instrumental, enveloping soundscape of an album, taking its time to let ambient recurrent sounds and themes slowly develop and build into richly textured musical events. They are in no hurry to get anywhere here, as the journey is the whole point, and the songs all fit together as a conceptual whole. Three long pieces (12-15 minutes each) provide the bulk of the album, with other shorter interludes and connecting pieces between. A very soothing and relaxing album, but one that is never dull, always interesting, with slow dramatic builds and beautiful soundscapes. Vocals are used sparingly, but quite effectively, such as in the final 3 minutes of title track. This is the type of album that you just need to immerse yourself in and just let it flow all around you for a richly rewarding experience. Best Tracks: Threnody for a Dead Queen, Summer Lies Beyond, The Seventh Seal, Jane. Rating: 4ó

The Guess Who - Plein D'Amour

The Guess Who?
in 2023? Are you kidding? No, this is not the the same Burton Cummings-led band from the '70's, this is a totally different band with a totally different sound, albeit with one original member, drummer Garry Peterson (who for some reason has retained rights to the name). But this album may be the surprise of the year, because this is actually a great album! As readers of this blog probably know, I am a big fan of the original Guess Who with Burton Cummings (1968-1975). However, since the demise of that original band, bassist Jim Kale acquired the rights to the name and continued to tour with makeshift lineups (often also including Garry Peterson) in what has constituted basically a Guess Who tribute band, playing all the old hits at county fairs and small venues over the years. When Kale retired, Peterson took over, and now this latest incarnation of the band, with exciting new blood, has been tryng to re-establish themselves as a viable original rock band, with a new sound and new original songs. This latest version features Derek Sharp as lead vocalist and primary songwriter, Michael Staertow (guitars, vocals) formerly with Lou Gramm and Slaughter), Michael Devin (Whitesnake) on bass and vocals, Leonard Shaw (keys, sax, flute, vocals), and drummer Garry Peterson. This new version of the band has put together a well-crafted set of great melodies, great vocals, and engaging arrangements for one of the best melodic rock albums of the year. Now, first of all, they sound nothing like the old Guess Who, although they still work in a 70's-insptred style, but it is more in line with the power pop of bands like Badfinger or Cheap Trick, and especially the '90's style power pop of Jellyfish (a couple tracks here sound like they could almost be lost Jellyfish songs). But the band also works through several different styles ranging from the Crosby Stills & Nash-style harmony vocals of Headlines to the hard rock anthem of Plein D'Amour, and songs filled with sweet pop melodies and vocals, crunchy guitars and rockin' fills. For example, the album closer Plein D'Amour opens with Queen-like acapella vocals, then moves into a French-Canadian acoustic romp before transforming that theme into a hard rock bop. An immensely enjoyable album that gets better with each listen.
Best Tracks: The King, Across The Lines, People Around Me, Headlines, Free, Plein D'Amour.  Rating: 4ó

Motorpsycho - Yay!

is a very prolific, eclectic Prog band from Norway. They've been around since 1991, when they started out as more of a punkish grunge band, but then started showing more progressive rock elements by the mid-nineties, while also maintaining aspects of psychedelic and indie rock. They've released a total of 26 albums over the years (and 14 in the last 15 years, with one almost every year!). They continue to feature a wide variety of different styles, genres, and influences, with their music ranging from ambient, minimalist, atmospheric space-rock to gentle acoustic pop to punkish rock all the way to full-on metal, sometimes all on the same album, sometimes separate sounds and feel for each album. So, you never quite know what you're gonna get from Motorpsycho. For this newest album, the band surprises once again with a whole album of mostly acoustic pop and indie folk-rock. songs, and it is fantastic from start to finish! Great melodies, arrangements, and stylish flourishes throughout. And although it has been called an acoustic album, that is not really true, as although most songs do have at least some acoustic guitar in them, many of the songs build throughout to reveal much more lush and symphonic arrangements by the end. The album starts off with the breezy indie pop of Cold & Bored, followed by the ballad Sentinels, which has a Simon & Garfunkel-esque feel to it. Next is Patterns, which is dreamy, richly textured pop that builds to a rousing conclusion. But the album really takes off with the fabulous Dank State, a bouncy acoustic ditty dealing with Norwegian politics, followed by W.C.A, which is a soaring, infectious pop song. However, the highlight of the album for me (and song of the summer, if not the entire year) is the magnificent Hotel Daedelus, the one song on the album that gets the full Prog treatment, a melding of mellotron-drenched orchestration of film soundtrack bombast coupled with a beautiful laid-back 60's-styled pop melody, highlighted by a soaring, scorching guitar solo. The album then finishes on a high note with The Rapture. What a delightful album, a real surprise, and one of my very favorite of the year. Just wonderful, and such a breath of fresh air amidst all the heaviness around. Best tracks: Hotel Daedelus, Dank State, W.C.A., Loch Meaningless & the Mull of Dull, Real Again. Rating: 4.5ó

Dream the Electric Sleep - American Mystic

This is the 5th album from this progressive rock trio from Lexington, KY, although the first that I've heard. This is powerhouse indie rock-fueled progressive rock. I was immediately impressed with their sound and style; big, strong, but melodic, with classic vocals and harmonies. They feature a variety of influences and have a modern sound, but still, most of all, to me, this feels more like a return to classic melodic hard rock. It most reminds me of the mid-70's to early 80's melodic rock bands like Styx, Boston, REO Speedwagon, and Journey, but with more of a hard rock edge. There are several other classic bands that I get some glimpses of in different songs, including Aerosmith, Wishbone Ash, and Rush, as well as various more modern Neo-Prog bands. They have a massive wall of guitar sound and soaring solos, but also catchy songs with great hooks and melodies. What I really appreciate about this album is that they can go relatively heavy without losing that pop catchiness and melodic sensibilities, and also without resorting to a 'metal' sound and all its cliches (as that seems to be 'the thing' these days in Prog), and also can pull back for lighter moments. Great to hear rock music that is heavy, but not all dark. ominous, and bludgeoning, and that is still catchy, melodic, and bright. A really strong album of melodic hard rock with just enough proggy overtones. Best tracks: The Lessons They Bring, Lay Down the Cross, Beyond Repair, American Mystic, Steal the Love. Rating: 4ó   

I am the Manic Whale - Bumper Book of Mystery Stories

I am the Manic Whale
is a project led by Michael Whiteman (bass, guitars, lead vocals, songwriter) and the band name is an anagram of 'A Michael Whiteman' and this is their 4th album. Michael worked with Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard) in writing and creating Ryo's wonderful 2022 solo album The Myth of the Mostrophus, and this album has a lot of those same elements. It is a concept album based on an old compilation storybook of various mystery and adventure stories written for teens and pre-teens. Thus, the album features 8 story songs ranging in length from 4 to 15 minutes each, covering various actual events, published stories, or just imaginative creations. This is a really fun album of melodic progressive rock, somewhat reminiscent of bands such as Spock's Beard and Big Big Train. The album kinks off with Ghost Train, which serves as the introduction to the story concept, inviting the listener to climb aboard on this thrilling and chilling journey, using the hyperbole and bluster of a carnival barker exaggerating the scares to be had. A curious number about a medical curiosity is next, but the album really kicks to another level starting with the next song, Dream Fortune, a lovely pop song with a great melody and harmony vocals, and a nice warm feeling. Secret Passages is another highlight, demonstrating that Big Big Train feeling with this Goonie-style kids adventure story with great melodic themes and instrumental passages. But the centerpiece of the album is the 14-minute Nautilus, based on the old Jules Verne story of Capt Nemo and featuring numerous styles and majestic themes and extended instrumental sections, somewhat reminiscent of Kansas, culminating in dueling solos between keyboards and guitar, and with guest artist Ryo Okumoto and his dazzling display of swirling keyboard sounds. After that comes a fun, energetic rocker touting the creation and wonders of the Rubik's cube, in Erno's Magic Cube, The album finishes with We Interrupt this Broadcast, a tale based on an actual hijacked broadcast claiming to be from Aliens warning the human race to do better, which then leads to a reprise of Ghost Train to complete the voyage and end the album. Overall, an immensely entertaining hour of music. Best Tracks: Nautilus, Secret Passages, Fortune Dream, Erno's Magic Cube. Rating: 4ó  

BB’s Rating scale:

1ó – Terrible, torturous to have to listen to
1.5ó - Poor, not worth your time
2 ó – Fair, maybe a couple half-way decent songs, but sub-par overall
2.5ó – Average, OK, meh, not bad but not that good either
3ó – Good, solid album, several good songs, but not spectacular. Certainly worthy, but may not be something you come back to very often
3.5ó – Very good album. Some stellar tracks, very enjoyable overall
4ó – Great album, filled with great songs, one that you will want to come back to over and over again
4.5ó – Excellent album, beyond great, superb in every way, just short of a masterpiece 
5ó – A Masterpiece, among the greatest albums of its type, and has stood the test of time

So, those were my favorites over the summer, but there were lots of other good albums. What were some of your favorites that I might have missed? Let me know what you thought were the best albums released this summer!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Jimmy Buffett - 1975-09-10 - The Boarding House, San Francisco, CA

Jimmy Buffett
September 10, 1975
The Boarding House  
San Francisco, CA  
FM Broadcast Recording (Remastered/Jimmy Phan-2003), very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320kbps) versions

Here's one more show from the irrepressible Jimmy Buffett. This one goes way back to his early days, prior to the fame and notoriety of Margaritaville and giant stadium crowds. This is from 1975, following the release of one of his best albums, A1A. A wonderful show from those early days. 

01. The Wino and I know
02. The Great Filling Station Holdup
03. Dallas
04. Drunken 15 Year Old Girlfriend
05. Life is Just a Tire Swing
06. Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season
07. Grapefruit Juicyfruit
08. Pencil Thin Mustache
09. Saxaphones
10. Havana Daydreamin’
11. Door # 3
12. Big Rig
13. A Pirate Looks at Forty
14. They Don’t Dance Like Carmen No More
15. Kick it in Second Wind
16. Radio Station ID - Encore intro
17. He Went to Paris

FLAC - Jimmy Buffett_1975-09-10_San FranciscoCA_Flac.rar

Mp3 - Jimmy Buffett_1975-09-10_San FranciscoCA_Mp3.rar

Friday, September 15, 2023

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band - 2005-09-05 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL

Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band
Wrigley Field
Chicago, Illinois

FM Broadcast recording (Radio Margaritaville), very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

There's no better way to honor the memory and legacy of Jimmy Buffett than to listen and appreciate his music. And of course, Jimmy Buffett's live shows are legendary for their fun party atmosphere and good times. And their are loads of high quality  Live shows available for listening, thanks to Jimmy's Radio Margaritaville Broadcast Channel. Just look around and you can find dozens of wonderful shows. I've chosen this one today because it combines a great Jimmy Buffett show with my Chicago Cubs, as this was recorded from Wrigley Field, in waht were the first series of concerts ever to be played there, in 2005. And Jimmy makes plenty of references to the Cubs, baseball, and the great Steve Goodman throughout the show. Enjoy.

1. Ernie Banks intro > National Anthem
2. Hot Hot Hot intro
3. Piece of Work
4. Pascagoula Run
5. Hey Good Looking *
6. Changes in Latitude
7. I Will Play For Gumbo
8. Come Monday
9. Last Mango in Paris
10. Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street
11. License to Chill
12. Son of a Son of a Sailor
13. Cheeseburger in Paradise
14. Volcano
15. Brown Eyed Girl
16. Go Cubs Go intro
17. Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw
18. La Vie Dansante
19. Banana Republic
20. Southern Cross
21. School Boy Heart
22. A Pirate Looks at Forty
23. Take Me Out to the Ballgame
24. The City (w/ Mac)
25. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
26. One Particular Harbor
27. Margaritaville
First Encore
28. Fins
29. Last Man Standing
Final Encore
30. City of New Orleans
31. Glory Days

* 21 sec dropout at beginning and various glitches through the first minute of the song

Second concert EVER at Wrigley Field (First was the previous night's show).

MP3 - Jimmy Buffett_2005-09-05_ChicagoIL_Mp3.rar

FLAC - Jimmy Buffett_2005-09-05_ChicagoIL_FLAC.rar


Monday, September 11, 2023

Jimmy Buffett - Legendary American Singer-Songwriter (R.I.P - 1946-2023)

 Sail On, Jimmy!

Last week we lost another legendary musician from my younger days (the seventies), as is happening ever more frequently as these music icons age, but I was still surprised to hear about the passing of Jimmy Buffett, who seemed like he would just keep going on indefinitely. But Jimmy Buffett died on Sept 1 of Merkel cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, at the age of 76, and which apparently he had been battling the last few years. I have a long history with Jimmy's music, as I have all his albums from the '70's and '80's, and he holds a special place for me. However, I was not planning on posting anything about his passing as I didn't think I had much to add to the accolades he would be receiving. But after seeing and hearing most of the lame 'tributes' and memoriam segments about his passing in the media I knew I had to at least say a few words about what his true legacy and enormous contributions to music are. Not surprisingly, most of the reports focused on the sort of carefree island music and lifestyle he was known for and his legion of fans that made his concerts famous for their party atmosphere, and of course, they mainly noted his biggest hit, 'Margaritaville', and the lifestyle it represented, as well as a few other humorous or party songs. But a disturbing number of the segments I saw also highlighted his business deals and how he parlayed his one (and only) big hit single, 'Margaritaville', into a billion dollar empire of restaurants, resorts, and cruises, etc., and even went on to say that that those businesses may be his greatest legacy, more so than his music career. What? And what I didn't hear any reports talk about was his legacy as a songwriter, and one of the great songwriters of our time. Yes, Jimmy wrote many fun, whimsical, and humorous songs, but also wrote wonderful truly touching, heartfelt songs about people and the human condition, and whether humorous or heartfelt, always featured clever, insightful, well-constructed lyrics. Other songwriters praised his songwriting. Like a couple of his good songwriting friends, Steve Goodman and John Prine, who were also known to write both humorous and deeply moving songs, Jimmy wrote compelling story songs with heart and meaning, and excellent wordplay. He was also one of the favorite songwriters of another legendary songwriter, one Bob Dylan, who admired his engaging and efficient storytelling in many of his songs. As Jimmy himself would often say when he was asked about going into his various business dealings, 'I'm not a great singer and only a so-so guitar player, so I need to have something to fall back on'. But what he left out was his value as a great songwriter, and in addition to his great personality and admirable spirit and attitude, what he should be known for is as a great songwriter.   
I first saw Jimmy Buffett live way back in 1974, not long after 'Come Monday' came out, which was his first song to receive any radio play. After seeing his wonderful performance, I started buying all his albums as they came out and they always contained numerous great songs. I generally like all his songs, but especially the more sincere and thoughtful ones, and those early albums had great ones, whether they were his own personal stories, such as 'Come Monday', 'The Captain and The Kid', 'Wonder Why We Ever Go Home', or 'Son of a Son of a Sailor', or relating the stories of others, such as 'He Went to Paris', 'A Pirate Looks at Forty', 'Havana Daydreamin' and many others. And my all-time favorite Jimmy Buffett song is 'Death of an Unpopular Poet', from his first major label album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean (1973), and it is not found on any of his compilation albums, or in any of his live shows, but it is a simple, moving story about a modest poet who became famous after his death, and it shows the beauty and efficacy of his storytelling and songwriting. This was one of the songs that Dylan singled out as being great songwriting. But he has many songs that capture that unique moment, spirit, or style, and express it beautifully in song. Even his humorous songs are very well-crafted and often have a core of heart or deeper meaning, such as 'Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season', Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes', 'Boat Drinks', and 'Fins'. He has released many excellent albums over the years, and all of his albums have a mixture of fun songs and more serious, thoughtful songs that are quite moving. My favorite albums are still probably those early ones throughout the '70's, White Sport Coat (1973), Living and Dying in 3/4 time (1974), A1A (1974), Havana Daydreamin' (1976), Changes in Latitudes (1977), Son of a Son of a Sailor (1978), and Volcano (1979), but most of the others still contained some really great songs, right up to the present. And Jimmy did finish another album before his death, Equal Strain on all Parts, to be released later this year (November 2023), and the just released single from that album, 'Bubbles Up', looks to be another classic Buffett song, once again showing his great songwriting style. So, there is still some more Jimmy Buffett music yet to come, but the musical legacy he has left behind means so much to so many people, and will be embraced and remembered for generations to come. Thank you Jimmy, and sail on for that final voyage.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Genesis - 1978-04-15 - Sports Arena, San Diego, CA (Millard Master Recording)

Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
Audience Recording (Mike Millard Master Tapes via JEMS), very good quality
The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Volume 175
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's another great Genesis show from Yesteryear, and another show from taper Mike Millard's Lost and Found Master Collection, and also a show that had not been previously available until Mike's original recordings were uncovered a few years ago. This tour, of course, was their first without guitarist extraordnaire Steve Hackett. So, at this point the band consisted of just the trio of Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford. For the tour, which was in support of their latest album, And Then There Were Three, which makes an obvious reference to the band personnel changes, they are joined by the able support of guitarist Darryl Stuermer and ace drummer Chester Thompson. Once again, they had a lot to prove, after losing another key member of the band. But once again, they put on a great concert and show. I saw them on this tour, and although I was really disappointed not to get to see Steve with the band, it was a great show nonetheless, featuring songs from throughout their catalog. 

01 Eleventh Earl of Mar
02 In The Cage
03 Burning Rope
04 Ripples
05 Deep In The Motherlode
06 The Fountain Of Salmacis
07 Down And Out
08 One For The Vine
09 Squonk
10 Say It's Alright Joe
11 The Lady Lies
12 The Story Of Romeo & Juliet
13 Cinema Show
14 Afterglow
15 Follow You, Follow Me
16 Dance On A Volcano
17 Drum Duet
18 Los Endos
19 I Know What I Like

FLAC - Genesis_1978-04-15_SanDiegoCA(Millard)_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - Genesis_1978-04-15_SanDiegoCA(Millard)_mp3.rar