Saturday, October 9, 2021

KT Tunstall - 2005-05-22 - Manchester Academy 2, University of Manchester, UK

KT Tunstall
Manchester Academy 2, University of Manchester, UK
Audience recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Continuing to feature more great female artists, here's Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall. Tunstall burst onto the rock and pop scene in 2005, following her sensational debut album, Eye to the Telescope (2004), scoring immediate and breakthrough success with her dynamic songs and performances, and hit singles with 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree', 'Other Side of the World', and (my personal favorite) 'Suddenly I See'. International touring, awards, and much acclaim soon followed. KT followed up that success with another winner, Drastic Fantastic (2007). Although subsequent albums have not garnered the same amount of commercial success as those first two albums, she has continued to produce high quality music, receive much critical acclaim,  and delight her many fans throughout her career. Here today I have a show from those early days in 2005, performing a stellar show for Manchester University.   

01 Another Place To Fall
02 Miniature Disasters
03 Other Side Of The World
04 Under The Weather
05 False Alarm
06 Black Horse And The Cherry Tree
07 Universe & U
08 Stoppin' The Love
09 Heal Over / Sweet Dreams
10 Suddenly I See
11 One Day
12 Throw Me A Rope
Bonus Tracks (2006-12-07 - Hollywood):
13. Ashes
14. Suddenly I See

FLAC - KT Tunstall_2005-05-22_Manchester_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - KT Tunstall_2005-05-22_Manchester_Mp3.rar

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Suzanne Vega - 1990-12-15 - Centre Sportif, Differdrange, Luxembourg

Suzanne Vega
December 15, 1990
Centre Sportif
Differdange, Luxembourg
Soundboard recording, Very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Continuing with more cool female vocalists, here's singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega, who also came to prominence in the mid-1980's, with folk-inspired songs such as 'Luka', 'Marlena on the Wall', 'Left of Center', and 'Tom's Diner'. Suzanne was born in Santa Monica, CA, but her family moved to New York City when she was a small child. She began performing at Greenwich Village clubs while attending Barnard College in NYC. In 1984 she received a major label recording contract, and her first album, Suzanne Vega, which featured primarily just acoustic guitar and vocals, was released in 1985 to much critical acclaim. Her 2nd album, Solitude Standing (1987), which featured songs with fuller arrangements, garnered commercial as well as critical success, due to the International hit single 'Luka' which was written from the point of view of an abused child. Vega's third album, Days of Open Hands (1990) continued in the folk style of the first two albums. But, subsequent albums would delve into other musical styles and sounds, beginning with 99.9 F Degrees (1992), which embraced a harder-edged, more electronic, experimental sound. The show featured here today is from 1990, a very good soundboard recording of a full-length show from Luxembourg that features songs from throughout her first 3 albums. 

01 Rusted Pipe
02 Tired Of Sleeping
03 Straight Lines
04 Ironbound / Fancy Poultry
05 Marlene On The Wall
06 Some Journey
07 Room Off The Street
08 Freeze Tag
09 Neighborhood Girls
11 Wallaby Song (a capella)
12 Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace)
13 Pilgrimage
14 Luka
15 Institution Green
16 Left Of Center
17 Solitude Standing / band intros
18 Book Of Dreams
19 Men In A War
20 The Queen And The Soldier
21 Tom's Diner
22 Wooden Horse

Suzanne Vega - vocals, guitar
Marc Shulman - guitar
Anton Sanko - keyboards
Mike Visceglia - bass
Frank Vilardi - drums

mp3 - Suzanne Vega_1990-12-15_Luxembourg_Mp3.rar

FLAC -  Suzanne Vega_1990-12-15_Luxembourg_FLAC.rar


Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Bangles - 1986-05-15 - Live in New York

The Bangles

New York, NY (unknown venue)
FM broadcast (WNEW) recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Let's continue with more great female rock vocals, in what just may be turning into a 'September Gurls' feature. And who better to feature than '80's sensations, the Bangles. So here are the Bangles in 1986, still fairly early on with their rich layered vocals and rockin' power pop style and approach. And in this show they actually even play a cover version of the Big Star song 'September Gurls'. The Bangles were first formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, CA, with Susanna Hoffs (guitar, vocals), sisters Vicki (guitar, vocals) and Debbi Peterson (drums, vocals), and Annette Zilinskas (bass, vocals). They were originally called The Colours, then renamed as The Bangs, but when they received their first record deal, they found out another band already had the name The Bangs, so they became the Bangles (and Michael Steele, from The Runaways, replaced Zilinskas on bass). After an introductory EP, the Bangles first full album, All Over the Place, was released in 1984, featuring a driving, punchy power pop with stellar vocals and harmonies. By their second album, Different Light (1986), which showed a more polished pop sound, they scored big hit singles with 'Manic Monday' (written by Prince) and 'Walk Like an Egyptian' and reached pop stardom (but at the expense of their earlier harder-rockin' style). But they showed they could still rock in this show from 1986, which featured songs from their first 2 albums. However, with their subsequent album, Everything (1988), their sound would be further diluted with excessive pop production and sappy ballads (resulting in their biggest hit, 'Eternal Flame'). But internal conflicts in the group caused them to disband in 1989, with Susanna Hoffs going on to a solo career, and the others going their separate ways. The band re-formed in 1998, however, released a new album in 2003 (Doll Revolution) as well as in 2011 (Sweetheart of the Sun) and continue to perform together (although now with original member Annette Zilinskas replacing Michael Steele). But here is the band in their glory days back in the mid-eighties, delivering some very tasty power pop and pop-rock confections in this very good FM broadcast recording.

01. Let it Go
02. Restless
03. Walking Down Your Street
04. James
05. He's Got a Secret
06. September Gurls
07. If She Knew What She Wants
08. Return Post
09. In a Different Light
10. Going Down to Liverpool
11. Live
12. Angels Don't Fall In Love
13. Hero Takes a Fall
14. Manic Monday
15. Walk Like an Egyptian
16. Dover Beach

Susanna Hoffs - vocals and rhythm guitar
Debbi Peterson - drums and vocals
Vicki Peterson - lead guitar and vocals
Michael Steele - bass and vocals

MP3 - Bangles_1986-05-15_Live in New York_mp3.rar

FLAC - Bangles_1986-05-15_Live in New York_FLAC.rar

Friday, September 17, 2021

Renaissance - 1978-06-18 - Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ


June 18, 1978
Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
FM Radio Broadcast, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's more from Annie Haslam and  Renaissance, this time from a few years later than the previous post, but still during their classic years. This very good radio broadcast show features the band on their tour promoting their recently released album A Song For All Seasons (1978), and following two of their most successful albums, Scheherazade and Other Stories (1975) and Novella (1977). Thus, they were pretty much at their peak here, and feature extended versions of songs from throughout their catalog in this 2-hour show. Unfortunately, however, this would essentially be the end of their 'classic' period, as in their subsequent album, Azure d'Or (1979) they would move away from lush orchestrations and long songs to more short songs and use of syntheisizers, This resulted in losing fans, lower sales, and being dropped by their record company. John Tout and Terryu Sullivan then left the band. Although the band continued into the '80's with additional albums (Camera Camera-1981 and Timeline-1983), their attempts to adjust to the times by moving toward a more synthpop and new wave style was not successful, leading to dissolving the band by the mid-eighties. Various attempts in the '90's to revive the band (with different bands led by Haslam and Dunford separately) were not very successful, But by 2000, a partial reunion with Haslam, Dunford, and Sullivan produced a new album, Tuscany, in 2001. Various other incarnations of a Renaissance-like band, mostly lead by Haslam) have gotten together throughout the subsequent years. Michael Dunford died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 20212 and John Tout died of lung failure in 2015, but Annie still continues on with a new line-up still performing the songs of Renaissance. But here, you can enjoy the unique and refreshing song stylings of this wonderful band still during their peak years.  

01.Can You Hear Me?
02.Carpet Of The Sun
03.Things I Don't Understand
04.Northern Lights
05.Mother Russia
06.Day of the Dreamer
07.Midas Man
08.The Vultures Fly High
09.Running Hard
10.Song For All Seasons
12.Ashes Are Burning

TT 121:57

Annie Haslam - lead vocals
Jon Camp - bass, vocals
John Tout - piano, keyboards
Michael Dunford - guitar
Terrance Sullivan - drums  

FLAC - Renaissance_1978-06-18_PassaicNJ_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - Renaissance_1978-06-18_PassaicNJ_mp3.rar

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Renaissance - 1974-05-17 - Academy of Music, New York, NY (FM)


Academy of Music, New York City, NY
FM broadcast recording (WNEW), very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Hearing Annie Haslam in the previously posted Intergalactic Touring Band (1977) project reminded me of how wonderful her vocals are (when she's singing worthy material) and that I haven't listened to her with Renaissance for quite some time (and also that I somehow haven't posted any Renaissance here previously). So, here is some classic Renaissance, from 1974.
Renaissance was an English progressive rock band that combined heavy influences from classical, folk, and jazz into their version of progressive rock, and focused on strong female vocals (from Annie Haslam) and a prominent role for piano and classically styled pieces. Renaissance was first formed in early 1969 by former Yardbirds musicians Keith Relf (guitar/vocals) and Jim McCarty (drums/vocals), who wanted the new band for experimentation with rock, folk, and classical forms. The original lineup also included bassist Louis Cennamo, pianist John Hawken, and Relf's sister Jane as an additional vocalist. They released their first album, self-titled Renaissance, later in 1969, and began work on a second album. But by mid-1970, Relf and McCarty left, and other personnel changes led to various temporary and short-lived lineups being brought in to keep the band going. Guitarist Michael Dunford and keyboardist John Tout joined in late 1970, and vocalist Annie Haslam came on board in early 1971. The album Prologue (1972) was the first to really get the attention of the growing progressive rock fan base, with its unique style and sound. But several more lineup changes continued before what is considered the 'classic' lineup was finalized in 1973, consisting of Haslam, Dunford, Tout, and Jon Camp (bass) and Terry Sullivan (drums), and the beginning of their most successful and celebrated albums [Ashes Are Burning (1973), Turn of the Cards (1974), Scheherzade and Other Stories (1975), Novella (1977), Azure d'Or (1979). Interestingly, this 'classic' lineup did not contain any of the original members of the band. 
Featured here is a great show from 1974, which was right around the time of the release of Turn of The Cards. This the show features many songs from that new album as well as the previous album Ashes Are Burning, and features a guest appearance from Wishbone Ash guitarist Andy Powell on the epic title track from that album (he also played on the album track itself), and also includes accompaniment.  by a 24-piece Orchestra (and this was the first time the band had played live with an orchestra). So, check out Renaissance from back in 1974. 

disc one: 53:13
01: dj, intro music
02: Can You Understand?
03: Black Flame
04: Carpet Of The Sun
05: Cold Is Being
06: Things I Don't Understand
07: Running Hard
disc two: 40:08
01: Ashes Are Burning*
02: Mother Russia
03: Prologue
04: dj outro

Annie Haslam - vocals
Michael Dunford - Guitar
Jon Camp - Bass
John Trout - Keyboards
Terence Sullivan - Drums
with 24 piece orchestra
*w/ Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash) on guitar,
promoter Howard Stein on piano

 mp3 - Renaissance_1974-05-17_NYC_mp3.rar 

FLAC - Renaissance_1974-05-17_NYC_FLAC.rar

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

OOP Vinyl Curiosities: Intergalactic Touring Band (1977) - Sci-Fi Concept album featuring progressive and classic rock guest artists

OOP Vinyl Curiosities:

Intergalactic Touring Band (1977)
Science Fiction Concept Album (Passport Records)
Featuring guest performances from dozens of notable progressive rock and classic rock artists,
including Annie Haslam, Larry Fast, Anthony Phillips, Percy Jones, Dave Cousins, Rod Argent, Ben E. King, Meatloaf, Clarence Clemons, and many more.
Mp3 @256 kbps

Ok, today I have a real vinyl curiosity, the Intergalactic Touring Band from 1977, which was a science fiction concept album featuring dozens of well-known guest artists from progressive and classic rock. The album purports to be a concert from the future by the illustrious Intergalactic Touring Band, an immensely popular band that spreads musical goodwill throughout intergalactic space, and the songs present a sort of history of civilisation and their journey to colonize the stars and interact with robots and alien species. The project was put together by Danny Beckerman and Will Malone, who are known mainly for making orchestral arrangements for other artists (Prior to this, their primary connection to progressive rock was their orchestral arrangement work on Rick Wakeman's concept albums Journey to the Center of the Earth (1974) and The Myths and Legends of King Arthur (1975), and perhaps got the idea to put together their own epic concept album from those experiences). Beckerman and Malone wrote all the songs, did most of the arrangements, and managed to put together a stellar lineup of talent to participate, including progressive rock notables synthesizer wizard Larry Fast (Synergy), Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Percy Jones (Brand X), Dave Cousins (The Strawbs), Anthony Phillips (Genesis), and Jim and Brian Cuomo (Fireballet), as well as as classic rock stalwarts Ben E. King, Rod Argent, Meatloaf, Arthur Brown, and Clarence Clemons, and jazz great John Tropea, the London Symphony Orchestra, and many others. The album came complete with a glossy booklet that told the story and contained all the lyrics, etc. So, it seemed to be a rather impressive project.

Unfortunately, the resulting music on the album is much less impressive. It is certainly an interesting side excursion, worthy of a listen or two just to check it out, but despite its progressive rock guest artists, the songs on the album are much more of a somewhat cheesy, theatrical pop-rock, complete with supposedly futuristic robotic sounds and instruments (synthesized voices, effects, etc.), with just the barest hint of prog thrown in. The songs are just not very memorable and most of the guest artists are not given much to do or are relegated to sub-standard pop songs.The main problem is probably that Beckerman and Malone wrote all of the songs instead of having the guest artists contribute their own material, and for the most part, the songs just don't work very well. There is some humor thrown in, and yes, it is a bit amusing to listen to, but mostly for fun, or as a campy experience. So, no, this is not a great album or a lost gem at all, but it was a very interesting project, that just didn't quite work out. Not surprisingly, the album disappeared pretty quickly after it was released in 1977. I picked it up not long after in the cut-out bin just based on the musicians that were included. It did have somewhat of a resurrection in 2003, when it was briefly re-issued on CD, and apparently the album does have its fans (as the reviews on as well as a surprisingly positive review on Prog and a fan website can attest to). But, it is currently not available for sale in any form (except as used vinyl or CD), so it should be OK to post here. Anyway, here is the full album, from a needledrop rip from the original vinyl album, as well as the full story and lyric booklet for perusal. So, get ready to blast-off to the 1970's vision of the future with the Intergalactic Touring Band.
 1. Approach (Overture)
 2. Silver Lady
 3. Universal Zoo/Why
 4. Starship Jingle
 5. Heartbreaker
 6. Reaching Out
 7. First Landing
 8. Space Commando
 9. Robot Salesman
 10. Love Station
 11. A Planet Called Monday/Epilogue
 12. Keeper Keep Us

The Intergalactic Touring Band - Fictional band members (Actual band members)
    Hope Larson (Brian Cuomo)— Lase Keyboard Panel
    Ixol Phaane (Larry Fast)— Computerized Keyboard Synthesis
    Justice Conrad (Peter Sobel)— Globe Lase Base
    Krys (Pete Marchetti)— Holographic Percussion
    Raif Reed (David Scance)— Lase Guitar

Partial Credits (notable performers);
Brian Cuomo (Fireballet): IGTB Band - Keyboards
Larry Fast (Synergy, Nektar, etc.): IGTB Band - Synthesizers
David Scance: IGTB Band - Guitars
Peter Sobel: IGTB Band - Bass
Paul Marchetti: IGTB Band - Drums and percussion
Rod Argent (The Zombies, Argent): Lead vocal on "Silver Lady"
Arthur Brown (Crazy World of): Lead vocal, "Universal Zoo"
Ryche Chlanda (Fireballet, Nektar): Electric guitar on "Robot Salesman"
Clarence Clemons (E Sreet Band): Saxophone solo on "Love Station"
Dave Cousins (The Strawbs): Lead vocal on "Heartbreaker"
Jim Cuomo (Fireballet): Lead vocal on "Robot Salesman"
Annie Haslam (Renaissance): Lead vocal on "Reaching Out"
Percy Jones (Brand X): Fretless Bass on "Why" and "Keeper Keep Us"
Ben E. King: Lead vocal on "Love Station"
Meatloaf: Lead vocal on "Keeper Keep Us"
Peppi Marchello (Good Rats): Lead vocal on "Starship Jingle"
Anthony Phillips (Genesis): Acoustic guitars on "Reaching Out"
Marge Raymond (Flame): Silver Lady vocal on "Silver Lady"
Rick Parfett and Frank Rossi (Status Quo): Lead vocals on "A Planet Called Monday"
John Tropea: Electric guitars on "Love Station"; Guitar solo on "Love Station"
Members of the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Harry Rabinowitz
Danny Beckerman, Will Malone, David Bedford, and Stephen Galfas: Orchestral arrangements

Intergalactic Touring Band (1977).rar


Thursday, August 26, 2021

More notable rock musicians have passed away - The latest, drummer extraordnaire - Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts - R.I.P. 1941-2021

It's been another sad period of marking the deaths and memorializing the lives of numerous notable musicians and rock icons that have passed way over the past month. From Dusty Hill (bassist for ZZ Top) and Paul Cotton (singer-guitarist for Poco) earlier this month to the recent deaths of singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith and early rock vocal pioneer and half of the Everly Brothers, Don Everly. And now, iconic drummer for the Rolling Stones for nearly 60 years, Charlie Watts.  We honor and salute them all, even though we may not get a chance to publicly write about or properly honor each of them as they deserve. Their music will live on and enrich the lives of countless old fans and new followers, and has already stood the test of time. Great musicians all. But I do have to say a few more words in honor of Charlie.

Musicians from all genres have lined up to pay tribute to the unassuming, quietly debonair, steady as-a-rock Stones timekeeper as one of the greatest drummers ever. And although he was the backbone and driving force behind a band often dubbed "The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band", he was never really a 'rock' drummer. His background, instincts, and approach all came from Jazz, but was essential to the sound and rhythm of all those great Stones tracks. To be honest, I'm not really that much of Rolling Stones fan, but Charlie was something else entirely. He always seemed to be such a mismatch with the rest of the band, and certainly didn't fit in at all with the reputation the band had for outrageousness, depravity, and debauchery. Yet, there he always was, through thick and thin, laying down just the right rhythms and beats that each song needed. Jagger and Richards may have attracted most of the attention, but the Stones would never have been as successful without Watts as the backbone of the band. I always had the utmost respect for him, both as a person and as a great drummer. Keep on bangin' Charlie, now and forever. 

Of course, there are hundreds of unofficial live recordings of Charlie with The Rolling Stones, available all around the internet (for starters, can check out G101, TUBE, So Many Roads, Soundaboard websites  - links in Music sites right sidebar), in addition to all of their commercially released studio and live albums.  As I'm not really a collector of Rolling Stones shows, I'm not going to post shows here, and those other sites are much better for finding great shows than I could. But go ahead. check out some more live Stones to better hear Charlie and company in action.