Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Kinks - 1972-03-05 - Boston, MA

The Kinks
March 5, 1972
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

Audience Recording, Good Quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
New: Lossless version also added

Here's another vintage Kinks show that is not readily available, from 1972, right around the time that they recorded their live show for the live portion of the Everybody's in Showbiz double album. In fact, this show was just a couple days after the NY shows that were recorded for the album. This is a decent (but not great) quality audience recording of the full show from this period, which includes many of their classics and a few surprises. This was the first of two appearances in Boston in 1972, as the boys played here again at the end of the year (11/12/72), and that November show is also readily available.

1: Top of the Pops  4:02
2: You're Lookin' Fine  6:07
3: Get Back in Line  3:43
4: Muswell Hillbilly (with band introductions)  3:22
5: Waterloo Sunset  2:24
6: Sunny Afternoon  4:01
7: Banana Boat Song  1:12
8: Brainwashed  2:42
9: Mr. Wonderful  :49
10: Acute Schitzophrenia Paranoia Blues  4:10
11: Holiday  3:54
12: Skin and Bone (end cuts, spliced)  3:56
13: Alcohol  6:49
14: Complicated Life (end spliced)  4:12
15: Harry Rag  1:14
16: You are My Sunshine  2:25
17: She's Bought a Hat like Princess Marina  3:28
18: Baby Face  3:12
19: Lola  6:07
20: You Really Got Me >  2:24
21: All Day and All of the Night  1:31
22: Victoria (end cuts)  2:08
runtime: 73:59

Ray Davies: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dave Davies:  lead and slide guitar, backing vocals
John Gosling: keyboards
Mike Cotton: trumpet
John Beecham: trombone, tuba
John Dalton: bass
Mick Avory: drums


By request, here is the show in a lossless (Flac) version:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

January 30, 1975
Jaap Edenhall, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Part of "The Warner Brothers Music Show '75" - Little Feat, Montrose and Tower Of Power

Audience recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's a great Little Feat Show from their classic early days that has only recently surfaced (thanks to taper Hans Devente). Although it has been featured on several other blogs already, it was too good to not post here, too. Although not quite up to the exquisite sound quality of the Ultrasonic sessions previously posted here, this is nonetheless an excellent audience recording, with very good sound, and a great performance. And although it consists of mostly the same songs as the Ultrasonic sets, it is always great to hear different live performances of these gems. This set is also enhenced by the inclusion of the soundcheck set, which provides a glimpse at their pre-show warmup, which also includes some casual 'funk' and 'fusion' jammin'. So, it's a great new addition to the Little Feat live collections.

01. "A" Funk groove
02. "A" Fusion groove
03. Tuning of the oscillators / getting Kenny's levels
04. Skin It Back mic check, band check
05. Rock and Roll Doctor
06. Spanish Moon
07. Truck Stop Girl... "How we doin'? OK. Good!"

Set List:
01. Crowd/Intro
02. A Apolitical Blues
03. Two Trains
04. On Your Way Down
05. Walkin' All Night
06. Skin It Back >
07. Fat Man In The Bathtub
08. Rock and Roll Doctor
09. Oh Atlanta
10. Sailin' Shoes
11. Cold Cold Cold >
12. Dixie Chicken (tape flip)
13. Dixie Chicken (conclusion) >
14. Tripe Face Boogie > Bill Payne solo > Bag Of Reds > Tripe Face Boogie (conclusion)
15. Willin'
16. Introducing Tower Of Power Horns and Chester Thompson (clavinet)
17. Spanish Moon (with Tower Of Power Horns and Chester Thompson on clavinet) >
18. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
19. The Fan

Little Feat_1975-01-30_Amsterdam_FLAC.rar

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Restoration Days

Re-uploading and fixing old broken links

OK now, after months of not doing anything about all the old dead links on the blog, over the last several days I have been working behind the scenes to restore most of the posts to full working order (even I was getting really tired of still seeing all those long dead megaupload links still hangin' around). I have now re-done all the mp3 links for the oldest stuff here (all of 2008 and 2009 posts), as it seems there are still folks coming along that want to get access to those earlier offerings. I am also working to finish up the last sections that are not functioning (previously I restored all the more recent posts, from 2012 back through the latter part of 2010), so that now the only primary artist catalog posts that have not yet been restored are those of Elvis Costello and Genesis (and I will get to those shortly). So then, all the links have been restored for Neil Young, The Kinks, Little Feat, the Guess Who, Counting Crows, and most everybody else (although some of the FLAC links are still down, as surprisingly, there just hasn't been much interest in them overall (very few downloads). There also are just a few others that I have misplaced the files and can't re-upload until I find them again, but hopefully will get them back, too. So, anyway, if you have requested any re-uploads over the past few months, or there were some of the older posts that you wanted but couldn't get, or if you have only recently discovered this blog and were disappointed that so many of the links were dead, well now is the time to check back, because, most likely, your downloads have been restored. If not yet, then they soon will be. Thanks for the continued interest, and stay tuned for more new stuff coming soon, too.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Michelle Shocked - 1989-03-31 - Boston

Michelle Shocked
March 31, 1989
Berklee Performing Arts Center
Boston, MA

PreFM (WBCN) recording, excellent quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

Here's one more fine female singer-songwriter to feature before I move on to other music, this one going back a few more years. Michelle Shocked was thrust into the Music Scene in the mid-late '80's, when a bootleg tape of her performing (dubbed 'The Texas Campfire Tapes' was released in europe (without her knowledge or consent). But even this poorly recorded performance received such acclaim and notoriety that she was offered a 'real' recording contract with Mercury. What followed were three excellent albums, each focusing on a different style or type of music. First was Short Sharp Shocked (1988), which was mostly a folk-type album (some called it punk-folk) that chronicled the people and places from her upbringing in east Texas. Next was Captain Swing (1989), which channeled her unique style through Swing, gospel, and soul sounds and styles. Then came Arkansas Traveler (1991), which was bluegrass and country-influenced, and featured several standards. But Michelle has always been fiercely independent, and socially and politically outspoken, and despite the high quality of these albums, she did not want to be working for some record company and have to do things their way. So, by 1994, she had left to go out on her own, first with a small independent label, and then eventually with her own music company and label (Mighty Sound), where she has continued making music in her own way. Now, I have to admit that I have not heard much of her music since she went out on her own, but she has kept busy, releasing several albums over the last several years (If anyone knows about and wants to contact me or comment on her independent releases, by all means do so, I'd love to hear more about them). And quite notably, she was able to re-acquire all the rights to her previous Mercury albums,  and has put out deluxe expanded editions of those albums on her own label, too. Unfortunately, there are not many recorded concerts of hers available. The one featured here, comes from 1989, earlier in the year, prior to the release of Captain Swing (and not containing any songs from it, unfortunately, as it is my favorite album of hers). Thus, the material comes primarily from Short Sharp Shocked, so it is early in her career, but shows her talents well. And it is an excellent quality Pre-FM recording, so it sounds great.  

1. When I Grow Up
2. talk
3. Anchorage
4. talk
5. Yamboree Queen
6. Memories Of East Texas
7. talk
8. V.F.D.
9. Fogtown
10. talk
11. 5 A.M. in Amsterdam
12. Fred the Traveler
13. talk
14. Ballad Of Penny Evans
15. Graffiti Limbo
16. talk
17. The Midnight Special
18. Campus Crusade
19. (Making the Run to) Gladewater
20. Strawberry Jam
21. applause/announcer/talk
22. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore
23. If Love Was A Train
24. Secret To A Long Life
Total time 69:11

New Link (Updated 04/10/20)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aimee Mann - 2000 & 2003, Hamburg & Norfolk, VA

Aimee Mann
Angie's Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany
The Norva, Norfolk, VA

Soundboard and audience recordings, very good and good quality, respectively
mp3 @ 192 and 329 kbps

Here's another of my favorite female singer-songwriters from recent years. I first heard Aimee Mann around 1999 (on 'You Could Make a Killing') and was instantly taken with her style and sound. Then I heard her songs in the Paul Thomas Anderson Film Magnolia (1999) and had to hear more from her. That was followed closely by her Bachelor No.2 (2000) album, which (together with the Magnolia songs) is I think her very best work, and then the Lost in Space (2002) album, which is also very good. I just love her cynical, world-weary, yet also breathtakingly beautiful vocal style and inimitable songs. No one else quite sounds like or has a style like Aimee Mann (For a rather depressing, yet also strangely uplifting, Christmas album, check out her One More Drifter in the Snow-2006). So, featured here are a couple of live sets from what I consider her very best period, covering from
1999 to 2003. The 2000 Hamburg show features a great recording, but a too-short set (perhaps from a radio broadcast?), so I have added to that with a couple songs from 1999 and most of her full show at the Norva in 2003, which is not nearly as good a recording (audience), but features her full set and many different songs (several from Lost in Space). So, please, enjoy some Aimee Mann.

1 It's Not safe
2 Save Me
3 How Am I Different
4 Long Shot
5 Wise Up
6 Deathly
7 Ghost World
8 Calling It Quits
9 Red Vines
10 The Fall of the World's Own Optimist
11 The Moth
12 Sugarcoated
13 Humpty Dumpty
14 Susan
15 Amateur
16 You Could Make a Killing
17 Wonderwall (with Duncan Sheik)
18 That's Just What You Are
19 This is How It Goes
20 Pavlov's Bell
21 Long Shot
22 Driving Sideways
23 Invisible Ink
24 Sweet Home Alabama
25 Deathly

Tracks 1-8 - 2000-04-09, Angie's Nightclub, Hamburg, Germany (192k)
Tracks 9-10 - 1999-08-07, Tramps, NYC, NY (192k)
Tracks 11-25 - 2003-02-05, The Norva, Norfolk, VA (320k)

Link Updated 05/10/2019

Friday, October 5, 2012

She & Him - 2010-07-11 - Louisville, KY

She & Him
(Zoe Deschanel & M. Ward)
Forecastle Festival
WaterfrontPark, Louisville, KY

Audience recording, good sound quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

OK, now that we've gotten some female singing and songwriting going, let's stay with that for a bit and feature a few more of my favorites. Here's She & Him, the duo of Zoe Deschanel and M. Ward. Of course, we've known since her brief but charming rendition of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in the film Elf (2003), that actress Zoe Deschanel could sing, but not until she teamed up with M.Ward around 2007 did we realize her full musical talents, as Deschanel sings, plays piano and ukelele, and writes all the original songs for She & Him. But it was this collaboration with Ward that brought Deschanel's songs alive, as Ward provides, in addition to cool guitar grooves, the arrangements and overall style to the songs. And a delightful combination they are, with a decidedly retro, 'sixties feel, and hip, but sparse production style. Zoe's charming vocals take center-stage, with Ward mostly staying in the background, but to me it is really Zoe's songwriting (on the originals) and song selection (on the covers), as well as Ward's cool production, that make it all work. Sure, the sound is light and breezy, some might say too sugary, on many of the numbers, but it also is just so much fun to listen to. I much prefer their second release, Volume Two (2010), over their first, Volume One (2008), and so that tour is what is featured here. My favorites by them are 'Thieves', 'Lingering Still', and 'Don't Look Back', all Deschanel originals, and to me, 'Thieves' was the best single of 2010, and one of the most jauntily, hauntingly beautiful songs I've ever heard, and it actually was the first song I ever heard by them (in early 2010), and I was just mesmerized by it. Anyway, here's She & Him, with a light and fun show from 2010. I also added a few extra songs at the end from some other shows, that features some more interesting cover songs.

1. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
2. Change is Hard
3. Rave On
4. I Was Made For You
5. Thieves
6. Black Hole
7. Over It Over Again
8. Lingering Still
9. Magic Trick
10. Gonna Get Along Without You Now
11. In The Sun
12. This Is Not a Test
13. Ridin' In My Car
14. Don't Look Back
15. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
16. Sweet Darlin'
17. Roll Over Beethoven
18. I Put a Spell On You
Bonus tracks:
19. Take It Back (2010-07-06 - Terminal 5, NYC)
20. You Really Got a Hold On Me (2010-07-06 - Terminal 5, NYC)
21. You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio (2010-07-06 - Terminal 5, NYC)
22. Sentimental Heart (2010-07-06 - Terminal 5, NYC)
23. Fools Rush In (2010-07-06 - Terminal 5, NYC)
24. Wouldn't It Be Nice (2010-09-05 - Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA)