Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Restoration Days

Re-uploading and fixing old broken links

OK now, after months of not doing anything about all the old dead links on the blog, over the last several days I have been working behind the scenes to restore most of the posts to full working order (even I was getting really tired of still seeing all those long dead megaupload links still hangin' around). I have now re-done all the mp3 links for the oldest stuff here (all of 2008 and 2009 posts), as it seems there are still folks coming along that want to get access to those earlier offerings. I am also working to finish up the last sections that are not functioning (previously I restored all the more recent posts, from 2012 back through the latter part of 2010), so that now the only primary artist catalog posts that have not yet been restored are those of Elvis Costello and Genesis (and I will get to those shortly). So then, all the links have been restored for Neil Young, The Kinks, Little Feat, the Guess Who, Counting Crows, and most everybody else (although some of the FLAC links are still down, as surprisingly, there just hasn't been much interest in them overall (very few downloads). There also are just a few others that I have misplaced the files and can't re-upload until I find them again, but hopefully will get them back, too. So, anyway, if you have requested any re-uploads over the past few months, or there were some of the older posts that you wanted but couldn't get, or if you have only recently discovered this blog and were disappointed that so many of the links were dead, well now is the time to check back, because, most likely, your downloads have been restored. If not yet, then they soon will be. Thanks for the continued interest, and stay tuned for more new stuff coming soon, too.


Unknown said...

If possible, could you please post
Michelle Shocked March 31, 1989 as FLAC? Thanks for all you is greatly appreciated!!

BBKron said...

Sorry Brian, but I do not have that in lossless. What I posted is the only version I have.