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The Kinks - 1972-03-05 - Boston, MA

The Kinks
March 5, 1972
Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

Audience Recording, Good Quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps
New: Lossless version also added

Here's another vintage Kinks show that is not readily available, from 1972, right around the time that they recorded their live show for the live portion of the Everybody's in Showbiz double album. In fact, this show was just a couple days after the NY shows that were recorded for the album. This is a decent (but not great) quality audience recording of the full show from this period, which includes many of their classics and a few surprises. This was the first of two appearances in Boston in 1972, as the boys played here again at the end of the year (11/12/72), and that November show is also readily available.

1: Top of the Pops  4:02
2: You're Lookin' Fine  6:07
3: Get Back in Line  3:43
4: Muswell Hillbilly (with band introductions)  3:22
5: Waterloo Sunset  2:24
6: Sunny Afternoon  4:01
7: Banana Boat Song  1:12
8: Brainwashed  2:42
9: Mr. Wonderful  :49
10: Acute Schitzophrenia Paranoia Blues  4:10
11: Holiday  3:54
12: Skin and Bone (end cuts, spliced)  3:56
13: Alcohol  6:49
14: Complicated Life (end spliced)  4:12
15: Harry Rag  1:14
16: You are My Sunshine  2:25
17: She's Bought a Hat like Princess Marina  3:28
18: Baby Face  3:12
19: Lola  6:07
20: You Really Got Me >  2:24
21: All Day and All of the Night  1:31
22: Victoria (end cuts)  2:08
runtime: 73:59

Ray Davies: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dave Davies:  lead and slide guitar, backing vocals
John Gosling: keyboards
Mike Cotton: trumpet
John Beecham: trombone, tuba
John Dalton: bass
Mick Avory: drums


By request, here is the show in a lossless (Flac) version:

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