Thursday, December 29, 2016

BoDeans - 1989-12-31 - Park West, Chicago, IL (WXRT Broadcast)

Park West, Chicago, IL

FM Radio Broadcast recording (WXRT), very good quality
Mp3 @ 192 kbps

To salute the tradition of New Year's Eve rock concerts, here's another in our series of quality New Year's Eve shows. Here's the BoDeans in a classic NYE show from 1989, captured right at the band's peak years (after Home-1989, and shortly before the release of Black and White-1990). This excellent, but all too short set (surely edited down for radio broadcast) from Chicago was broadcast by WXRT-FM. As a bonus, a couple of vintage seasonal tracks (1987 Christmas single tracks) from the boys are also included, with originals, the lovely 'Christmas Time', and the uniquely strange and incessant jazz/punk/hip-hoppish rocker 'Jingle Bell Rock' (definitely NOT a remake of the familiar Bobby Helms classic of the same name). Happy New Year! to all, and let's hope 2017 is a much better year all around than 2016 was.

01. Intro
02. Brand New
03. She's a Runaway
04. Dreams
05. Sylvia
06. Angels
07. talk
08. Good Things
09. Don't Be Lonely
10. Countdown
11. Still the Night
12. Outro
Seasonal Bonus tracks (320 kbps):
B01. Jingle Bell Rock
B02. Christmas Time

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Aimee Mann & Ted Leo & Friends - 2015-12-09 - Christmas Show - Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo Christmas Show
Featuring Liz Phair, Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick
2015-12-09 (Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015)
Wilbur Theater - Boston, MA

Audience recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC)
and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's the return of Aimee and Ted's Christmas show, this time the 2015 edition (last year's show). Aimee and Ted joined together a few years ago to form The Both. Last year, I posted their 2014 Christmas Show, which marked the return of Aimee's Annual Christmas shows after missing several years. Aimee did not tour with a Christmas show for the current year (2016), so this is the most recent Christmas show available. These popular shows are a musical-variety show that mixes much music (holiday and otherwise) with some banter, skits, and comedy bits, and features several other artists in addition to Aimee and Ted. This year's guests included Liz Phair, Jonathan Coulton (who also was in the 2014 shows), and John Roderick. The theme in this year's show (or running gag, if you will) is a recurring bit about North pole politics and the ongoing Santa Elections. Song highlights include a new song from Aimee and Ted ('You're a Gift'), holiday favorites, artist standards, and some unique twists and variations on familiar songs. Overall, a very entertaining show. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best.

01. Intro
02. It's Christmas Time (Status Quo cover)
03. Banter 1 with Aimee and Ted
04. You're a Gift (new Aimee and Ted song)
05. Santa Election Banter 1
06. Supernova (with Liz Phair)
07. Winter Wonderland (with Liz Phair)
08. Recap for Latecomers
09. Christmas is Interesting (Jonathan Coulton)
10. Intro to 2600
11. 2600 (Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick)
12. Intro to Re: Your Brains
13. Re: Your Brains (Jonathan Coulton)
14. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
15. Intro to Same Song
16. Same Song (John Roderick)
17. Ho Ho Ho Ho (Liz Phair)
18. Santa Election Banter 2
19. I'll Be Home for Christmas
20. Banter 3
21. Lyin' Eyes (snippet)
22. The Week Between (Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick)
23. Calling on Mary (a capella)
24. Intro to. . .
25. The Christmas Donkey
26. Why Can't I Weave? (Liz Phair)
27. Save Me
28. Bottle of Buckie
29. No Sir
30. Set up for the original lyrics to Voices Carry
31. (He's Your Dad Now) This is Gary
32. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (featuring John Roderick)
33. Santa Election Banter 3
34. Jesus Claus, Santa Christ
35. Christmastime is Here

FLAC - Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Christmas Show_2015-12-09_Boston_FLAC.rar
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mp3 - Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Christmas Show_2015-12-09_Boston_mp3.part1.rar
Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Christmas Show_2015-12-09_Boston_mp3.part2.rar

Sunday, December 11, 2016

BB Chronicles Christmas Collections - 2016

New BB Chronicles Christmas Sampler Collections 2016!

OK, I have some new Christmas sampler compilations this year. I really did not think I was going to be able to put anything together this year (just because of busyness and time, etc.), but once I started looking for songs to include it came together pretty quickly, and there were lots I wanted to include. So much so that I actually created 2 compilations this year. At first, it seemed that I most of what I was listening to were pretty melancholy, downbeat songs, but then I wanted to put in some more cheery, bright ones, so I ended up dividing them into two different collections, one being bluesy, sad, or melancholy Christmas songs, and the other being more bright and cheerful (lots of power pop, etc.). So, here are the two new compilations I came up with for this year. hope you enjoy them both.
Merry Christmas to All!

BB's Blue Christmas - 2016
(A collection of not-so-happy seasonal songs)
A BB Chronicles Christmas Compilation
Various Artists

Mp3 @ 192-320 kbps

OK, so sometimes the holidays and the winter Christmas season are not so cheery for whatever reasons. And there are plenty of seasonal songs that reflect some of these blues, anxieties, frustrations, and overall sadness. But that's not to say that the songs themselves are bleak. On the contrary, many are quite beautiful melodies, and enjoyable to hear, but they just depict a bit darker side of the holidays. So, this collection embraces those aspects, with some quite lovely and beautiful tracks, blues and ballads, to some interestingly strange ditties and oddities, culminating in a sign of hope and peace. Once again, the collection features lesser known tracks and gems, as well as more original than traditional songs.

01. Christmas Time Is Here - Shawn Colvin (1998 - Holiday Songs and Lullabies) 
02. Please Come Home For Christmas - Aaron Neville (1993 - Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas)
03. River - Linda Ronstadt (2000 - A Merry Little Christmas) 
04. In The Bleak Midwinter - Jerry Douglas (2009 - Jerry Christmas)
05. Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson (2008 -  TwitterXmasSingle
06. Whatever Happened to Christmas? (2007 - One More Drifter in the Snow)
07. Blue Christmas - Bright Eyes (2002 - A Christmas Album) 
08. Christmas Time In The City - Mary Chapin Carpenter (2008 - Come Darkness, Come Light: 12 Songs of Christmas)
09. Christmas Eve Can Kill You - The Everly Brothers (1971 - Stories We Could Tell)
10. That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! - Sufjan Stevens (2003 - Songs for Christmas)
11. Christmas Spirit - Julia Lee And Her Boyfriends (1947 - Hipster's Holiday)
12. Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern) - Miles Davis ft. Bob Dorough (1962 - Jingle Bell Jazz)
13. Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis - Tom Waits (1978 - Blue Valentines)
14. Christmas in Prison - John Prine (1973 - Sweet Revenge)
15. Colorado Christmas - Steve Goodman (1987 - Unfinished Business)
16. Christmas in Cape Town - Randy Newman (1983 - Trouble in Paradise)
17. All Alone On Christmas - Darlene Love (1992 - Home Alone 2 Soundtrack)
18. Always Winter Never Christmas - XTC ( 1992 - XTC Music and Friends)
19. Don't Believe in Christmas - Pearl Jam (2002 - Ten Club 2002 Single)
20. Even Santa Gets the Blues - Chuck Leavell (1998 - What's in That Bag?)
21. All I Want for Christmas - Timbuk3 (1987 - Single)
22. Peace on Earth - Mike Oldfield  (1999 - The Millennium Bell)

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BB's Blue Christmas - 2016.rar

BB's Bright Christmas - 2016
(A collection of cheery seasonal songs)
A BB Chronicles Christmas Compilation
Various Artists
Mp3 @ 192-320 kbps

OK, so now after bringing you down a bit with the Blue Christmas Collection, here's some much brighter and cheerier selections to lift you up through the holidays. This collection again features many lesser-known holiday gems from BB Chronicles-favored artists (and a preponderance of power pop in this particular compilation) in many different styles and sounds, and featuring more original or non-traditional songs than you usually hear in these samplers, but all designed to liven up your holidays with some great upbeat holiday music.  Enjoy! and Happy Holidays!

01. Christmas All Over Again - Tom Petty (1992)
02. Christmas Time - The BoDeans (1987)
03. Thanks For Christmas - Pugwash (2002)
04. Little Road To Bethlehem - Shawn Colvin (1998 - Holiday Songs and Lullabies)
05. Merry Christmas All - The Grip Weeds (2011) 
06. (There's No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart - The Mockers (2012)
07. In Dulci Jubilo - Mike Oldfield (1975)
08. Waking Up On Christmas Morning - The Smithereens (2007)
09. Merry Christmas Will Do - Material Issue (1991)
10. Louisiana Christmas Day -  Aaron Neville (1993 - Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas)
11. Christmas is MyTime of Year - The Monkees (1976)
12. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Linda Ronstadt (2000 - Merry Little Christmas)
13. Silent Night - Stanley Jordan  (1986 - Standards)
14. Hey Santa - Chuck Leavell (1998 - What's in That Bag?)
15. Rockabilly Christmas Ball - Dwight Twilley (2005 - Have a Twilley Christmas)
16. Children Go Where I Send Thee - Nick Lowe (2013 - Quality Street)
17. Hot Christmas - Squirrel Nut Zippers (1998)
18. Everybody Loves Christmas - Eddie Money & Ronnie Spector (1997)
19. Love Came Down At Christmas - Shawn Colvin  (1998 - Holiday Songs and Lullabies)
20. Mary Did You Know - Jerry Douglas  (2009 - Jerry Christmas)
21. Christmas Stars - Dwight Twilley (2005 - Have a Twilley Christmas)
22. Snoopy's Christmas - The Royal Guardsmen  (1967)
23. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day - Nick Lowe (2013 - Quality Street)

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BB's Bright Christmas - 2016.rar

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