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Neil Young - 100 Times or More - 4-CD Live Compilation

Neil Young - A Hundred Times or More

Various Locations 1970-2003

Soundboard Collection in FLAC

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Here's one more Neil Young compilation I want to share as a holiday gift. This is another great compilation, this one featuring some of the best live versions of Neil's most often-performed songs. That is, all the songs he has performed at least 100 times or more in concert. Here are the compiler's notes:
This compilation is inspired by the song 4 strong winds (I've been through that a hundred times or more) and the compilation at the other side of the spectrum; 5 times or less. I Figured that a compilation like this might be interesting, since all the songs have been played so many times that there's a SBD available. Also, there are bound to be some interesting versions around due to the many style changes. It sometimes is surprising what songs DO show up and what songs DON'T. And how very few songs (certainly compared to the 5 times or less compilation) he played more than a 100 times. I compiled this set using the great "Numbers on the Site" by Mattias Butterweck: I used my own extensive collection: which I collected via DC++ and countless torrent sites as well as buying some stuff too. The songs are placed in reverse order of the number of times he played them (from fewest to greatest), sort of like a Billboard Hot 100 idea. I also included all info on venues and checked all the officially released live stuff and used material as late as possible, to avoid stuff appearing in the archives soon and making this collection partly 'illegal'. Anyway, here it is, enjoy the countdown.

This list is compiled based on data available after the Freedom of Speech Tour of 2006 and after the BSB and Farm Aid 2006 concerts.

Disc 1:
All Along The Watchtower (1993-07-03 Torhout Festival, Torhout, Belgium)
Country Home (1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Late Show))
Unknown Legend (1992-03-14 Texas Stadium, Irving, TX)
Love To Burn (2003-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN)
Southern Pacific (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
I Am A Child (1970-02-25 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH)
Drive Back (1987-06-02 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England)
Crime In The City (1989-12-10 Muziektheater Stopera, Amsterdam, Holland)
Love And Only Love (2001-01-20 Rock City, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Disc 2:
Tell Me Why (1970-06-04 Fillmore East, New York, NY)
Too Far Gone (1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Late Show))
Don't Cry No Tears (1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Late Show))
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1970-02-25 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH)
On The Way Home (2004-09-18 Farm Aid 2004, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, WA)
Don't Be Denied (1974-07-09 Coliseum, Seattle, WA)
Dance, Dance, Dance (1971-02-23 BBC TV Studios, London, England)
From Hank To Hendrix (1992-11-17 WTTW Studios, Chicago, IL)
This Note's For You (1988-08-19 Darien Lake Amphitheater, Darien Lake, NY)
Soul Of A Woman (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
Are You Ready For The Country? (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, Austin, TX)
Sedan Delivery (2003-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN)
Cowgirl In The Sand (1974-07-13 Oakland Stadium, Oakland, CA)
Fuckin' Up (2003-06-13 Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN)
The Loner (1970-02-25 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH)
My My, Hey Hey (1989-12-10 Muziektheater Stopera, Amsterdam, Holland)

Disc 3:
Long May You Run (1992-11-17 WTTW Studios, Chicago, IL)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1970-06-04 Fillmore East, New York, NY)
Don't Let It Bring You Down (1989-12-08 Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany)
Harvest Moon (1993-07-03 Torhout Festival, Torhout, Belgium)
Roll Another Number (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)Pocahontas (1996-07-10 Leipzig Festwiese, Leipzig, Germany)
Tonight's The Night (1987-06-02 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England)
Southern Man (2005-09-18 Farm Aid 2005, Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Il)
Ohio (1989-12-10 Muziek Theater Stopera, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Mr. Soul (1987-06-02 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England)
Helpless (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
Comes A Time (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
Cortez The Killer (1987-06-02 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England)

Disc 4:
Sugar Mountain (1970-02-25 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH)
Hey Hey, My My (1996-07-07 Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium)
Down By The River (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)
Old Man (1971-02-23 BBC TV Studios, London, England)
Rockin' In The Free World (1996-07-07 Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium)
Like A Hurricane (1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Late Show))
The Needle And The Damage Done (1986-10-17 Met Center, Minneapolis, MN)
After The Gold Rush (1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL (Late Show))
Cinnamon Girl (1970-02-25 Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH)
Heart Of Gold (1972-03-26 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA)
Powderfinger (1984-09-25 Austin City Limits, University of Texas, Austin, TX)

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disc 1:
disc 2: NY_100times_disc 2_FLAC.rar
disc 3:
disc 4: NY_100times_disc 4_FLAC.rar


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Neil Young - 2008 European Winter Tour Compilation

Neil Young
2008 Winter European Chrome Dreams
Continental Tour Compilation (Rustbucket Version),
(from Febuary-March 2008 concerts)
5-CD set, mp3 @192 kbps
No artwork

Hey all, here's another great Neil Young Live Compilation from earlier in 2008. This is a compilation of every song from the European leg of the early 2008 tour, using the best recorded versions available. This was compiled by the same group that also compiled sets for the 2007 American tour and 2008 European summer (electric band) tour (see compiler's notes below).

CD 1 - Acoustic
101 From Hank To Hendrix (5:31) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
102 Ambulance Blues (9:49) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
103 Sad Movies (3:51) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
104 Kansas (2:51) 2008-02-18 Amsterdam
105 Harvest (4:11) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
106 Mellow My Mind (3:01) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
107 Don't Let It Bring You Down (3:45) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
108 Campaigner (4:14) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
109 Love Art Blues (4:00) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
110 Out On the Weekend (4:49) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
111 Love Is A Rose (2:17) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
112 Cowgirl In the Sand (5:22) 2008-02-17 Amsterdam
113 Heart Of Gold (3:35) 2008-02-18 Amsterdam
114 Helpless (5:29) 2008-03-11 Manchester
115 The Needle and the Damage Done (4:13) 2008-02-15 Paris
116 Homegrown (2:54) 2008-03-15 London
117 Old King (3:55) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
118 Old Man (4:08) 2008-02-18 Amsterdam

CD 2 - Piano Songs
201 A Man Needs A Maid (4:30) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
202 No One Seems To Know (2:55) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
203 Mexico (2:57) 2008-03-15 London
204 Try (3:55) 2008-03-60 London
205 Flying On the Ground Is Wrong (4:56) 2008-03-08 London
206 On the Way Home (3:35) 2008-03-08 London
207 pre After the Goldrush (1:46) 2008-02-12 Antwerp
208 After the Goldrush (4:58) 2008-02-15 Paris
209 Stringman (3:53) 2008-02-18 Amsterdam
210 Separate Ways (3:59) 2008-02-22 Vienna
211 Journey Through the Past (3:44) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
212 Love In Mind (2:33) 2008-02-15 Paris

CD 3 - Electric set
301 'Neil Young on bass' (1:50) 2008-03-09 London
302 The Loner (4:11) 2008-03-09 London
303 Mr Soul (4:05) 2008-02-15 Paris
304 Don't Cry No Tears (3:27) 2008-02-15 Paris
305 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (4:58) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
306 Dirty Old Man (4:15) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
307 Spirit Road (6:42) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
308 Down By The River (13:56) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
309 My My Hey Hey (5:10) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
310 Too Far Gone (4:46) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
311 'I'm a popstar madonna madonna' (1:00) 2008-03-09 London
312 Bad Fog Of Loneliness (2:56) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
313 Winterlong (4:40) 2008-02-15 Paris
314 Oh Lonesome Me (5:03) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
315 The Believer (3:09) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
316 Powderfinger (5:34) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam

CD 4 - NHP + The shorter encores
401 No Hidden Path (19:06) 2008-02-15 Paris
402 Cinnamon Girl (4:21) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
403 Cortez the Killer (7:32) 2008-02-11 Antwerp
404 Roll Another Number (3:49) 2008-03-11 London
405 Tonight's the Night (7:22) 2008-03-14 London
406 Rockin' In the Free World (7:55) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam
407 Like A Hurricane (7:06) 2008-03-05 London

CD 5 - The long encores + The Sultan
501 Cinnamon Girl (10:30) 2008-03-05 London
502 Fuckin' Up (11:40) 2008-03-15 London
503 Cortez the Killer (12:01) 2008-02-17 Amsterdam
504 Like A Hurricane (12:01) 2008-02-14 Paris
505 The Sultan (3:45) 2008-02-20 Amsterdam

Neil Young - guitar, guitjo, harmonica, piano, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass
Ralph Molina - drums, background vocals
Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano

Compiler's notes:This is a compilation of every song from the European tour. Last year I put together a compilation of the American tour.
As before, I've compared each version of every song from all the recordings I have (nearly all of them!) and picked the best version to my ears. I'm no expert on recording equipment so I have no idea what the difference is between the mics the tapers use, what quality they are or even how much they cost. I don't care as long as the end result sounds good, so I'll leave the expertise to the tapers!
A lot of the acoustic songs I've selected are from the first show of the tour Antwerp Feb 11, an outstanding recording. Some noted it as near soundboard in quality. All the songs from that first set are included here. Many of the songs from the electric set are from the excellent recordings from Amsterdam. I've put all the piano songs together onto Disc 2. Disc 3 is all the songs from the main electric set bar 'No Hidden Path' which has had to go on Disc 4 with the short encores. Disc 5 is the long encores plus 'The Sultan'.

Note: the 2008 summer european tour compilation (4-CD) is also available here on this blog, as well as the e 2007 American tour compilation here.

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Neil Young - Archives Be Damned 2000

Neil Young
Archives Be Damned 2000
5-CD set
MP3 files @320 kbps
Artwork included

Here's another great Neil Young compilation, although much more obscure stuff here. This was another response by fans to fill the void until the oft-delayed, ever-elusive 'definitive archive' collection promised by Young finally comes out (still not released, maybe next year?). Excellent set. An essential collection for every serious Neil Young fan. Outtakes, rarities, demos, live versions. 82 tracks on 5 disks. Great companion to 'A Perfect Echo'. Whereas 'Echo' tries to compile all the best unofficial live versions of classic Neil songs, ABD2000 collects primarily the obscure, unknown, and rare song performances that many have probably not heard before.
Sound Quality varies from mediocre to excellent, but overall, very good.

Neil Young-Archives Be Damned 2000
Disc One
1) Born To Run (rehearsals 1990)
2) Forever Young (San Francisco 11-3-91)
3) Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Studio 1973)
4) It Might Have Been (Cincinnati 2-25-70)
5) Everybody’s Alone (San Francisco 2-19-70)
6) War Song (Studio 1972)
7) Johnny (NYC 10-1-83, played on the PA after the show)
8) Goodbye Dick (Uniondale, NY 8-14-74)
9) Pushed It Over The End (Chicago 8-27-74)
10) Everything Is Broken (Mtn View 10-28-89)
11) Ordinary People (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
12) Farmers’ Song (Bristow, VA 9-12-99)
13) Berlin (West Berlin 10-19-82)
14) Nothing Is Perfect (St. Paul 9-1-85)
15) Come Along And Say You Will (Toronto 1-15-73)

Disc Two
1) If You Got Love (Goteburg 10-8-82)
2) Sweet Joni (Bakersfield 3-11-73)
3) There Goes My Babe (studio demo 1966)
4) Dance, Dance, Dance (London 2-23-71)
5) Soul Of A Woman (Dallas 7-15-83)
6) Your Love Is Good To Me (Santa Cruz 2-6-84 early)
7) Do You Wanna Dance? (Dayton 9-18-83)
8) Hello Lonely Woman (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
9) Lady Wingshot (Eureka, CA 2-18-89)
10) Fool For Your Love (Detroit 9-4-88)
11) Aurora (single demo 7-23-63)
12) Live To Ride (Torhout 7-3-93)
13) Big Room (Santa Cruz 11-2-87 late)
14) So Tired (Santa Cruz 2-7-84 late)
15) Grey Riders (St. Paul 9-1-85)
16) Rock, Rock, Rock (Santa Cruz 2-7-84 late)
17) Bright Sunny Day (Clarkston, MI 9-18-78)
18) Leavin' The Top Forty Behind (Studio 1985)
19) I Ain’t Got The Blues (demo Nov 1965)

Disc Three
1) Love Hotel (Birmingham, UK 9-24-82)
2) Kansas (Oakland 3-20-99)
3) Homefires (Upper Darby, PA 3-24-92)
4) Love Art Blues (Seattle 7-9-74)
5) Separate Ways (Torhout 7-3-93)
6) Crime Of The Heart (Albuquerque 10-25-88)
7) Bad News (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
8) Stranger In Paradise (Mtn View 11-6-93)
9) Run Around Babe (demo Nov 1965)
10) Find Another Shoulder (Santa Cruz 11-2-87)
11) Your Love Again (outtake 1985)
12) Guilty Train (Boston 11-22-76)
13) Dog House (Detroit 9-4-88)
14) Windward Passage (Santa Cruz 8-22-77)
15) No One Seems To Know (Santa Cruz 1-5-83)
16) Extra, Extra (demo Nov 1965)
17) Give Me Strength (Chicago 11-15-76 late)
18) Walking After Midnight (NYC 4-19-88 late)

Disc Four
1) Rainin’ In Paradise (Studio 1982)
2) Amber Jean (Austin 9-25-84)
3) Hawaiian Sunrise (Long Island 9-8-74)
4) One More Sign (Studio 1966)
5) Winter Winds/Turbine (Berkeley 10-3-80)
6) Hillbilly Band (Costa Mesa, CA 10-24-84)
7) Modern World (Santa Cruz 5-19-97)
8) Road Of Plenty (Minneapolis 10-17-86)
9) Beautiful Bluebird (outtake 1985)
10) High Heels (Santa Cruz 11-2-87 late)
11) I Shall Be Released (Mtn View 10-30-99)
12) That’s All Right (Dallas 7-15-83)
13) Sultan (single 7-23-63)
14) The Rent Is Always Due (demo Nov 1965)
15) Hitchhiker (Saratoga Springs, NY 6-29-92)
16) Time Off For Good Behavior (outtake 1985)

Disc Five
1) Sixty To Zero (Toronto 8-19-88)
2) Box Car (Spokane 2-23-89)
3) Traces (Studio 1973)
4) Sad Movies (London, 3-28-76)
5) I’m Goin’ (Wantagh, NY 9-27-88)
6) I Wonder Why (Studio 1986)
7) Don’t Pity Me, Babe (demo 1965)
8) Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay (Santa Cruz 6-13-93)
9) Evening Coconut (Springfield, MA 6-27-76)
10) Fingers (Austin 9-25-84)
11) I Wonder (Studio/Winnipeg/4-23-64?)
12) Mediterranean (Studio, mid 1970s)
13) Greensleeves (NYC 5-16-74)
14) Dead Man, Acoustic Theme (promo, 1995)

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Neil Young - 2008 European Summer Tour 4-CD Compilation

2008 European Summer Tour 4-CD Compilation (Rustbucket)
Artwork Included

Continuing with some great compilations of live Neil Young, Here is a more recent one, which features the best available version of every song performed on the 2008 Summer Tour, presented here in lossless FLAC files. Enjoy!

Compiler's notes:
This is a compilation of every song from the 2008 European summer festival tour. I've compared each version of every song from all the recordings I have (nearly all of them!) and picked the best version to my ears. I'm no expert on recording equipment so I have no idea what the difference is between the mics the tapers use, what quality they are or even how much they cost. I don't care as long as the end result sounds good, so I'll leave the expertise to the tapers!

A Rustbucket production

Disc 1 (79:39)
101 Love And Only Love 2008-06-30 Cork, Ireland
102 Hey Hey My My 2008-06-30 Cork, Ireland
103 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
104 Spirit Road 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
105 Cinnamon Girl 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
106 All Along the Watchtower 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
107 Powderfinger 2008-08-21 Zurich, Switzerland
108 Cortez the Killer 2008-08-21 Zurich, Switzerland
109 Down By the River 2008-07-11 Weert, Netherlands

Disc 2 (44:37)
201 Mr Soul 2008-07-11 Weert, Netherlands
202 Dirty Old Man 2008-06-23 Verona, Italy
203 Fuckin Up 2008-07-09 Oberhausen, Germany
204 Time Fades Away 2008-07-09 Oberhausen, Germany
205 Too Far Gone 2008-06-23 Verona, Italy
206 fuck the rock n rollers 2008-06-25 Lyon, France
207 Oh Lonesome Me 2008-08-28 Horsens, Denmark
208 For the Turnstiles 2008-07-11 Weert, Nrtherland
209 I've Been Waiting For You 2008-08-19 Berlin, Germany
210 When You Dance I Can Really Love 2008-07-04 Werchter, Belgium

Disc 3 (54:24)
301 Helpless 2008-08-23 coberg, Germany
302 Mother Earth 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
303 The Needle and the Damage Done 2008-07-11 Weert, Netherlands
304 Wrecking Ball 2008-08-15 Colmar, France
305 Unknown Legend 2008-08-23 Coberg, Germany
306 Heart Of Gold 2008-08-23 Coberg, Germany
307 Old Man 2008-08-23 Coberg, Germany
308 Get Back To the Country 2008-08-11 Oslo, Norway
309 Winterlong 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany
310 Just Singing A Song 2008-08-11 Oslo, Norway
311 Sea Change 2008-08-11 Oslo, Norway
312 Strange Things Happen/When Worlds Collide 2008-08-23 Coberg, Germany

Disc 4 (70:52)
401 Cowgirl In The Sand 2008-08-23 Coberg, Germany
402 Words 2008-06-30 Cork, Ireland
403 No Hidden Path 2008-06-30 Cork, Ireland
404 Rockin' In the Free World 2008-08-21 Zurich, Switzerland
405 A Day In the Life 2008-07-08 Leipzig, Germany

The Electric Band line-up:

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, vocals
Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals
Rick Rosas - bass
Chad Cromwell - drums
Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano, guitar, bells
Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone, piano, guitar
Larry Cragg - banjo

A Rustbucket Production!

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disc 1: Neil Young_2008-Summer Tour Comp_d1.rar

disc 2: Neil Young_2008-Summer Tour Comp_d2.rar

disc 3: Neil Young_2008-Summer Tour Comp_d3.rar

disc 4: Neil Young_2008-Summer Tour Comp_d4.rar

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Neil Young - A Perfect Echo, Vol.6

Neil Young
A Perfect Echo, Volume 6

Soundboard compilation
Now available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320K) versions

Continuing with the excellent live soundboard compilation by Braden S., Here's the last completed Volume, Vol. 6, for the final 2 CD's of this 12-CD compilation.

Disc 1: 1971-1999

Massey Hall, Toronto, ON 1/19/1971
1. There's A World
2. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
3. See The Sky About To Rain
9/14/74 Wembley Stadium, London England
4. Traces
5. Star Of Bethlehem
6. Love Art Blues
7. Don't Be Denied
8. Pushed It Over The End
02-06-1984, The Catalyst (Early Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
9. I Got A Problem
02-07-1984, The Catalyst (Late Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
10. Violent Side
9-25-1984, Austin City Limits TV Show, Austin, Texas w/ The International Harvesters
11. Amber Jean
01-13-1989, Brady Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma w/ The Restless
12. Wrecking Ball
13. Boxcar
1989 - 12/8/89 -
14. F***in Up
1997 Horde 8/1/97 Saratoga
15. Slip Away
Bridge, Mountain View, CA 10.31.1999
16. Cortez The Killer

Disc 2: 2004-2006

09-18-2004, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington, Farm Aid 2004 Solo
1. Pocahontas
2. Journey Through The Past
3. On The Way Home (piano version)
4. Cowgirl In The Sand
5. Birds
09-18-2005, Tweeter Centre, Tinley Park, Illinois, Farm Aid 2005 w/ The Prairie Wind Band
6. Walking To New Orleans
7. Southern Man
8. This Old Guitar
9. One Of These Days
Late Night With Conan O'Brien NBC Studios New York, November 2, 2005
10. The Painter
November 4th
11. No Wonder
12. When God Made Me
Saturday Night Live NBC Studios New York, New York, December 18th, 2005
13. It's A Dream
Farm Aid 21, Tweeter Centre Camden, New Jersey, September 30, 2006
14. After The Garden
15. Human Highway

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Flac_Disc 1: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_1_FLAC.rar
Flac_Disc 2: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_2_FLAC.rar

mp3-Disc1: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_1-mp3.rar
mp3-Disc2: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_2-mp3.rar

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Neil Young - A Perfect Echo Vol.5

Neil Young
A Perfect Echo - Vol.5 (1970-2003)
A Compilation of Soundboard Recordings
Now available in Lossless (Flac) and mp3 (320K) versions

Now here's Vol. 5 of the great soundboard compilation made by Braden S. You'll find more information about the original project (Vol. 1-4) here:
Vol.5 includes Soundboard recordings from the years 1970-1999 (Disc 9) and from 2002-2003 (Disc 10). Some of the earlier soundboards were "discovered" only recently and consequently Disc 9 is the result. Disc 10 includes tracks from shows which took place after the original Perfect Echo was finished.

A Perfect Echo Vol. 5 Disc 9 - 1970-1999:
01. Wonderin' (2.25) - Solo - Cincinatti, OH 29-Feb-1970
02. Cinnamon Girl (2.35) - CSNY - New York, NY 05-Jun-1970
03. Down By The River (3.38) - CSNY - New York, NY 05-Jun-1970
04. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (3.13) - CSNY - New York, NY
05-Jun-197005. Dance, Dance, Dance (1.52) - Solo - London, England 23-Feb-1971
06. New Mama (2.29) - CSNY - San Francisco, CA 04-Oct-1973
07. Nothing Is Perfect (4.43) - International Harvesters - Philadelphia, PA 13-Jul-1985
08. Drive Back (5.41) - Crazy Horse - San Francisco, CA 21-Nov-1986
09. Inca Queen (7.40) - Crazy Horse - San Francisco, CA 21-Nov-1986
10. American Dream (3.44) - Solo - Birmingham, England 02-Jun-1987
11. Ordinary People (12.22) - Blue Notes - Hoffman Estates, IL 16-Aug-1988
12. Sixty To Zero (18.56) - Blue Notes - Hoffman Estates, IL 16-Aug-1988
13. I Am A Child (4,23) - Solo, Mountain View, CA 30-Oct 1999

Disc 10 - 2002-2003:
01. You're My Girl (5.22) - CSNY - Tampa, FL 14-Apr-2002
02. Differently (6.41) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
03. Are You Passionate? (5.05) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
04. Goin' Home (10.19) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
05. Sleeps With Angels (4.19) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
06. Quit (Don't Say You Love Me) (5.45) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
07. She's A Healer (12.40) - Booker T & The MG's - Eifel, Germany 18-May-2002
08. Bandit (6.01) - Solo - Tampa, FL 09-Jun-2003
09. Sedan Delivery (6.34) - Crazy Horse, Manchester, TN 13-Jun-2003
10. Be The Rain (7.45) - Crazy Horse, Manchester, TN 13-Jun-2003
11. Roll Another Number (for the road) (4.28) - Crazy Horse, Manchester, TN 13-Jun-2003

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NY Perfect Echo Vol 5 Disc 1 FLAC.rar
NY Perfect Echo Vol 5 Disc 2.FLAC.rar


Friday, September 19, 2008

Genesis - 1982-09-29 - Reunion Rehearsal (w/Gabriel) - London

"All The Help I Can Get"
September 29, 1982
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

Rehearsal for Genesis Reunion Concert
at Milton Keynes, Oct. 2, 1982

Soundboard recording,
MP3, 192 kbps.

Now available in Lossless (FLAC) and upgraded mp3 (320 kbps) versions! see link below

Artwork Included

Well, here it is, the recently-surfaced soundboard recording from the only rehearsal session prior to the one-off 1982 Genesis Reunion Concert at Milton Keynes, UK on 10-02-1982. For those that don't know, this was an impromptu 'one-time-only' reunion show, in which Gabriel got together with his former bandmates, presumably to help get Peter out of debt after getting the WOMAD festival established earlier that year. The performance from that memorable concert event is available on various bootlegs (as 'The Lamb Woke Up Again', 'Six of the Best', 'Live from Milton Keynes'), some available elsewhere on this forum. As many have commented, the performance from that show is a bit shaky in spots (due to lack of preparation time and rehearsal), but it remains the only time Gabriel has re-joined the band onstage to date, certainly a one-of-a-kind event. Unfortunately, all the known recordings from this show are fairly mediocre audience recordings, certainly worth having, but not the best quality. So, now here comes some higher quality tapes of the rehearsal session (9-29-82) prior to the concert. Now we have a better document of this unique time and concert experience.

I've been trying to get hold of these ever since I first heard about them. The assessment: Yes, these are a marvelous documentation of this event, and the sound quality is much better than the tapes of the actual concert I've heard. It is fascinating to hear this behind the scenes glimpse at them running through these songs for the first time in many years. However, as with the concert itself, these are far from their best performances, and perhaps because this IS just a rehearsal, some of the performances are a bit lackluster. Gabriel, in particular, is notably rusty and somewhat lost in some of the older songs that he hadn't performed in years ('Supper's Ready', 'Musical Box', and 'The Knife'). The sound quality also is not as good as one might hope, not as crisp, clean, or clear as the best soundboards, uneven mix, and the volume seems to fade in and out somewhat sporadically. Not that I'm complaining, as I am thrilled to get the chance to hear these sessions after all these years. Make no mistake, despite the flaws (and maybe even partly because of them), these tapes are a rare find and a 'must-have' for any serious Genesis or Gabriel fan. A big thank you to whoever was responsible for bringing these tapes to the public.

BTW, for whatever reason, apparently Steve Hackett was not part of the reunion plans, and does not appear at this rehearsal session. However, Steve did show up at the actual concert, and joined the rest of the band for the encore ('The Knife').


1.1 Back In N.Y.C. (05:56)
1.2 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (04:02)
1.3 The Carpet Crawlers (05:45)
1.4 Firth Of Fifth (09:02)
1.5 The Musical Box (10:45)
1.6 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (06:37)
1.7 Fly On A Windshield (04;37)
2.1 In The Cage (09:21)
2.2 Supper's Ready (24:09)
2.3 The Knife (03:42)
2.4 Solsbury Hill (Take 1) (01:51)
2.5 Solsbury Hill (Take 2) (03:24)
2.6 Solsbury Hill (Take 3) (05:04)

New Updated and upgraded files and link. Go to updated link page
Genesis_Reunion_Rehearsal_1982-09-29 update page

Peter Gabriel: Vocals
Tony Banks: Keyboards
Mike Rutherford: Bass Guitar
Phil Collins: Drums / Percussion / Vocals
Daryl Steurmer: Lead Guitar
Chester Thompson: Drums

Monday, September 15, 2008

Neil Young, A Perfect Echo Vol.1-4

Volumes 1-4, 8-disc compilation of soundboard recordings 1967-2001
Compiled by Braden Strickler

Excellent Quality
Available in both lossless (SHN files) and 320 kbps MP3 versions
Artwork included

Here is another excellent compilation of Live Neil Young recordings, more extensive and better quality than the fine Rock 'n Roll Cowboy Collection. Whereas RnRCowboy goes more for the unique, obscure, and noteworthy individual songs and performances (wide-ranging venues, unusual songs, and varying sound quality), Perfect Echo attempts to put together the best quality recordings of live songs throughout his career. Since relatively few performances are repeated on both sets, it is really worth it to get both compilations. Together, they represent a pretty comprehensive retrospective of Neil's great career and live performances.

Original Notes from Braden (Original compiler of this collection):
"This is a compilation of soundboard recordings from 1967-2001. The term soundboard is a bit of a misnomer. By soundboard I mean, basically, not an audience recording. Some are true soundboards, while others are FM, TV, ALD, or video-sourced recordings. The recordings were all taken from CD-Rs or videos that are circulating in the trading community.
There are a total of 115 tracks (109 songs, as 6 get repeated). Some years were heavy with available recordings (1976 and 1989 come to mind). I tried to balance the set by not using too many songs from a single show. The entire 8 discs run in, roughly, chronological order.
The intent was to make a nice sampling of soundboard recordings from throughout his career. Its sort of like an expanded 'Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy', with the intent to keep the sound quality higher and more consistent."

Track List:

Volume 1: 1967-1976
Disc 1 - 1967 - 1971
01. Mr. Soul (Buffalo Springfield - Hollywood, CA 11-Aug-1967)
02. Birds (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
03. I've Loved Her So Long (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 26-Aug-1969)
04. Sea Of Madness (CSNY - Big Sur, CA, 13-Sep-1969)
05. Helpless (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
06. Country Girl (CSNY - Houston, TX, 18-Dec-1969)
07. Broken Arrow (Cincinnati, OH 25-Feb-1970)
08. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
09. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
10. Winterlong (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
11. Cinnamon Girl (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
12. Cowgirl In The Sand (New York, NY 6-Mar-1970)
13. On The Way Home (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
14. Tell Me Why (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA 28-Jun-1970)
15. Out On The Weekend (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
16. Journey Through The Past (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
17. Love In Mind (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)

Disc 2 - 1974 - 1976
01. Walk On (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
02. Ambulance Blues (CSNY - Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
03. Lookin' For A Love (San Francisco, CA, 23-Mar-1975)
04. No One Seems To Know (Tokyo, Japan, 10-Mar-1976)
05. Human Highway (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
06. Cortez The Killer (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
07. White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 10-Nov-1976)
08. Don't Cry No Tears (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
09. Peace Of Mind (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
10. A Man Needs A Maid (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
11. Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
12. Lotta Love (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
13. Like A Hurricane (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
14. Harvest (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
15. Campaigner (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
16. Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)
17. The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)

Volume 2 - 1978 - 1989
Disc 3 - 1978 - 1984
01. Thrasher (San Francisco, CA, 22-Oct-1978)
02. Little Thing Called Love (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
03. Old Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
04. Transformer Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
05. Sample And Hold (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
06. Don't Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 18-Sep-1983)
07. Barstool Blues (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
08. Touch The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
09. Tonight's The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
10. Comes A Time (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
11. Southern Pacific (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
12. Down By The River (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)

Disc 4 - 1984 - 1989
01. Heart Of Gold (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
02. Flying on the Ground is Wrong (New Orleans, LA, 27-Sep-1984)
03. Road Of Plenty (Mansfield, MA, 21-Sep-1986)
04. Hippie Dream (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
05. Prisoners Of Rock'n'Roll (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
06. When You Dance I Can Really Love (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
07. See the sky about to rain (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
08. Mideast Vacation (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Oakland, CA, 4-Dec-1988)
10. For The Turnstiles (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
11. Sugar Mountain (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
12. Four Strong Winds (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
13. Cocaine Eyes (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
14. Like A Hurricane (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
15. Rockin' In The Free World (New York, NY, 30-Sep-1989)

Volume 3 - 1989 - 1993
Disc 5 - 1989 - 1990 Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Rockin' In The Free World (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
02. Don't Let It Bring You Down (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
03. After The Goldrush (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
04. Ohio (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
05. Too Far Gone (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
06. Hangin' On A Limb (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
07. Crime In The City (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
08. Eldorado (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
09. Someday (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
10. My My Hey Hey (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
11. The Old Laughing Lady (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
12. The Needle And The Damage Done (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
13. No More (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
14. Days That Used To Be (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
15. Mansion On The Hill (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)

Disc 6 - 1991 - 1993
01. Love And Only Love (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
02. Forever Young (San Francisco, CA, 3-Nov-1991)
03. Harvest Moon (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
04. Unknown Legend (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
05. Dreamin' Man (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
06. You and Me (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
07. Natural Beauty (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
08. From Hank to Hendrix (Ames, IA 24-Apr-1993)
09. Separate Ways (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
10. Love to Burn (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
11. Live To Ride (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
12. All Along The Watchtower (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)

Volume 4 - 1993 - 2001
Disc 7 - 1993 - 1998 Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. The Loner (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
02. Country Home (New Orleans, LA, 18-Sep-1994)
03. Prime of life (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
04. Driveby (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
05. Train of love (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
06. Change Your Mind (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
07. Big time (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
08. Hey Hey My My (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
09. Music arcade (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
10. Pocahontas (George, WA, 14-Sep-1996)
11. Throw Your Hatred Down (Tinley Park, IL, 3-Oct-1998)

Disc 8 - 1999 - 2001
01. Red Sun (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
02. Distant Camera (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
03. Philadelphia (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
04. Buffalo Springfield Again (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (CSNY - Los Angeles, CA, 18-Feb-2000)
06. Looking Forward (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
07. Out of Control (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
08. Slowpoke (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
09. Southern Man (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
10. Ohio (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
11. Long May You Run (CSNY - Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
12. Winterlong (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
14. Words (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
15. World On A String (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
16. Powderfinger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-Jan-2001)

(Links Updated 08/02/19)
All files are 320 kbps MP3
Vol.1 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD1.rar
Vol.1 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol1CD2.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD1.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IIICD2.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2.rar 

Lossless versions (SHN Files): (Links updated 11/05/2019)
Vol.1 part1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD1_SHN.rar
Vol.1 part2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.1CD2_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.2 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD1: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD1_SHN.rar
Vol.3 CD2: NY_Perfect Echo_Vol.IIICD2_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD1: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD1_SHN.rar
Vol.4 CD2: NY_PerfectEcho_Vol.IVCD2_SHN.rar

Volume 5 now also available here

Volume 6 now also available here

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Neil Young, Rock 'n Roll Cowboy

Neil Young
Rock 'N Roll Cowboy: A Life On the Road 1966-1994

4-CD Set Live Compilation (1994)

New upgraded file quality!
Now available as 320 kbps mp3 files (instead of 192 k)
Artwork and 44p booklet included

Info, reviews:
In the late '80s, Neil Young casually mentioned in an interview that he was planning a box set of rarities and outtakes (entitled The Neil Young Archives), which would be ready for release shortly. It never appeared, even though it's supposedly still being assembled and finalized to this day [Ed. note: Neil's Archives Vol.1 was finally released in 2009, covering the years 1965-1972]. To alleviate the fans' frustration, this bootleg four-CD Italian (Great Dane Records) box set appeared, and it covers all the phases of Young's lengthy concert career. The first disc (1966-1973) proves to be the best. It's here that you'll find an early barnstorming guitar version of "Cowgirl in the Sand" (clocking in at 14-and-a-half minutes) and a harmonious Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young take of "Tell Me Why." A piano-laden medley of "A Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold" follows, and the beautiful unreleased acoustic nuggets "Everybody's Alone" and "Dance Dance Dance" comfort the listener. Disc two (1974-1978) contains material from Young's dark period, including unplugged versions of "Pardon My Heart" and "On the Beach," recorded at New York's Bottom Line. Disc three proves to be the weakest since it covers what is widely regarded as Young's unfocused years (1982-1985). "Touch the Night" is essentially a rewrite of "Like a Hurricane," and there is a reason why "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking" was never released. The countrified "Down by the River" and a banjo version of the reflective "My Boy" save the disc from being a total washout, however. And the final disc (1986-1994) shows Young regaining his strength and focus with the definitive "Rockin' in the Free World" (from Saturday Night Live) and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," where he is joined by friends Simon & Garfunkel. The set of four may be a bit too intimidating for more casual fans, but the sound quality is consistent, and it proves to be the ultimate showcase of Young in concert. Also included is a 45-page booklet packed with pictures, song notes, quotes, and a list of every live date played by Young from 1968 to 1993. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy is a rich, if somewhat frustrating, listening experience. It's a four-disc set that collects various Neil live performances, spanning from his Springfield days to his Grammy Award show performance of "Philadelphia" in 1994. Among the many treats: "Sweet Joni," a 1973 piano-based paean to Joni Mitchell apparently only performed once. Other highlights include several Stills-Young Band run-throughs, especially "Southern Man" which features some scintillating guitar solos from both Stills and Young. Other highlights include the unreleased songs "Everybody's Alone," "Traces," "Love Art Blues," "Give Me Strength," "Lady Wingshot," "If You Got Love," "Gonna Rock Forever," "Amber Jean," "Let Your Fingers Do the Talking," "Grey Riders," "Nothing is Perfect," "Ordinary People," "Silver and Gold," "Homefires" and "Separate Ways." Add in several reworked versions of known quantities, such as the Saturday Night Live debut of "Rockin' in the Free World," "Shots" (performed acoustically from San Francisco's Boarding House) and "Helpless" (a stunning take from Neil & the International Harvester's Austin City Limits appearance in 1984) and "Stringman," recorded in London in 1976, and you have a great collection. However, thanks to this collection's breadth--in total, 63 songs taken from upwards of 40 concerts--the sound quality ranges from the near-atrocious to excellent. Thus accounting for the frustration at times. One other comment: The accompanying booklet to Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy is excellent, far surpassing many liner notes to legitimate boxed sets, featuring a well-written overview of Neil's career as well as a track-by-track commentary AND complete tour schedule from Neil's 1968/69 solo tour through to his 1993 jaunt with Booker T. & the MGs. It does much of what the set itself does, collecting many of Neil's comments and observations on many of his songs. Despite its sound lapses, until the Archives are released--and possibly even then--this is a true "essential." (A+)

Track Listings:
Disc 1 (1966-1973):
1. Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing, 2. Birds, 3. Cowgirl in the Sand, 4. Tell Me Why, 5. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 6. Everybody's Alone, 7. A Man Needs a Maid/Heart of Gold, 8. Out on the Weekend, 9. Love In Mind, 10. Dance Dance Dance, 11. Cripple Creek Ferry, 12. L.A., 13. Soldier, 14. Harvest, 15. Sweet Joni, 16. Tonight's the Night, 17. Tired Eyes

Disc 2 (1974-1978): 1. Pardon My Heart, 2. On the Beach, 3. Traces, 4. Human Highway, 5. Love Art Blues, 6. Hawaiian Sunrise, 7. Like a Hurricane, 8, Stringman, 9, Evening Coconut, 10. Long May You Run, 11. Southern Man, 12. Give Me Strength, 13. Comes a Time, 14. Sail Away, 15. Lady Wingshot, 16. Shots, 17. Downtown

Disc 3 (1982-1985): 1. If You Got Love, 2. Transformer Man, 3. My Boy, 4. Old Ways, 5. Kinda Fonda Wanda, 6. Gonna Rock Forever, 7. Touch the Night, 8. Amber Jean, 9. Let Your Fingers Do the Talking, 10. Helpless, 11. Down by the River, 12. Interstate, 13. Grey Riders, 14. Nothing Is Perfect, 15. Southern Pacific

Disc 4 (1986-1994): 1. Mideast Vacation, 2. Road of Plenty (El Dorado), 3. Computer Age, 4. Bad News, 5. Ordinary People, 6. Rockin' in the Free World, 7. Winterlong, 8. Silver and Gold, 9. Campaigner, 10. Homefires, 11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart, 12. Mr. Soul, 13. Separate Ways, 14. Philadelphia

New links! (Updated 07/09/20)
CD1: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk1.rar
CD2: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk2.rar
CD3: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk3.rar
CD4: Neil Young_Rock N' Roll Cowboy_Disk4.rar
Artwork/Booklet: NY_RnRCowboy_Artwork.rar

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Getting 'The Kinks' Out

Let’s all raise a glass, to the rock stars of the past. Those that made it, those that faded, those that never even made the grade. Those that we thought would never last.
Singers come and go, and stars fade away. They vanish in the haze, and they’re never seen again.
But you can’t stop the music playing on.

-- Ray Davies, The Kinks, ‘You Can’t Stop the Music’, from A Soap Opera - 1975

For the first ‘Featured Artist’ in this fledgling blog, I am happy to present one of my favorite bands as well as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Kinks. Often overshadowed by the other members of that ‘Big Four’ (Beatles, Stones, and The Who) of 60’s British Invasion Bands, The Kinks were every bit as good, talented, and influential as the rest of that lot, but due to their own quirky musical directions, they never were as popular. The musical legacy left behind by the Kinks is amazing, and they have been important influences on everything from hard rock, heavy metal, punk rock, progressive rock, country rock, alternative country, rock opera, and even musical theater and show tunes. But most important was the music itself. Never taking an easy path, The Kinks always went their own way, creating a diversity of styles and sounds (and often alienating previous fans in the process), but always maintaining a characteristic ‘Kinkness’ to their music. Started in 1963, lead by Ray Davies as songwriter/lead vocalist/rhythm guitar/keyboards, his brother Dave Davies on lead guitar/backing vocals, Mick Avory on drums, and Pete Quaiffe on bass, The Kinks burst on the music scene in a big way in 1964 when Dave stroked that power guitar riff heard ‘round the world, marking the opening to ‘You Really Got Me’, and The Kinks were off and running. Probably more so than most artists, The Kinks musical career is usually divided into several distinct periods: from their early success as a British Invasion Band (1964-1965); their glory years of pop creativity and diversity (1966-1972); their much maligned theatrical incarnation (1973-1976), in which they expanded to an eight-piece band with horns, clarinets, etc. and produced and staged elaborate pop operas; their return to rock, commercial success, and sold-out arena shows (1977-1985), and then the inevitable years of declining fan interest (1986-1996).

It appears that the Kinks are currently undergoing one of those periodic ‘resurgences’ in popularity. Recently there’s been more press and interest (and blog rantings) for this 45-yr-old band than would be expected. This is most likely due to the usual causes in this day and age, namely, 1) one of their old songs has turned up in a hit Movie Soundtrack (In this case, ‘Juno’), and 2) their music is featured in one or more TV commercials (actually, several). Sadly, the third option, 3) that the group is reforming and touring again or releasing a new album, is not happening (yet), but Ray Davies, the musical mastermind behind the Kinks is touring and has recently released a new album, Working Man’s Cafe including some very ‘Kink-sounding’ songs). And all this is great, as it exposes new people and a new generation to the great music of The Kinks, and renews interest in those that knew their music but somehow ‘forgot’ about it. So, great, let’s have more Kinks revival stuff. However, what has irked me to some, is that in all the new talk and discussion of the Kinks and their music, the same old biases and misinformation has been propagated and spread around all over again. What I mean, and what I keep hearing and seeing, is the notion that, yes, the Kinks were a great ‘60’s band’, with a catalog of songs that rival anyone from that period. However, as one blogger wrote, if you really want to like the Kinks, you must not listen to any of their music made after 1972. That is, they were only ‘great’ from 1966-1972. Of course, this is total nonsense. This was a great band all through their career. Ray Davies is certainly one of the greatest rock-era composers, and the Kinks produced great music at all stages of their career. True, they did make a few albums that were relatively much weaker than others, but even these always contained at least a few great songs. They may have veered away from mainstream popular music, and certainly rock, at various times in their career, but they always produced interesting quality music. Although band personnel changed over the years, Ray and Dave were always at the core of the group and despite some intense personal struggles between them, always kept the group moving forward. Many of the later albums, including Sleepwalker, Misfits, Low Budget, State of Confusion, Word of Mouth, and even Think Visual, were all excellent albums, and the live reworking of their catalog of songs on To The Bone (1996), the last Kinks album, showed that they still had it after all those years.

So, we are celebrating the Kinks all this month (and forever, really). In various posts on this blog, you can find downloads of Classic Kinks concerts from the ‘60’s to the ‘80’s, information and commentary on the band, some tips on assembling your own library of Kinks music, a guide to the various Kinks albums, and my own version of the ideal Kinks compilation collection – a top 100 of all the best Kinks songs throughout their career. So, I hope this will be helpful to newcomers to The Kinks music, and of interest to the dedicated fans, too. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into The Kinks, and through it can explore their music more fully.

To purchase albums by The Kinks, or just to get more information on titles available for purchase, click here for, or some other authorized sales site.

For more information on The Kinks discography, songs, lyrics, and all Kinds of other things about The Kinks, visit the excellent unofficial Kinks Web site at , run by Dave Emlen.

If you have time, please comment on what I have here, let me know what you think, of the Kinks, your favorite Kinks songs, of the blog (so far), and my commentary. Was any of this helpful in any way? I would appreciate any comments, discussion, or disputes you may have with my opinions and choices here.

Building your own Kinks Collection

Over the Thirty-plus years (1963-1996) The Kinks were active, they recorded ~30 albums, including 5 live albums and a couple soundtracks, but that doesn’t include the numerous compilations, collections, and greatest hits packages that have been assembled covering various parts of their career. So, where does someone start if they want to get some of this great Kinks music (after listening to the live concerts available through this site)? Because of the several different record labels The Kinks recorded for over the years, these collections each tend to cover only the specific albums and years from that label. Thus, it can be very frustrating and confusing when there are several ‘Best of’ or ‘Greatest Hits’ collections that each have different songs, and may or may not have any of the ‘hits’ you were looking for. There is only one collection that even attempts to cover the entire recording career of The Kinks, the 2-CD, 44-track compilation titled The Ultimate Collection (TUC), released in 2002, and this is a great place for newcomers to The Kinks music to start. TUC does a great job of covering the early years of the Kinks, including virtually all of the most essential tracks from 1964 to about 1967 (covering the first 5 albums and singles from this period, with 27 of the 44 tracks taken from this period). The collection is somewhat less successful in compiling the next few years (1968-1972), with a total of only 11 tracks coming from their next 6 albums (which included some of the band’s best, including Village Green Preservation Society, Arthur, and Muswell Hillbillies). But where the collection completely falls apart is in the supposed inclusion of the rest of the band’s career. Only 6 tracks are included from 1973-1984 (including none from the 6 albums between 1973-1978, a period which covers two of the band’s best albums, Sleepwalker and Misfits), one from Low Budget (1979), and the rest (5) from the early eighties albums (Give The People, State of Confusion, Word of Mouth), when The Kinks rediscovered commercial success. Of course, with a long, rich career like The Kinks, one 2-CD compilation cannot possibly contain all the best songs. However, I think the compilers of TUC would have been better off including a few more songs from the best albums of the 1968-1972 period, which are grossly underrepresented, and not even attempting to include the later material, because it is such a poor representation that it really diminishes their later work. One of the problems with most compilations is that they tend to be overly concerned with which songs were ‘hits’, rather than compiling all the best songs. And really now, here in 2008, some 30-40 years after most of this music was made, does it really matter which songs were hits and which were not? VGPS and Arthur are widely heralded as the best albums of the Kinks careers, as is to a lesser degree Muswell Hillbillies, however, they were commercial failures at the time they were released, thus did not have any ‘hits’ associated with them, just some of the best music the Kinks made. Likewise, for the ‘70’s albums Sleepwalker, Misfits, and others, there were no ‘hits’, but still contained great Kinks music. Anyway, despite these lapses, TUC is still a great collection (just not very complete), and is excellent for compiling all the best stuff from the early years in one package.
So, if you like what you here on TUC, I would next suggest supplementing it with what are arguably the band’s two best albums (and are underrepresented on TUC), The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (VGPS), 1968, and Arthur (Or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire), 1969. Both these albums are filled with great, quirky songs that are a delight to hear within the full context of the albums (these were concept albums after all, but the ‘concepts’ actually enhance the songs and don’t get in the way of the enjoyment of the music).
Next, it would be appropriate to get a better sample from the missing years from the TUC compilation. Fortunately, TUC can be supplemented with two separate compilations, Celluloid Heroes: Kinks Greatest covering the years 1971-1976 (RCA years), and Come Dancing With The Kinks (1977-1984), which covers the Arista years. Celluloid Heroes is a great album to get a representative cross-section of the best tracks from the RCA years (1971-1976). Although this period is generally considered to contain some of the weakest albums of the Kinks career, it is nonetheless filled with great individual songs and some great albums, too, and this collection does a great job of including most of the best songs, providing 3 songs from each of the 6 albums (there are a few complaints, in that it is a bit too egalitarian because some of the better albums (Muswell Hillbillies, Everybody’s in Showbiz) deserve more than 3 songs (the excellent ‘Holiday’ and ‘Skin and Bones’ from Muswell Hillbilles are missing), while a lesser album (like Preservation Act 2 ) doesn’t have 3 great songs to include. This collection is also a great addition to TUC, because only one song (‘Celluloid Heroes’) is duplicated, so these are all new acquisitions, and can essentially replace the need for buying most of the albums from this period. As for the Come Dancing collection, which contains 19 songs from the Arista years, it is a bit less successful in compiling the best of the later Kinks, but still does include some great music from this period. Although a nice collection of their most popular songs (the ‘hits’) from this era, some of the best songs are not included. For example, I consider the first two Arista albums, Sleepwalker and Misfits, to be great albums, and among the best of the Kinks, each having 4-5 what I would call essential tracks. However, only 2 tracks from each album are included in this collection, leaving out some of my favorites. Undoubtedly, this is because these albums were not the commercial successes the following albums were, and they save the bulk of tracks for those eighties albums that were very successful (Low Budget, State of Confusion, Word of Mouth). Unfortunately, these tracks duplicate the 6 tracks from this period already included on TUC, with only a few new additions (one welcome addition, however, is the inclusion of the single ‘Father Christmas’ which is delightful and not included on any other compilation). As an added incentive to get both Celluloid Heroes and Come Dancing, they are also available together in a package deal (called The Kinks Greatest (1971-1984) that also includes a bonus DVD of a live concert (from One for the Road album) from 1980, which is also excellent. Thus, for just a handful more dollars than the single compilation CD, you can get both Celluloid Heroes and Come Dancing, and the bonus concert DVD.
For the next round of purchases, I would recommend filling in some of these gaps, most notably, Sleepwalker and/or Misfits. Also worthwhile to get the whole albums of would be Muswell Hillbillies, Everybody’s in Showbiz, and Word of Mouth. As for the other earlier albums, Face To Face and Something Else are also excellent, but if you already have TUC, really, most of the best tracks are already included. If you don’t have TUC, another compilation from this period (1966-1970), The Kinks Kronikles, a 2-CD 28-track compilation, is also very good, and includes several songs from this period not included on TUC. Also worthwhile, but not essential, would be State of Confusion, Think Visual, To The Bone, and One For the Road. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I think all of the Kinks albums (especially the reissue CDs containing generous bonus tracks that compile all the songs from that time period) are worth having, but the purpose of this list was to try and assemble a good representation of Kinks music quickly and easily, without having to buy all the albums. Thus, it is possible to build a respectable Kinks library with just a few purchases. Here is the shorthand version:

Building your Kinks Collection:
1. The Ultimate Collection
2. Village Green Preservation Society3. Arthur
4. Celluloid Heroes/Come Dancing Combination package
5. Supplement collection with any or all of these additional quality albums that have numerous additional great songs not already included in the collection so far (my order preference: Sleepwalker, Muswell Hillbillies, Misfits, Everybody’s in Showbiz, Word of Mouth, and State of Confusion. Then if want to explore still further, Face To Face, Think Visual, To The Bone, Schoolboys in Disguise, One for the Road, etc.

Important Note: All of the original albums have been reissued on updated CDs (released in 1998 and 2004) that include numerous bonus tracks. These are especially crucial for the early albums, because now these albums for the first time also include all of the singles and EPs from their respective time periods, which make them much more desirable. However, these albums are also still available as the original CD issues, without bonus tracks. So, if you are purchasing the CDs used, by mail order, or over the internet, make sure you are getting the reissued versions with bonus tracks, as it greatly enhances the listening experience. Also, even some of the compilations, such as Celluloid Heroes and Come Dancing have been issued in a couple different versions, and the original early versions contain fewer tracks, and some different titles than the later reissues. For the most part, you want the later reissues to get all the bonus tracks.

For my own compilation list of all the greatest Kinks songs from all their albums, refer to the post on BBKron’s Komprehensive Klassik Kinks Kollection, elsewhere in this blog.

Monday, April 28, 2008

BBKron's Komprehensive Klassik Kinks Kollection

So, here is my version of the ‘Ultimate’ Kinks collection, a 4-CD+ compilation of the very best Kinks music, spanning their entire career. Divided into 4 CD-length sections (although I cheated a bit on the last disc, as it contains more than will fit on a single disc). These are what I consider to be the essential tracks that every serious listener of Kinks music wouldn’t want to be without. Unlike other collections, these are fairly evenly dispersed throughout the Kinks illustrious career. I tried to adequately represent each album and time period, however, of course, the best albums have many more worthwhile tracks that all could not be included here, while for some of the lesser albums, this collection contains all the highlights. Of course, these are my personal selections, but as far as I’m concerned, there is not a skippable track in the whole set. These are the Kinks songs on my mp3 player. Unfortunately, this collection is not easy to obtain, short of acquiring the entire Kinks catalogs, since none of the compilations or collections contain all of these gems. For more info and advice on starting your own collection of Kinks Classics, see the related blog entry on ‘Starting your Kinks Collection’.

Disc One (1964-1967)
01. You Really Got Me (from The Kinks, 1964)
02. All Day And All Of The Night (bonus track (b/t) on The Kinks reissue)
03. I Gotta Move (b/t on The Kinks reissue)
04. Stop Your Sobbing (from The Kinks)
05. Tired Of Waiting For You (from Kinda Kinks, 1965)
06. Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy (b/t on Kinda Kinks reissue)
07. Come On Now (from Kinda Kinks)
08. Who'll Be The Next In Line (b/t on Kinda Kinks reissue)
09. Set Me Free (b/t on Kinda Kinks reissue)
10. I Need You (b/t on Kinda Kinks reissue)
11. A Well Respected Man (b/t on Kinda Kinks reissue)
12. Till The End Of The Day (from The Kink Kontroversy, 1965)
13. Where Have All The Good Times Gone (from The Kink Kontroversy)
14. Milk Cow Blues (from The Kink Kontroversy)
15. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (b/t on The Kink Kontroversy reissue)
16. Sittin' On My Sofa (b/t on The Kink Kontroversy reissue)
17. She's Got Everything (1966, B-side 1968, from The Ultimate Collection)
18. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (b/t on Face to Face reissue)
19. Sunny Afternoon (from Face To Face, 1966)
20. Dandy (from Face To Face)
21. Holiday In Waikiki (from Face To Face)
22. Dead End Street (b/t on Face to Face reissue)
23. Big Black Smoke (b/t on Face to Face reissue)
24. Mr. Pleasant (b/t on Face to Face reissue)
25. David Watts (from Something Else, 1967)
26. Death Of A Clown (from Something Else)
27. Love Me Till The Sun Shines (from Something Else)
28. Waterloo Sunset (from Something Else)

Disc Two (1967-1971)
01. Autumn Almanac (b/t on Something Else reissue)
02. Susannah's Still Alive (b/t on Something Else reissue)
03. Wonderboy (b/t on Something Else reissue)
04. The Village Green Preservation Society (from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society, 1968)
05. Last of the Steam-Powered Trans (from The Village Green Preservation Society)
06. Picture Book (from The Village Green Preservation Society)
07. Starstruck (from The Village Green Preservation Society)
08. Mr. Songbird (b/t/ on The Village Green Preservation Society reissue)
09. Days (b/t on The Village Green Preservation Society reissue)
10. Victoria (from Arthur [Or The Decline & Fall Of The British Empire], 1969)
11. Brainwashed (from Arthur)
12. Shangri-La (from Arthur)
13. Arthur (from Arthur)
14. Plastic Man (b/t on Arthur reissue)
15. King Kong (b/t on Arthur reissue)
16. Lola (from Lola Vs. Powerman & The Moneygoround Pt. 1, 1970)
17. Apeman (from Lola Vs. Powerman & The Moneygoround, Pt. 1)
18. This Time Tomorrow (from Lola Vs. Powerman & The Moneygoround, Pt. 1)
19. God's Children (from the Percy soundtrack, 1971)
20. 20th Century Man (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
21. Holiday (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
22. Skin and Bones (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
23. Muswell Hillbillies (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)

Disc 3 (1972-1977)
01. Here Comes Yet Another Day (from Everybody's In Show-Biz, 1972)
02. Supersonic Rocket Ship (from Everybody's In Show-Biz)
03. Sitting in My Hotel (from Everybody's In Show-Biz)
04. Celluloid Heroes (from Everybody's In Show-Biz)
05. One Of The Survivors (from Preservation Act 1, 1973)
06. Sweet Lady Genevieve (from Preservation Act 1)
07. Sitting in the Midday Sun (from Preservation Act 1)
08. Slum Kids (b/t on Preservation Act 2 reissue)
09. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker) (from A Soap Opera, 1975)
10. (A) Face In The Crowd (from A Soap Opera)
11. You Can't Stop The Music (from A Soap Opera)
12. Schooldays (from Schoolboys in Disgrace, 1976)
13. I'm In Disgrace (from Schoolboys in Disgrace)
14. The Hard Way (from Schoolboys in Disgrace)
15. No More Looking Back (from Schoolboys in Disgrace)
16. Life on the Road (from Sleepwalker, 1977)
17. Sleepwalker (from Sleepwalker)
18. Juke Box Music (from Sleepwalker)
19. Life Goes On (from Sleepwalker)
20. Father Christmas (single 1977, b/t on Misfits Reissue)

Disc 4 (1978-1996)
01. Misfits (from Misfits, 1978)
02. Rock n Roll Fantasy (from Misfits)
03. Live Life (from Misfits)
04. Get Up (from Misfits)
05. Catch Me Now I’m Falling (Low Budget, 1979)
06. Low Budget (from Low Budget)
07. A Gallon of Gas (from Low Budget)
08. Moving Pictures (from Low Budget)
09. Destroyer (from Give the People What They Want, 1982)
10. Better Things (from Give the People What They Want)
11. Come Dancing (from State of Confusion, 1983)
12. Heart of Gold (from State of Confusion)
13. Don’t Forget to Dance (from State of Confusion)
14. Do It Again (from Word of Mouth, 1984)
15. Good Day (from Word of Mouth)
16. Livin’ on a Thin Line (from Word of Mouth)
17. Going Solo (from Word of Mouth)
18. Working at the Factory (from Think Visual, 1986)
19. Lost and Found (from Think Visual)
20. Think Visual ((from Think Visual)
21. UK Jive? (from UK Jive, 1989)
22. Scattered (from Phobia, 1993)
23. To the Bone (from To the Bone, 1996)

That’s a total of 94 songs. The first three ‘discs’ each fit on a single CD (76-79 minutes), but I cheated a bit on the last ‘disc’, as it does not all fit on a CD (clocking in at about 94 minutes). I just didn’t want to cut out anything else, just to make it fit (the CD format isn’t really relevant anyway, since this is primarily a ‘playlist’ for mp3 players, rather than a real 4-CD compilation). If you really want it to fit on 4 CDs, the final 4 songs could be removed, as these are from the final albums and not considered ‘Classics’. I, however, think they do belong, and are worthy additions to the collection. One other note, is that I did not include any ‘Live’ tracks on this collection (other than ‘Slum Kids’, of which no studio version exists), it is entirely their ‘studio’ output. Although The Kinks have many great live albums and concerts available, I prefer to keep the ‘live’ stuff separate from the studio versions, and generally don’t like collections that mix the two (especially when they substitute some live version of your favorite song in place of the ‘original’ classic. Also, Live concerts should be heard in their entirety, and not divided up into song collections. For some great Live Kinks, check out the bootleg offerings available elsewhere on this blog, and also the official Live releases.
After making this compilation, it was clear that there were still a lot of very good songs that didn’t make the cut. So, since I am already at 94 songs total, let’s add a few more to make it a Top 100 all-time Kinks songs. Here are the additional 6 songs I would add in to bring the total to 100 great Kinks songs:

1. Party Line (from Face To Face)
2. Do You Remember Walter? (From The Village Green Preservation Society)
3. Australia (From Arthur)
4. Motorway (From Everybody’s In Showbiz)
5. Full Moon (From Sleepwalker)
6. Summer’s Gone (from Word of Mouth)

If I’ve left out any of your particular favorites, let me know. What are your favorite Kinks songs?

To purchase albums by The Kinks, or just to get more information on titles available for purchase, click here for, or some other authorized sales site.

For more information on The Kinks discography, songs, lyrics, and all Kinds of other things about The Kinks, visit the excellent unofficial Kinks Web site at , run by Dave Emlen.

Just for some additional Fun, Here’s some Fun Kinks ‘Theme’ compilations:

The ‘Sitting’ EP:
1. Sittin’ On My Sofa (b/t on The Kink Kontroversy)
2. Sitting by the Riverside (from VGPS)
3. Sitting In My Hotel (Everybody’s in Showbiz)
4. Sitting in the Midday Sun (from Preservation Act 1)

The ‘Hey Man/Hey Mister!’ Album:
1. A Well Respected Man
2. Plastic Man
3. Apeman
4. Powernan
5. 20th Century Man
6. Tin Soldier Man
7. Session Man
8. Artificial Man
9. Mr. Big Man
10. Mr. Pleasant
11. Mr. Songbird
12. Mr. Wonderful
13. Mr. Reporter
14. Mr. Churchill Says
15. Mr. Shoemaker’s Daughter

Comments, discussion welcome

Kinks Rockpalast 1982

The Kinks

Grugahalle Essen, Germany, 04-04-1982
FM Broadcast, Very Good quality
320 kbps mp3
Cover art included

Here's a very good, complete Kinks show from 1982 that is not as widely available as the Tokyo soundboard recording from the same tour, and contains several additional or different songs from that recording. Excellent version of Celluloid Heroes among other classics.

Disc 1
01-Around The Dial
02-The Hard Way
03-Where Have All The Good Times Gone
04-(Catch Me Now) I'm Falling
05-Come On Now
09-Dead End Street
10-Add It Up
11-Low Budget
12-Art Lover

Disc 2
01-Back To Front
02-A Gallon Of Gas
03-Celluloid Heroes
04-Till The End Of The Day
06-All Day And All Of The Night
07-Give The People What The Want
09-You Really Got Me
10-Stop Your Sobbing
11-David Watts

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Kinks In Concert 1974

The Kinks
The Kinks In Concert 1974

FM Broadcast (BBC) recordings, excellent quality

New! Now upgraded and greatly expanded to include entire BBC Broadcast.
Now available in upgraded mp3 (320 kbps)

Excellent recordings (made for BBC In Concert series) of the mid-70's era Kinks. Includes probably the best available recording of 'Slum Kids', a good song from this era that was played in concert throughout the '70's, but a studio version was never released (or apparently even ever recorded). The setlist features songs from their newly released Preservation Act 2, as well as some great versions of a number of classics ('Dedicated Flower of Fashion', 'Lola', 'Celluloid Heroes', 'Here Comes Yet Another Day') from the Kinks catalog, and also includes a wonderful version of 'Skin and Bones' merging into the old standard 'Dry Bones'.

1. Intro ‘In Concert’
2. Victoria
3. Here Comes Yet Another Day
4. Mr. Wonderful
5. Money Talks
6. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
7. Mirror Of Love
8. Celluloid Heroes
9. You Really Got Me/All Day And All Of The Night
10. Talk About Preservation Act 2 (0:43)
11. Daylight
12. Here Comes Flash
13. Demolition
14. He’s Evil
15. Lola
16. Outro
17. Skin And Bone/Dry Bones
18. Slum Kids

Tracks 1-17, BBC 'In Concert', Hippodrome Theatre, London, UK, July 14, 1974
Track 18, unknown venue/location, 1974

New upgraded and expanded version! (Updated 04/30/15)
The Kinks_In Concert 1974_(upgraded-expanded).rar

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kinks 1980-12-31 Palladium NY (complete show)

The Kinks
December 31, 1980 The Palladium, New York, NY

FM Broadcast Recording (complete concert), excellent quality

New upgraded quality versions!
Now available in both lossless (FLAC) and upgraded mp3 (320 kbps) versions

More Live Kinks! This one is from their resurgent '80's rock comeback period. This is a more complete (and slightly higher quality) version of this show than many of the other boots that are out there (Another One for the Road, etc). It includes the encores of the 'All Day' reprise then going into a very brief 'Stop Your Sobbing' going into 'David Watts' and 'Pressure', with the show wrapping up with an extended hard-rockin' version of 'Superman' (that is a definite improvement over the original disco-tinged studio version). This show captures the band at the best of their revitalized, high-energy, '80's version of the group during the Low Budget tour.

  01. Radio Announcer Introduction  :54
  02. You Really Got Me  1:22
  03. The Hard Way  2:48
  04. Where Have All The Good Times Gone > I'm So Tired  3:50
  05. Catch Me Now, I'm Fallin'  4:34
  06. Bird Dog (Everly Brothers)  3:00
  07. NYC Blues  2:28
  08. Lola  5:48
  09. Dead End Street 2:20
  10. Till The End Of The Day  2:58
  11:.Low Budget  6:20
  12:.Band Introductions  1:32
  13. Imagination's Real  3:45
  14. Nothing More To Lose  3:08
  15. I'm Not Like Everybody Else > Come On Now  5:46
  16. You Really Got Me  6:15
  17. Give The People What They Want  5:00
  18. A Gallon Of Gas  6:17
  19. Celluloid Heroes  8:25
  20. All Day And All Night  5:55
  21. Announcer > Stop Your Sobbin' > David Watts > Pressure  4:23
  22. Radio Announcer  :49
  23. Superman  6:11
  24. Announcer Closing Comments  2:37

New Upgraded Quality Links (Updated 04/30/15)
FLAC - The Kinks_1980-12-31_Palladium_NY_FLAC.rar

mp3 - The Kinks_1980-12-31_Palladium_NY_mp3-320.part1.rar
        The Kinks_1980-12-31_Palladium_NY_mp3-320.part2.rar

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Kinks Live 1977

Here we have a couple of superb shows from the 'Sleepwalker' Tours (1977), each featuring very different setlists, mixing in some of their classics with the
excellent new Sleepwalker songs, as well as some songs from their much-maligned theatrical concept albums of the mid-70's. I include both here because, although the Rainbow Theatre show is a better recording and includes the essential tracks, the Winterland show provides a more extensive and quirkier setlist, containing many songs they no longer performed after this tour. Well worth checking out both.

The Kinks 
Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
Soundboard recording, excellent quality
192 kbps Mp3
Cover art included

01 Sleepwalker
02 Life on the Road
03 Waterloo Sunset
04 All Day And All Of The Night
05 Slum Kids
06 Celluloid Heroes
07 Get Back In Line
08 The Hard Way
09 Lola
10 Alcohol
11 Skin And Bone
12 You Really Got Me
13 Juke Box Music

New Upgraded links! Now available in Lossless as well as 320k mp3 versions: See new links here:

The Kinks 
Winterland, San Francisco CA
Very Good quality, from FM Broadcast
320 kbps Mp3
No artwork

01 Opening
02 One Of The Survivors
03 Sleepwalker
04 Rush Hour Blues
05 You Make It All Worthwhile/Ordinary People/Everybody's A Star
06 Lola(singalong)/Banana Boat Song
07 A Well Respected Man
08 Sunny Afternoon
09 Waterloo Sunset
10 Celluloid Heroes
11 Schooldays
12 Schooldays(reprise)/ The Hard Way
13 Education
14 Brother
15 Stormy Skys
16 Life Goes On
17 Full Moon
18 Lola
19 Alcohol
20 You Really Got Me/ All Day All Of the Night
New Additions! Now complete show
21. Life On the Road
22. Victoria

New Upgraded links! Now available in Lossless as well as 320k mp3 versions: See new links here:

Note: The Winterland show was actually 2/19, not 2/18 as indicated on many of the bootleg versions. The show on 2/18 was actually in Santa Monica, CA, and apparently an excellent tape of this show does exist (Now available here:the-kinks-1977-02-18-santa-monica-ca.html).

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Kinks - Live at Fillmore West 1969

The Kinks
Live At the Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA - November 27-29, 1969

Soundboard Recording
192 kbps Mp3
Now available in Lossless and upgraded mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Cover art included

Note: This was the very post of this blog. Since the time of the original posting, the music files have been upgraded to higher quality, and have been re-posted (link below). But this original post has been kept for historical and nostalgic context.

This gem is one of the few available shows from this time period, probably the most productive of their career (coming on the heels of arguably their best albums, Village Green Preservation Society and Arthur, both of which were complete failures in the U.S.). This show was one of their first in the States after the ban barring them from appearing in the U.S. was lifted (after almost 4 years!). The exact reason for the ban by the American Federation of Musicians was never made quite clear (even to this day), but Ray and the boys did not perform in the U.S from 1966 through most of 1969. Anyway, here in their appearance at the the Fillmore West, the band was in fine form, and they delivered a very eclectic set that scattered some of their hits ('Tired of Waiting', 'You Really Got Me', 'Till the End of the Day', 'Well-Respected Man') with numerous relatively obscure album tracks ('Your Looking Fine', 'Big Sky', 'Mr. Churchill Says', 'Brainwashed', etc), that were virtually unknown in the U.S., and were not often performed in concert in subsequent years. So enjoy this unique taste of '60's-era Kinks.

01 - Till The End Of The Day
02 - Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
03 - You're Looking Fine
04 - Mr. Churchill Says
05 - Big Sky
06 - You Really Got Me
07 - Love Me Till The Sun Shines
08 - Brainwashed
09 - Medley(Milk Cow Blues - See My Friends - Tired Of Waiting For You - Brainwashed)
10 - Louie Louie
11 - Victoria
12 - Medley (Well Respected Man - Death Of A Clown - Dandy)

See new upgraded quality post and link here: