Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Break?

How are you liking Spring so far?

Ok, so I guess I've been on kind of an unplanned, unintended Spring Break from the blog these past couple weeks. And at least where I live, it's been anything but Spring-like. But that's the Northeast for ya. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am still here, and I'll be getting back to posting stuff very soon, starting with a special feature on progressive rock.  So, stay tuned for that.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Steve Goodman - 1979-04-18 - Bogart's - Cincinnati, OH

Steve Goodman
April 18, 1979
Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH 

FM Broadcast Recording (WEBN-FM), very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's more Steve Goodman, another fine FM Broadcast show, this one from 1979, and this time he is with a full band (piano, bass, drums, percussion, and even reeds - sax, clarinet, recorder, harmonica) backing up his guitar and voice for the full set. This is quite unusual for a Goodman shows, as he usually performed solo, or with a single backup player, such as Jethro Burns on mandolin, or another guitarist. So this is an additional treat to hear his songs live with full band, with some different arrangements for many of his songs than we usually hear, and sometimes closer to the album versions of the songs, sometimes different. At any rate, it's a slightly different side to his songs, but we still get the full Steve Goodman personality and charm and another rousing show of the incomparable Steve Goodman. Enjoy!

01.  4:09 - Just Lucky I Guess
02.  3:38 - Banana Republics
03.  5:34 - Luxury's Lap
04.  5:38 - Would You Like To Learn To Dance
05.  4:18 - What Have You Done For Me Lately?
06.  4:43 - You're The Girl I Love
07.  3:38 - The One That Got Away
08.  3:43 - This Hotel Room
09.  2:26 - Chicken Cordon Bleus
10.  3:37 - The Auctioneer
11.  2:25 - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
12.  3:13 - My Old Man
13.  4:47 - The Dutchman
14.  6:32 - (band introduction) City Of New Orleans
15.  4:04 - Men Who Love Women Who Love Men
16.  5:51 - I've Got To Hand It To You
Total time: 68:15

Jimmy Enger: Piano
Amy Madigan: vocals, percussion, keyboards
Peter Bunetta: drums
Arno Lucas: percussion, vocals
Rick Chudacoff: bass
Jim Rothermel: saxophone, harmonica, clarinet, recorder

FLAC - Steve Goodman_1979-04-18_CincinnatiOH_FM_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - Steve Goodman_1979-04-18_CincinnatiOH_FM_mp3.rar