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Counting Crows - 1991 - Flying Demos

Counting Crows
1991 - Flying Demos
(Original early Demo recordings)
Soundboard recording, excellent quality

Now Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and upgraded mp3 (320 kbps) versions! New upgraded links below.
(Previously available only as 192 kbps mp3 files)

Before signing to Geffen records, the band recorded demo versions of a number of songs, which became known as the 'Flying Demos'. This is the band's original demo tape that was sold at early shows, and later re-surfaced among the Counting Crows fanbase. These are excellent recordings, actually sounding much better than most 'demo' tapes. Some songs from the tape later resurfaced (in reworked versions) on the band's debut album August and Everything After. However, many songs remained unreleased (although different versions of some have subsequently appeared as bonus tracks, etc. on future releases). Included here are some standout songs that surprisingly did not become a part of their recorded output. A must for any fan of the band. Four bonus live tracks from 1994-08-19 (Montreal) have been added to the original 13 song tape in this version that has circulated among fans.

01. Rain King
02. Omaha
03. Anna Begins
04. Einstein on the Beach
05. Shallow Days
06. Love and Addiction
07. Mr. Jones
08. Round Here
09. 40 Years
10. Margery
11. Bulldog
12. Lightning
13. We're Only Love
14. Wiseblood (bonus)
15. Perfect Blue Buildings (bonus)
16. Open All Night (bonus)
17. Caravan (bonus)

tracks 1-13 - original demo tracks (1991)
tracks 14-17 - live bonus tracks - 1994-08-19 - Montreal

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Counting Crows - 2004-03-10 - Rotterdam (in FLAC)

Counting Crows

March 10, 2004
The Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Wednesday in Rotterdam 2-CD
excellent quality FM broadcast
Lossless (Flac)
Artwork included

Here is an excellent show from the 2004 Hard Candy Tour with an awesome setlist featuring a great mix of songs from all their albums, including the world premiere of a brand new song ('A Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago') that would not appear on album for another 4 years. Great sound quality from an FM broadcast makes this one especially notable.

Disc 1:
01. Rain King
02. Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
03. New Frontier
04. Good Time
05. St. Robinson
06. Hard Candy
07. Mr. Jones
08. Round Here
09. Daylight Fading

Disc 2:
10. Omaha
11. Speedway
12. A Murder Of One
13. A Tuesday in Amsterdam Long Ago
14. A Long December
15. Hanginaround
16. Holiday In Spain

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disc 1:
disc 2:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Counting Crows - 2000-03-26 - Zurich, Switzerland FM

Counting Crows
March 26, 2000
Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland
FM Broadcast, very good sound quality
mp3 @ 256 kbps

Here is a very good show from Counting Crows on the This Desert Life Tour, featuring most of the songs from that album. Although many people believe the 'Crows' first album is still their best, I would have to say that 'Life' is my favorite. It showed their  growth and development into a great band; it was more diverse, uptempo, upbeat, lighter in tone than previous ones, and contained some of their best songs (including their very best song, 'Mrs. Potter's Lullaby'), yet still retained that distinctive Crows style. And the 'Crows' have always been much better live than as captured on records, which is evident in this show, a good quality radio broadcast.

01. I Wish I Was A Girl
02. Mr. Jones
03. All My Friends
04. Highlife
05. Omaha
06. Four Days
07. Speech
08. Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
09. Amy Hit The Atmosphere
10. A Murder Of One
11. St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream
12. Rain King
13. Hanginaround
14. A Long December
15. Walkaways

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Repost Break - Fixing Dead Links

While you all are still enjoying my exclusive Lifehouse compilation by the Who, I will be taking the next few days to update, repost, and fix some of the dead and broken links from previous posts. So, enjoy what is already here, and if you run across any dead links, they should be fixed shortly. I have already reposted the 1982 Genesis Reunion concert (in FLAC) for anyone that missed that. here are the new links (also updated in the original post):

Genesis 1982-10-02 Milton Keynes TM Productions remaster One-time reunion show with Peter Gabriel (see original post for more details)

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The Who - This Old Lifehouse - The Bootleg Reconstruction Project (Compilation)

------------- a BB Chronicles Exclusive Custom Compilation--------------

The Who
This Old Lifehouse
The Bootleg Reconstruction Project
Various sources, mainly soundboard, quality good to excellent
available in Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (@ 320 kbps) versions
Custom Artwork and liner notes included

OK, here it is, at along last, my Lifehouse compilation. This compilation gathers together unofficial recordings (live concerts, studio outtakes, and unreleased demos) of songs performed by The Who that were originally written for, intended for, or otherwise associated with Pete Townshend and The Who’s aborted 1971 project, Lifehouse. All tracks have been previously available from various bootleg sources. This compilation represents, as far as I know, the first comprehensive collection of the Who's Lifehouse songs. I put this together because, in the 38 years since the initial demise of Lifehouse and the release of Who’s Next in it’s wake, there has not been any attempt to collect all of the remarkable music written for that project as performed by the Who in a single collection. So, here it is, my version of Lifehouse, which I have dubbed ‘This Old Lifehouse – The Bootleg Reconstruction Project’. I believe Lifehouse, and this assemblage of songs represents the greatest rock album never released. I have spent well over a year tracking down, listening, compiling, and sorting through countless available bootleg recordings to find the best assemblage of tracks for this compilation. I also wanted to try, as much as possible, to use recordings from the original group (Townshend, Entwhistle, Daltrey, and Moon) near the time of Lifehouse itself, so an emphasis is on recordings from 1970-1976. Originally, I wanted to include as much as possible from the original 1971 Lifehouse shows, unfortunately, most of the available recordings from these shows are not very good, and in most cases I had to use other better recordings. Most of the tracks used come from soundboard recordings, thus the overall sound quality is very good. The one glaring exception to this is the recording of ‘Time is Passing’ which comes from a relatively (compared to the rest of the tracks) poor audience recording. However, this is probably the only live recording of this track (other than the officially released Young Vic show from 4/26/71) in existence, as this song was dropped from the setlist after only a few performances. Thus, it is included here, but is not up to the quality of the rest of the collection. This set is as complete as I could make it, but unfortunately, there are still a few tracks for which I could not find any unofficial recordings (‘Teenage Wasteland’ was apparently never recorded by The Who, and ‘Going Mobile’ and ‘Put The Money Down’, have apparently, and quite surprisingly, never been played live, and thus no unofficial recordings exist). Full details, compilation notes, and individual track notes are included. For further descriptions and the listing of the officially released versions of the Lifehouse songs, see my previous post on 'This Old Lifehouse - The D.I.Y. Compilation'.
I give a big Thank You to all those that have made these recordings available. I have prepared two versions of this collection, a lossless version (in FLAC), and an mp3 version (@320 kbps). The tracks contained in each version are identical, with the exception that the FLAC set does not include ‘Mary', as I could not find a lossless source for that track. The compilation consists of songs compiled from 15 different live concerts and 4 studio sessions ranging from 1970 to 2006. 17 of the 27 tracks come from the core group years (1970-1976) and 22 of the 27 from the 1970’s. I hope you like it. --BBKron

Track List:
Disc 1:
Teenage Wasteland (No unofficial recordings – Never played live)
01. Love Ain’t For Keeping (Alternate Version/Mix – Record Plant Sessions 03/71 NY)
02. Time Is Passing (1971-05-14 - Liverpool)
Going Mobile (No Unofficial recordings – Never played Live)
03. Greyhound Girl (2006-7-14 – Locarno)
04. Mary (Townshend)(2000-3-23 – London) Note: FLAC version does not contain this one track, as no lossless source was found
05. Keep Me Turning (Townshend)(Alternate Version/Mix - Rough Mix Sessions – 1977)
06. I Don’t Even Know Myself (1970-07-07 – Tanglewood)
07. Bargain (1971-12-07 – Phoenix)
08. Too Much of Anything (Alternate Version/Mix – Record Plant Sessions 03/71 NY)
09. Music Must Change (1979-12-08 – Chicago)
10. Baba O’Riley (1975-11-20 – Houston)
11. Behind Blue Eyes (1975-11-20 – Houston)
12. Sister Disco (Alternate Version/Mix - Shepperton Studio Sessions 1979)
Put The Money Down (No Unofficial Recordings – Never Played Live)
13. Baby Don’t Do It (1971-12-13 – San Francisco)
14. Pure and Easy (Alternate Version/Mix – Record Plant Sessions 03/71 NY)

Disc 2:
15. Getting In Tune (Alternate Version/Mix – Record Plant Sessions 03/71 NY)
16. Let’s See Action (2000-09-30 – Cleveland)
17. Slip Kid (1976-03-11 – New York)
18. Relay (2000-09-30 – Cleveland)
19. Who Are You Intro Jam (1st Time played – 1976-10-21 – Toronto)
20. Who Are You (1979-05-17 – Paris)
21. Join Together Intro Jam (1975-11-20 – Houston)
22. Join Together (1989-06-27 – New York)
23. Long Live Rock (1979-12-08 – Chicago)
24. Water (1970-07-07 – Tanglewood)
25. Naked Eye (1974-05-18 – Charlton)
26. Won’t Get Fooled Again (1973-12-04 – Philadelphia)
27. Song Is Over (Alternate Version/Mix – Olympic Studio Sessions – 4-5/71 London)

Compiled by BBKron exclusively for The BB Chronicles (
This compilation gathers together unofficial recordings of songs originally intended for the Who’s abandoned Lifehouse project. All tracks have been previously available from various bootleg sources. To be freely shared with others, but please always include all related files and give credit to this source.

Updated and expanded Version 2.0 now available, see new post and links here:

The Who - Lifehouse Compilations - This Old Lifehouse

The Who
This Old Lifehouse
The ‘Official’ D.I.Y. Compilation

Since I first became aware of it in the 1970's, I have been fascinated with the music of Lifehouse, Pete Townshend and the Who's abandoned 1971 musical project. Although most of the songs have been released sporadically in various bits and pieces over the years, I have been waiting ever since that time for a comprehensive collection of The Who's Lifehouse songs to finally be released. Except for Townshend's Lifehouse Demos (which are simply fantastic, but still demos, and not the Who's versions of the songs) which was released in 2000 as part of the Townshend's 6-CD Lifehouse Chronicles, I am still waiting. A few years ago, when I discovered the vast warehouse of unreleased and bootleg material available, I immediately searched for anything related to Lifehouse, but was again disappointed to find that no one had actually attempted to reconstruct a Lifehouse bootleg. So, it came down to me doing it myself.
        As anyone knowledgeable of Rock ‘n Roll history knows, in 1970, as a follow-up to their enormously successful rock opera Tommy, Pete Townshend proposed an even more ambitious project, Lifehouse, a multimedia event that would encompass live concerts, a motion picture, and a double album. The concept combined teachings from Townshend’s spiritual mentor, Meher Baba, with a science fiction-based storyline. Lifehouse was meant to explore the idea that music is the fundamental basis of all life - that every human being on Earth has a unique musical melody that "describes" them, and only them, perfectly. When the unique songs of enough people are played in unison, the result would be a single harmonic note - the One Note. As a very brief synopsis, the story was to take place in 21st century Britain, in an age where pollution has become such a drastic problem that people spend most of their lives in impervious "experience suits" which are connected to a universal grid and supplied with entertainment and artificial life experiences by the government. Along comes Bobby, an electronics wizard who rediscovers 20th Century rock and roll music, takes over a disused rock theater, renames it “The Lifehouse”, and breaks into the computer network controlling the suits to invite people to leave their suits and come together for a concert. Despite the best efforts of the government, thousands of people gather at the Lifehouse, as the musicians (The Who) and audience perform classic rock n roll, as well as experimental songs interacting with the audience designed to eventually achieve the ‘One Note’. However, the details of the story are immaterial at this point, what matters most is the great music that Townshend had written and planned for the project. Townshend wrote close to 30 songs either specifically for or to be used in some way (such as for the rock concert portions) in the project. This was undeniably Townshend’s most productive period, and much of the best music he ever wrote went into Lifehouse. Lifehouse is probably the greatest rock album never released, and could have been The Who's best album. But, as problems in the development of Lifehouse mounted, and the grand scale of the project was falling apart, it was decided to abandon the concept and just put out a single album containing some the best stuff, and to make it just a solid hard-rock album. The resulting ‘compromise’ album, of course, was Who’s Next, generally considered the Who’s Greatest album, and one of the greatest rock albums of all time. But it still is not what it could have been, with dozens of great songs left behind.
Because so many of the songs intended for Lifehouse have been officially released in some form or another, as I began looking into making this compilation, it became clear that there should be 2 distinct collections: one that compiled all the officially released studio versions of the Lifehouse material, and one that contained unofficial recordings, mainly live versions, of the Lifehouse songs, that could be shared, distributed, and downloaded among fans. The ‘official’ collection, is presented only as a tracklist and information on where to find (what official albums contain) the appropriate tracks. I have put both collections under the umbrella title of ‘This Old Lifehouse’, with the ‘official’ collection dubbed ‘The D.I.Y. Compilation’ (Do-It-Yourself), as it requires Who fans to compile the collection themselves using their own purchased album collections. The other set, designated ‘The Bootleg Reconstruction Project’ is the compilation of various unofficial live recordings, studio sessions, and demos, that have not been officially released, and that will be dealt with in a subsequent post. Here is the information for putting together the D.I.Y. compilation.

The Who
This Old Lifehouse
The 'Official' D.I.Y. Compilation
Track List:
Disc 1:
01. Teenage Wasteland (Lifehouse Demos from Lifehouse Chronicles or Sadler’s Wells 2000-2-25)
02. Time Is Passing (Odds & Sods – Remastered Edition)
03. Love Ain’t For Keeping (Who’s Next)
04. Going Mobile (Who’s Next)
05. Greyhound Girl (Pete Townshend – Lifehouse Demos)
06. Mary (Pete Townshend – Lifehouse Demos)
07. Keep Me Turning (Pete Townshend – Rough Mix)
08. I Don’t Even Know Myself (Who’s Next – Remastered Edition)
09. Bargain (Who’s Next)
10. Too Much of Anything (Odds & Sods – Remasterd Edition)
11. Music Must Change (Who Are You)
12. Baba O’Riley (Who’s Next)
13. Behind Blue Eyes (Who’s Next)
14. Sister Disco (Who Are You)
15. Put The Money Down (Odds & Sods)
16. Baby Don’t Do It (Who’s Next – Remastered Edition)

Disc 2:
17. Pure and Easy (Odds & Sods or Alt. version on Who’s Next – Deluxe Edition)
18. Getting In Tune (Who’s Next)
19. Let’s See Action (Ultimate Collection or 30 Years of Maximum R ‘n B)
20. Slip Kid (Who By Numbers)
21. Relay (30 Years)
22. Who Are You (Who Are You)
23. Join Together (Ultimate Collection or 30 Years)
24. Long Live Rock (Odds & Sods)
25. Water (Odds & Sods – Remastered)
26. Naked Eye (Odds & Sods)
27. Won’t Get Fooled Again (Who’s Next)
28. Song Is Over (Who’s Next)

The ‘Official’ D.I.Y. Compilation provides track information regarding where to find the officially released tracks (on what albums they are located), so that one can use this information to compile their own ‘Lifehouse’ collection from their existing Who music collection (thus D.I.Y. – Do It Yourself).
Note: Track order was arrived at by combining information from existing available sources (such as Townshend’s Lifehouse Demos, Lifehouse Chronicles, the 2000 Sadler’s Wells Lifehouse Concerts, and other live shows) and arranged into a reasonably accurate and aesthetically pleasing sequence.