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Paolo Nutini - 2009-05-18 - Dunfermline, Scotland

Paolo Nutini
Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, Scotland

Audience recording, good quality
mp3 @ vbr (221-245 kbps)

Here's another international star who is relatively unknown in the US, Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini. I first heard Paolo back around 2006, with the song 'New Shoes' on the radio and was immediately taken with it. It just had a great groove and feel, and I loved it the first time I heard it, but then it never really took off here, and faded (ironically, now, several years later, Pharrell Williams lifted that same great groove and feel, dumbed it down a bit, and rode it to the smash hit, oscar-nominated 'Happy'). I didn't think much more about 'New Shoes' or Paolo until a couple years later when I heard the song again, and remembered how much I liked it, and wondered more about who Paolo Nutini was. I figured he was probably just a struggling singer/songwriter and New Shoes was his only brush with fame. However, when I googled Paolo I was very surprised to find that he was a big star in the UK, with multiple hit records (and 'New Shoes' wasn't even one of them) as well as hit albums, and was also becoming a star in europe, yet was still virtually unknown in the US. Anyway, Paolo's first album, These Streets (2006) was a hit and established him as a rising star, then the follow-up, Sunny Side Up (2009) was an even biger hit, reaching Number 1 in the UK. Now, in 2014, he has released his third album, Caustic Love, which has already reached No. 1 in the UK and elsewhere, yet he has still not been able to crack the US audience, press, or radio. He seems to be making a major push for the US this year, though, with TV appearances and a major US tour this fall, so it may soon be that America finally 'discovers' and embraces him. His more recent songs have gone in a more soulful, R&B-oriented direction, rather than the breezy pop and folk-rock of his first album, but all his music certainly would seem to fit right in with the American pop-rock scene and be accepted by US audiences, so it is somewhat surprising that he has yet to find mainstream success here. Anyway, here is a show from 2009, in his homeland Scotland, featuring songs from his first 2 albums. It is a good quality audience recording (although band is a bit distant), occasionally marred somewhat by an overenthusiastic audience and fans singing along with all the hits, but it certainly does show how popular he is there and gives a good summary of his music at this point in his career.   

01. Forget It
02. High Hopes
03. Alloway Grove
04. Loving You
05. Mellow Down Easy
06. Pencil Full of Lead
07. Last Request
08. Simple Things
09. Growing Up Beside You
10. These Streets
11. Candy
12. Bear Necessities (impromptu excerpt)
13. Coming Up Easy
14. Down in Mexico (Coasters cover)
15. Funky Cigarette
16. Sleepwalking
17. No Other Way
18. New Shoes
19. Tricks of the Trade
20. Ritalin
21. 10/10
22. Jenny

Paolo Nutini_2009_Dunfermline.rar

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tim Christensen - Live Selections (Various Live performances, 2004-2012)

Tim Christensen
Live Selection Box (Various live performances, 2004-2012)

Soundboard, FM, or TV Broadcast recordings, very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but hey, it is summer, and I just have not had any time recently, and don't expect to be able to contribute anything much over the next month either, as I will be going away a lot this summer. Anyway, before I take off again, here is something from someone that is worth checking out but that most of you have probably never heard of (I had never heard of him until last year. This is Tim Christensen, the very talented Danish singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist, formerly of the 90's Danish power rock band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. After that band split, Tim went on his own with a series of solo albums (Secrets On Parade-2000, Honeyburst-2003, Superior-2008), live albums, and other projects (Tim Christensen and The Damn Crystals-2011), which showed much more diverse sides to his music, playing, and songwriting. Then, in June 2012, Christensen with a few friends, played a Paul McCartney tribute concert at Vega in Copenhagen, in celebration of McCartney's 70th birthday. The show included an amazing re-creation/re-imagining of  the entire Ram album (in sequence), as well as several other post-Beatles McCartney songs. The show was recorded and released in 2013 as Pure McCartney, and later that year I was introduced to the Pure McCartney album, and was amazed by it, leading to finding and enjoying more of Tim's music. He's a big star in Denmark, but little known elsewhere. This represents a selection of various live performances of Tim's (in high quality sound) over the last several years, to give you an idea of his music. Note: This collection was put together by Mick for the old ASH On The Beat Blog, so thanks to him for making this available and spreading the word about this amazing artist.

Rockpalast - 2009-03-25 (tracks 1-5)
01. Crossroads
02. Jump The Gun
03. Isolation Here I Come
04. Superior
05. Falling to Pieces
06. Hard to Make You Mine, Waterline (DR P3 Guild - 2009)
07. Wonder of Wonders (DR P3 Guild - 2009)
08. Don't Leave Me But Leave Me Alone (Abbey Road Studios - 2004)
09. Happy Ever After (giel3 FM)
10. 21st Century High (TV)
11. Tell Me What You Really want (TV)
12. Silverflame
13. Cinnamon Girl (w/Figurines)
14. Venus & Mars-Rockshow (w/Mike Viola & Tracy Bonham - 2012)
15. Wonder of Wonders (Mooi Weer De Leeuw - 2010-04-24)
16. Hard to Make You Mine (TV)

Tim Christensen - Live selection Box.rar

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gene Clark - Gene Clark Box Set (Fan Compilation - 7 discs)

Gene Clark
Gene Clark Box Set (The Byrdwatchers Fan Club Collection) 7 discs

Compilation of Unreleased, rare, alternate takes, demos, and live recordings put together by Fans from the Byrdwatchers Fan Club, first made available in 2001.
Miscellaneous recordings of varying sound quality, but overall good to very good
Mp3 (VBR ~128-192kbps)
Artwork and notes included

Here is a hard-to-find gem, a fan compilation box set of the great songwriter and golden-voiced singer, Gene Clark. This is a whopping 7 disc collection consisting completely of unreleased material from throughout his post-Byrds (and Post-Dillard & Clark) career (covering 1971-1991). That is, this material was all unreleased at the time the compilation was put together, which was 2001, as since then official versions of some of these tracks have been subsequently released. The compilation is divided into the sections Unreleased Originals, Unreleased Covers, Rare releases and Alternate Takes, and The Live Performances, but within those sections there is no particular theme or order, as different time periods are mixed throughout. This version of the collection also includes some additional tracks (of unknown history and origin) that were obtained from the official Gene Clark web site several years ago (included in package I received). Thus, this contains loads of great stuff for dedicated fans, including much that you may not have heard before, by this great, underappreciated artist (However, due to the demo and unpolished nature of many of the tracks, probably not the best place to start for newcomers to Gene's music). Unfortunately, I only have this in this lower bitrate version, as I obtained this several years ago before trading at the higher bitrates became commonplace, and have been unable to find a higher quality version since, but being able to get this in any form is well worth it. Thanks to all those dedicated fans that were able to track down these recordings, make this compilation, and then make it available for others to enjoy.

Disc 1
01 - I Don't Want To See You Anymore
02 - Carry On
03 - Shades of Blues
04 - I Need to Fly
05 - Sleep Will Return
06 - After The Storm
07 - Look Who's Missing Who
08 - Somewhere After Midnight
09 - Life and Times
10 - Straight from the Heart
11 - Crazy Ladies
12 - Ladies' Turnaround
13 - My Marie
14 - I Am Without You
15 - On The Run
16 - The Old Mountain God
Disc 2
01 - Last of the Blue Diamond Miners
02 - Winning Hand (Dancin' on the Moon)
03 - (Living In) Hard Times
04 - You're Gonna Miss That Somebody
05 - Daylight Line
06 - Ship of the Lord
07 - Into the Night
08 - You and I
09 - I Had a Dream Come True
10 - What Is Meant Will Be
11 - We Came For Love (Mary Ann)
12 - Put Your Faith In Me
13 - Wheel of Time

Disc 3
01 - No Memories Hanging Around
02 - Kaw-Uga
03 - Long Black Veil
04 - Gates Of Eden
05 - Tell It Like It Is
06 - She Loves You
07 - I Shall Be Released
08 - Stand By Me
09 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
10 - Kansas City
11 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
12 - I'll Be Back
13 - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
14 - Boll Weevill Song
Disc 4
01 - Baby Blue
02 - Love Is Gonna Come At Last
03 - My Back Pages
04 - One Hundred Years From Now
05 - You Really Got a Hold On Me
06 - Living Nextdoor To Alice
07 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
08 - The Closer You Get
09 - Still Feeling Blue
10 - Young Love (First Love)
11 - So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star
12 - Needles and Pins
13 - Ain't Livin' Long Like This
14 - Why You Been Gone So Long


01 - Day For The Night
02 - Denver Or Whenever
03 - Lover's Turnaround
04 - Jokers Are Wild
05 - Release Me Girl
06 - Here Without You
07 - Hula Bula Man
08 - Changes
09 - Outlaw Song
10 - I Remember The Railroad
11 - Why Did You Leave Me Today
12 - Shooting Star
13 - Gypsy Rider
14 - Mary Sue
15 - In A Misty Morning
16 - All I Want
17 - Love Wins Again
18 - She Don't Care About Time
19 - The Virgin
20 - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Additional tracks (From official web site) - no documentation:
21 - Ain't Livin' Long Like This
22 - I Really Don't Want to Know
23 - Love Deluxe       
24 - Roadmaster   
25 - Rough and Rocky
26 - Tried So Hard   
27 - Where Does Love Go
28 - Gypsy Rider

Disc 6
01 - Kansas City Southern
02 - If You Could Read My Mind
03 - Painted Fire
04 - Won't Let You Down
05 - Something About You Baby
06 - Train Leaves Here This Morning
07 - Hear The Wind
08 - Backstage Pass
09 - The World Turns All Around Her
10 - Release Me Girl
11 - Spanish Guitar
12 - Satisfied Mind
13 - Denver Or Whenever
14 - Eight Miles High
15 - Rodeo Rider
16 - Your Fire Burning
17 - She Don't Care About Time
18 - Past Addresses
19 - Little Mama
20 - Bells Of Rhymney
Disc 7
01 - You're Gonna Miss That Somebody
02 - Blue Raven
03 - Here Without You
04 - Feeling Higher
05 - Silver Raven
06 - Fair And Tender Ladies
07 - Gypsy Rider
08 - Life's Greatest Fool
09 - Rain Song
10 - American Dreamer
11 - Hot Burrito #1
12 - Stand By Me
13 - Set You Free This Time
14 - You Showed Me
15 - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
16 - Mr Tambourine Man

Discs 1&2: Gene Clark - Fan Club Box Set discs1&2.rar
Discs 3&4: Gene Clark - Fan Club Box Set discs3&4.rar
Disc 5: Gene Clark - Fan Club Box Set disc5.rar
Discs 6&7: Gene Clark - Fan Club Box Set discs6&7

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flip City (pre-Elvis Costello band) - Demos 1974-1975

Flip City
(Elvis Costello's early pre-fame band)
Demos & Unreleased Recordings 1974-1975

Studio soundboard recordings, very good quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

OK, I had to include this one last Pub Rock entry, to follow-up on the Flip City post from last week. As already explained, Flip City was Elvis' early pre-Costello band that played on the pub rock circuit. Although they never had any records officially released, they did make it into a recording studio on three separate occasions, which are documented here. So, here we have their only recorded output, which includes several MacManus originals (both early versions of songs that would later be recorded by Elvis and songs that would never be released in any form) and fascinating covers (such as 'Knockin On Heaven's Door', 'Third Rate Romance', 'You Win Again'). Thus, this is a unique treasure trove for all Elvis fans, with a compelling look at his early works and songwriting, all in very good audio quality (unlike the previous live recording with only so-so audio quality). Incidentally, this recording of 'Third Rate Romance' was planned to be released as Flip City's first single, but unfortunately, it never happened, and by the end of 1975, Flip City called it quits. Of course, thankfully, that also allowed Declan to later be re-discovered and re-born as Elvis Costello. 

Tracklist: (All songs written by Declan P. MacManus, except where indicated)
BBC's Maida Vale Studios, 1974
1. Exile's Road
2. Baseball Heroes (later became, via about three re-writes, 'Miracle Man')
3. Radio Soul (later became 'Radio Radio')
Hope and Anchor Pub, Attic Studio, Islington, early 1975
4. Imagination (is a powerful deceiver) (early version of what would later become 'Alison')
5. Pay it Back
6. Radio Soul (version 2)
Hope and Anchor Pub, Attic Studio, Islington, 1975
7. Third Rate Romance (Russell Smith)
8. Knockin' on Heaven's' Door (Bob Dylan)
9. Packin' Up (Chris Kenner)
10. Please Mister, Don't Stop the Band
11. Exile's Road
12. Wreck on the Slide
13. On the Road (Steve Hazlehurst)
14. You Win Again (Hank Williams)
15. Sweet Revival

Flip City:
Declan P. MacManus - guitar, lead vocals
Mitch Kent - bass, vocals
Steve Hazelhurst - guitar, vocals, keyboards, sax
Malcolm Dennis - drums (early session only)
Ian Powling - drums (last sessions)
Dickie Faulkner - percussion, vocals (last sessions)

Elvis Costello_Flip City demos 1974-75.rar

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Flip City - 1975-11-30 - The Red Cow, London, UK

Flip City
(Featuring Declan P. MacManus)
November 30, 1975
The Red Cow, London, UK
Audience recording, fair quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

To wrap up this look at '70's Pub rock bands, here's a band that played the London pub-rock circuit around 1974-75, but was not very well-known even within that scene and never quite made it. Formed in 1974 by Mitch Kent, Malcolm Dennis, and Declan MacManus after meeting at Brinsley Schwartz shows and discovering their mutual admiration for all things Brinsley, they formed their own band to play similar styled music, but only achieved modest success in obtaining pub circuit gigs, and very little success in making any money at it, and thus disbanded by the end of 1975. However, they featured a young singer/songwriter/guitarist, Declan MacManus, who would soon go solo, change his name, sign a record deal, and make quite a splash as an emerging 'new wave' artist, and then continue to grow, develop, and mature into one of the great icons of rock over the next 40 years. That, of course was none other than Elvis Costello. This early band gave Declan (aka Elvis) a chance to try out some of his own compositions amidst the more standard pub rock fare, as well as begin to develop his own distinctive style. But by the end of 1975, Declan had recently gotten married, and soon had both a wife and baby to take care of, and the band was just not cutting it, so Declan had to pull the plug and try something else. He continued to do occasional solo shows (sometimes under the name D.P. Costello), but had to take a 'regular' job as a computer operator to pay the bills while he shopped his demo tape around. Of course, eventually (by late 1976), his tape made it to Stiff records where it was heard by Nick Lowe (of Brinsley Schwartz fame, now a producer at Stiff), and the rest, as they say, is history, as Nick produced the first several of Elvis' albums, and Elvis became a legend (sort of, eventually). The show we have here is one of the very last performances by Flip City before they called it quits (by most accounts this was the next to last performance, with the last performance coming the following week at Ewell Tech supporting the Climax Blues Band). This was the last show of a series of gigs at The Red Cow. By this time, they had become pretty accomplished as a band, and play a very fine set here. Declan already had early versions of several songs that would go on to be very successful in his solo career ('Miracle Man', 'Pay It Back', 'Radio Soul'- which would become 'Radio Radio', 'Imagination', etc.). Interestingly, in his recent live shows (most notably his 2013 solo acoustic shows), Elvis has gone back to performing this original 'Radio Soul' version rather than the more familiar 'Radio Radio'. Although this audience recording is certainly not very high quality, it really is not that bad either, very listenable, and certainly worth hearing.

01. Don't Lie To Me
02. Sweet Revival
03. You Win Again
04. Before I Grow Too Old
05. Bring It On Home To Me
06. Another Saturday Night
07. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry
08. Radio Soul
09. I Love The Life I Live
10. Third Rate Romance
11. Gone Dead Train
12. Pay It Back
13. One More Heartache
14. Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver
15. On The Road
16. Flatfoot Hotel
17. Miracle Man

Flip City was:
Declan P. MacManus - guitar/vocals,
Mich Kent - bass
Ian Powling - drums
Steve Hazelhurst - guitar
Dickie Faulkner - percussion
Guest: Malcolm Dennis - drums on Gone Dead Train (was original drummer for group)

Flip City_1975-11-30_Red Cow.rar

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Eddie & The Hot Rods - 1977-01-14 - Paris

Eddie and The Hot Rods
January 14, 1977
Le Bataclans, Paris, France

Audience recording, good quality (From The Moose Track Collection)
Mp3 @ 224 kbps

Continuing with more Pub Rock , here's some more from Eddie & The Hot Rods, this one a full-length set from early in 1977, which was after their first album, but before their second album, and thus features more of their regular 'pub rock' material, including several rock classics of old ('96 Tears', 'Wooly Bully', 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy', 'Gloria') and relatively new (the Who's' Kids are Alright', Seger's 'Get Out of Denver', and CCR's 'It Came Out of the Sky'), as well as original songs from their first album.

1. Get Across To You
2. 96 Tears
3. Keep On Keeping on
4. All I Need Is Money
5. Show Me
6. Woolly Bully / Horseplay
7. Why Can't It Be
8. Teenage Depression
9  The Kids Are Alright
10. It's Been So Long
11. Hard Driving Man
12. Double Checking Woman
13. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
14. On The Run
15. audience
16. Get Out Of Denver
17. Gloria
18. It Came Out Of The Sky

Eddie & TheHotRods_1977-01-14_Paris.rar

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eddie & the Hot Rods - 1977-11-19 - Passaic, NJ

Eddie and The Hot Rods
Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ

Audience recording, good quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

Here's Eddie & the Hot Rods, one of the later, more aggressive, harder-edged Pub Rock bands, during their first US tour, in which they opened a show that was billed as "New Wave In New Jersey" that featured The Talking Heads and The Ramones. This was after they achieved some success with their 1977 single 'Do Anything You Want To Do' reaching the top ten in the UK, and was in support of their second album, Life on The Line. Here, you can hear the move toward a more punkish sound and style, yet their pub rock roots also remain prominent.  
The band started in 1975 (from Canvey Island, just like Dr. Feelgood), and worked their way up from the pubs to semi-stardom in 1977, but just never quite caught on in the US, and although they continued to try for several years after, this was as famous as they would get as they never again achieved the level of success they had here in 1977, but they could definitely rock it. So, by this time, Pub Rock was pretty much over as a musical scene and movement. But the music lives on.

01. Teenage Depression
02. The Kids Are Alright
03. Telephone Girl
04. Life On The Line
05. Quit This Town
06. I Might Be Lying
07. Why Can't It Be
08. Do Anything You Want To Do
09. Ignore Them
10. Beginning Of The End
11. Get Out Of Denver

Barrie Masters - Vocals
Graeme Douglas - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dave Higgs - Guitar, backing vocals
Paul Gray - Bass, Backing Vocals
Steve Nicol - Drums, Backing Vocals

Eddie & The Hot Rods - 1977-11-19 - Passaic NJ