Friday, November 20, 2015

Del Amitri - 1995-04-30 - Silm's, San Francisco, CA

Del Amitri
Slim's, San Francisco, CA

FM Broadcast recording (KFOG-FM), very good quality
Mp3 @320 kbps

Here's one more show from the underrated power pop band Del Amitri. This one, a great full-length radio broadcast show (plus some bonus tracks) from around the height of their popularity, on the tour promoting their 4th album, Twisted (1995), which featured some of the band's best-known songs. Thus, this show features most of the songs from Twisted, as well as many songs from earlier albums, for a wonderful show. The bonus tracks add a few different songs from other shows from around that same time period, also with very good sound quality.

1. Intro - Food For Songs
2. Just Like A Man
3. When I Want You
4. Start With Me
5. One Thing Left To Do
6. To Last A Lifetime
7. Hatful Of Rain
8. Roll To Me
9. Crashing Down
10. Come Together
11. Move Away Jimmy Blue
12. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
13. Always The Last To Know
14. Being Somebody Else
15. Improv
16. Driving With The Brakes On
17. Medicine
18. Here And Now
19. Ace Of Spades
20. Be My Downfall (with bits of Like a Virgin and Kiss This Thing Goodbye)
Bonus live tracks:
21. Tell Her This (1996-07-07 - Cleveland, FM)
22. It Might As Well Be You (1995-08-06 - Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA, FM)
23. Scared To Live (1995-08-06 - Philadelphia)

Del Amitri_1995-04-30_San Francisco.part1.rar
Del Amitri_1995-04-30_San Francisco.part2.rar

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Del Amitri - 1990-06-23 - Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, UK

Del Amitri
Glastonbury Music Festival, Worthy Farm,
Pilton, Somerset, UK

FM Broadcast recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's more from Del Amitri, this time from a bit earlier in their career, at Glastonbury in 1990, fresh off the success of their breakthrough album, Waking Hours (1989). Here, they get their first taste of the big-time, as they feature many songs from that current album, as well as few lesser known gems. 

01 Opposite View
02 Hatful of Rain
03 When I Want You
04 As Soon As The Tide Comes In
05 Don't Cry No Tears
06 Nothing Ever Happens
07 You're Gone
08 Stone Cold Sober
09 Spit In The Rain
10 The Ones That You Love Lead You
11 The Return of Maggie Brown
12 Kiss This Thing Goodbye

Del Amitri_1990-06-23_Glastonbury.rar

Friday, November 6, 2015

Del Amitri - 1997-10-08 - Herisau, Switzerland

Del Amitri
Unknown venue, Herisau, Switzerland

Audience(?) recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's another great UK Power Pop Band that never quite got the success they deserved, especially here in the US. Del Amitri, from Glasgow, Scotland, started in the mid-80's and are lead by their primary songwriters Justin Currie (vocals-bass) and Iain Harvie (lead guitar). Currie has a great pop-rock singing voice, and their catchy, melodic songs feature (at least to my ears), a more bluesy/rootsy sound/feel then alot of other pop-rock of that time. Their first major success came with their 2nd album, Waking Hours (1989), which reached #6 on the UK charts, and their single 'Kiss This Thing Goodbye' received major radio airplay (but only marginal chart success) in the US. Although the supporting band around Currie and Harvie changed multiple times through the nineties (keyboardist Andy Alston was the only stable member throughout), subsequent albums Change Everything (1992 and Twisted (1995) were hits in the UK, but barely cracked the Top 200 in the US, despite radio airplay for songs such as  'Always the Last to Know', 'Driving with the Brakes On', and even a Top 10 single with 'Roll to Me'.  After their next album, Some Other Sucker's Parade (1997), more upheavals in personnel, record labels, and mounting pressure forced a 5-yr gap before their last album, Can You Do Me Good? (2002) was released. And although it rose to #6 on the UK charts, disappointing record sales resulted in the dropping of the band from their label, and virtual dissolution of the band. Currie and Harvie worked on some solo projects for a few years, but then in 2013 announced a Del Amitri Reunion, and the band has been back to touring ever since. The reformation of the band was also followed by deluxe edition reissues of most their albums, including many B-sides, rarities, and previously unreleased tracks (Del Amitri was one of those bands that seemed to have as many or more songs that were not on their albums as were on them, through numerous extended singles, B-sides, and various non-album tracks), and there seems to be much greater appreciation for their music now than there was in their original heyday. Even if you are not familiar with them or their music, most likely there are several songs of theirs that you've heard (and probably liked), but just didn't know who it was by.  Here is a fine full-length concert from 1997 that features several songs from their most recent album (Some Other Sucker's Parade), but also provides a good cross-section of songs from throughout their career as a nice sampler of their music. Check 'em out.

1. Intro
2. Some Other Sucker's Parade
3. Just Like a Man
4. Always the Last to Know
5. Cruel Light of Day
6. Not Where It's At
7. Paper Thin
8. Here and Now
9. What I Think She Sees
10. Roll to Me
11. Move Away Jimmy Blue
12. The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
13. Hatful of Rain
14. Mother Nature's Writing
15. Start with Me
16. Stone Cold Sober
17. Medicine
18. Be My Downfall - Drowned on Dry Land
19. Driving with the Brakes On
20. Kiss This Thing Goodbye

Del Amitri_1997-10-08_Switzerland.rar

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pugwash - 2015-10-16 - Whelan's, Dublin, Ireland

Whelan’s Pub, Dublin, Ireland

Audience recording, very good quality
Mp3 @ 320 kbps

Pugwash is a wonderful power pop band from Ireland lead by songwriter-vocalist-multi-instrumentalist Thomas Walsh. They are known for their melodic, retro-styled songs and harmonies reminiscent of classic 60's and 70's pop, but also sporting a contemporary flair. Although they have been around since 1999 and have released six critically-acclaimed studio albums and various compilations over the years, they have been virtually unknown in the US (until quite recently). None of their earlier albums have been released in the US, but, finally, in 2014, a new record deal ensured US and worldwide releases. So, in 2014, a new compilation album (A Rose in a Garden of Weeds) was their first release in the US, followed by their first US tour. Then, this year, in September 2015, their latest album, Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) was released (to much acclaim). For those not familiar with the band, their main influences include XTC, ELO, Jeff Lynne, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, and, of course, The Beatles. And they have collaborated and performed with artists such as XTC's Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory, Jason Falkner, Michael Penn, Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy), and Ben Folds.  Here is a very recent show in their native Dublin that features several songs from the new album, as well as selections from their catalog in a fun and informal Pub setting. Check 'em out.

01 intro, tuning, stage nonsense
02 Kicking & Screaming
03 Kings & Queens
04 Keep Moving On
05 Hung Myself Out to Dry
06 Finer Things In Life
07 Apples
08 Be My Friend a While
09 Kids in America
10 There You Are
11 You Could Always Cry
12 selling albums from stage
13 Here
14 Answers On a Postcard
15 Anyone Who Asks
16 It's Nice to Be Nice
17 encore break
18 Take Me Away


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jackson Browne - Golden Slumbers (Live-Rarities Fan Compilation) Volumes 1-5

Jackson Browne
Golden Slumbers Volumes 1-5 (Complete 6-CD fan compilation of rarities and live recordings)

Soundboard (and FM Broadcast) recordings, Excellent quality (overall)
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions
Artwork also included

Here's a real treat for fans of Jackson Browne, the complete Golden Slumbers fan compilation, which is an excellent rarities collection that I have been trying to get my hands on for several years now, previously to no avail. But thanks to a kindly reader of the blog from the Netherlands (Thanks CVE!), who generously sent me CD copies of the full set, I now have it and can share it here.  This is a great set that brings together many bits & pieces, duets, live performances, radio sessions, one-of-a-kind moments, and miscellaneous rarities from throughout Jackson's career, including many one-off performances from various charity and benefit shows and rare backing vocal stints with others. It also includes a couple full-length live shows. But the main thing that makes this set so great is the superb sound quality of the bulk of the recordings. This is just an excellent sounding collection, with top-notch sound and recording quality across the board (and actually, the one instance where the sound was not top-notch - for the 1976-03-02 Tulane show, a much better quality (PreFM) version has more recently come available, so I have substituted the higher quality version for the one originally included with this set - So, the quality has been upgraded here, to remain superb throughout). This was originally available as a 3-CD set back around 1996-1998, but then additional volumes were added in subsequent years, but has been very difficult to find. So, here is the complete set. Hopefully posting this won't be a problem, but it does contain several individual songs that have been commercially released, but mostly on fairly obscure or out of print charity albums, soundtracks, or albums of other artists. Anyway, I have been enjoying this very much recently, some very interesting performances, and hope you like it too. (Note: some of the info about the songs included is incomplete or not accurate. This is inherent in the original set. I started to try to make some corrections or updates to the information, but didn't make it past the first disc, as it was just too time-consuming and didn't seem worth it, so I apologize for the incomplete info about some of the songs) 

Volume 1
1. I'm Alive 5:48 
2. World In Motion 3:57 
3. Sky Blue And Black 5:57 
4. The Load-Out 5:08 
5. Stay 3:25 
6. Golden Slumbers (With Jennifer Warnes) 4:45 
7. Redemption Song 4:00 
8. Tracks Of My Tears 3:09 
9. Wake Up, Little Susie (With Melissa Etheridge) 2:45 
10. On The Cradle (With Graham Nash) 3:41 
11. Take It Easy 2:27 
12. Our Lady Of The Well 2:47 
13. World In Motion (With Bonnie Raitt) 4:43 
14. The Rebel Jesus Skyline Gig (With The Chieftains) 5:43 
15. Cocaine 5:08 
16. Highway '61 (With Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Springsteen) 3:50 
17. Across The Borderline (With Bonnie Raitt & Bruce Springsteen) 6:03 
18. The Pretender 6:40
 Tracks 01-05: Dutch Radio Performance "Twee Meter Sessie Unplugged", 1994-06-18
 Track 06: From "For Our Children" Pediatric AIDS Benefit album, 1991
 Tracks 07-09: Live in Cleveland OH, 1995-09-02
 Track 10: Hungerthon Benefit, Los Angeles, 1988-11-12
 Tracks 11-13: Live at the Farm Aid Benefit, 1990-04-07
 Track 14: From "Bells of Dublin", Chieftains Christmas Album, 1991
 Tracks 15-17: Christic Institute Benefit Concert, Los Angeles, 1990-11-16
 Track 18: Live in Hamburg, 1993-10-28

Volume 2 (Duets & Rarities)
1. Rock Me On The Water (With Kathy Mattea)  
2. You're A Friend Of Mine (With Clarence Clemons)  
3. Doctor My Eyes 
4. Never Knew Her (With David Lindley)  
5. First Girl I Loved 
6. Unloved (With Jann Arden)  
7. Just Like You (With Keb' Mo')  
8. Tender Is The Night  
9. Somebody's Baby
10. El Salvador (With Joan Baez)  
11. If I Only Had A Brain (With Jewel & Ry Cooder)
12. We're Off To See The Wizard  
13. Fiona (With Lyle Lovett)  
14. The Crow On The Cradle (With Graham Nash) 
15. Before The Deluge  
16. Stay (With Bruce Springsteen & E-Street Band)  
17. The Pretender
Track 1:  AIDS Benefit, 1994
Track 2: 1985
Track 3: Alternate mix/edit, "My Girl" Soundtrack, 1994
Track 4: 1988
Track 5: Elektra's 40th Anniversary, 1990
Track 6: 1993
Track 7: 1996
Track 8: alternate mix, remaster
Track 9: "Fast Times a Ridgemont High" Soundtrack, 1982
Track 10: 1989
Tracks 11-12: Wizard of Oz Concert, AIDS Benefit, 1995
Track 13: 1996
Tracks 14-16:  No Nukes Benefit Concert, 1979
Track 17: Live BBC, 1994
Volume 3
1. The Fuse
2. Farther On
3. For Every Man
4. The Only Child
5. Late For The Sky
6. Fountain Of Sorrow
7. Something Fine
8. For A Dancer
9. Rock Me On The Water
10. Crystal Ball
11. All I Want For Christmas Is World Peace
12. I Can't Sit Down
13. Before The Deluge
Tracks 1-9 Live at the RAI, Amsterdam, December 9, 1976
Tracks 10-11 Woodstock, NY 12/12/93 "Christmas with Cockburn"
Tracks 12-13 Santa Cruz Civic 19/5/1987

Volume 4 (Bits & Pieces)
Disc 1
1. I've Been The One
2. For Everyman  (with David Lindley)
3. My Opening Farewell  (with Bonnie Raitt)
4. Angel From Montgomery  (with Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby, Bryan Adams, Kim Wilson)
5. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 
6. Love Needs A Heart  (with Valerie Carter)
7. Lives In The Balance (with Crosby, Stills, Nash)
8. Barricades Of Heaven 
9. Two Of Me, Two Of You 
10. Let It Be Me  (with Timothy B. Schmitt)
11. Barricades Of Heaven  
12. Next Voice You Hear 
13. I'm Alive 
14. The Pretender 
15. Solo Pienso En Ti  [Enrique Urqujo y Los Problemas, Backing Vocals by Jackson Browne]
16. Pretty Girl Rules The World  (with David Lindley), Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, May 19, 1987]
 Track 1:  Lowell George Tribute - 1997
 Track 2:  Bread and Roses Festival: Greek Theater, Berkley, CA, October 1977
 Tracks 3-4: Bonnie Raitt Road Tested Tour, USA, 1995
 Track 5: Pete Seeger Tribute
 Track 6: 1996
 Tracks 8-9: FM Radio session
 Tracks 11-14: Solo acoustic session for FM 802, Osaka, Japan, April 6, 1998
 Track 16: Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, May 19, 1987

Disc 2
1. Intro
2. A Child In These Hills
3. Rock Me On The Water
4. Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
5. Take It Easy
6. Our Lady Of The Well
7. For A Dancer
8. Ready Or Not
9. Fountain Of Sorrow
10. For Everyman
11. Walking Slow
12. Doctor My Eyes
13. These Days
14. The Road And The Sky
15. Before The Deluge
Tracks 1-15 - Recorded live at Tulane University, 1976-03-02, early show

Volume 5 (The Osaka Sessions)
1. Late For the Sky
2. Don't You Want to be There
3. Rock Me On the Water
4. These Days
5. Soldier of Plenty
6. Sky Blue and Black
7. Como Un Corazon (with Los Secretos)
8. Before the Deluge (with Paul Brady)
9. My Problem is You (Esperando Por Ti) (with Luis Conte)
10. In Te Shape of a Heart
11. Man of Consant Sorrow (with Sharron Shannon)
12. Take This Rain
13. Talk of the Sea (with Mick Bird)
14. Fire in the Village (Backing vocal for John Trudell)
15. Danza Da Lua En Santiago (Backing vocal for Carlos Nunez)
Tracks 1-4: Live in the FM802 Studio, Osaka, Japan, April 2002
Tracks 5-7: Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1994-06-12
Track 8: National Stadium, Dublin, Ireland, 1994-06-27
Track 9: Spanish Rarity recording
Track 10: Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan, 1994-04-22
Tracks 11-12: Grand Opera House, Belfast Ireland, 1994-06-28
Tracks 13-15: Rare Tracks (contributions on recordings of others)

Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol1_mp3.rar
Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol2_mp3.rar
Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol3_mp3.rar
Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-1_mp3.rar
Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol4-2_mp3.rar
Jackson Browne_Golden Slumbers-Rarities_Vol5_mp3.rar


Friday, October 9, 2015

Golden Smog - The Jayhawks - Soul Asylum - 2004-07-18 - Rock For Democracy, First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Golden Smog, Rock For Democracy 2004, Minneapolis, MN (photo by David Poe)
Golden Smog - The Jayhawks - Soul Asylum
Rock For Democracy Show
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

Audience Recording, Good Quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

OK, so to wrap up this extended look at Golden Smog and the various related bands and their contributing members, here's a unique show from 2004 that featured not only the Smog, but representations of contributing bands The Jayhawks and Soul Asylum as well (sorry, no Jeff Tweedy or Wilco presence here that night). This was a Rock For Democracy 2004 Benefit Show, and it appears that the sets may have been something that were thrown together at the last minute, with little preparation or lead-time rehearsal (several starts and stops, some stage disorganization). But that's part of the fun of these types of shows. Most of the Smog's set are covers (which represents what the Smog was originally, a cover band), including songs from Bowie, Neil Young, Eddie & the Hot Ro0ds, Bad Company, and Alice Cooper, as well as their own 'The Dream is Never Over'. Overall, it is loose, a bit sloppy, but a fun night of bar-room music from the various components and characters involved in Golden Smog, and a fitting finale to this 'Summer of Golden Smog' here at the 'Chronicles.

Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum
01. Intro
02. Black Gold
  joined by Tim O'Reagan and Marc Perlman
03. Crazy Mixed Up World
04. Lately
05. Outro

The Jayhawks (Gary Louris/Marc Perlman/Tim O'Reagan/Karen Grotberg)
06. Intro
07. One Man's Problem (aborted due to audience member climbing onstage)
08. One Man's Problem
09. Pray For Me
10. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Tim-lead vocal)
11. Tailspin
12. Outro

Golden Smog (Gary Louris/Marc Perlman/Dan Murphy/Kraig Johnson/Peter Anderson)
13. intro
14. Starman (Gary- lead vocal)
15. That's When I Reach For My Revolver (Dan-lead vocal)
16. Powderfinger (Kraig-lead vocal)
17. Do Anything You Wanna Do (Dan-lead vocal)
18. The Dream Is Never Over (false starts) (Gary and Dave-lead vocals)
19. The Dream Is Never Over (Gary and Dave Pirner-lead vocals)
20. I'm Eighteen (false starts) (Dave- lead vocal)
21. I'm Eighteen (Dave- lead vocal)
22. Shooting Star (Dave-lead vocal)
23. Outro

Golden Smog_Jayhawks_Soul Asylum_2004-07-18_RFD-MinneapolisMN.rar

Friday, October 2, 2015

Soul Asylum - Grave Dancer's Union Demos & Outtakes

Soul Asylum
Grave Dancers Union Demos & Outtakes

Soundboard recordings, good to very good quality
Mp3 @320 kbps
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's some more from Soul Asylum, this time some demos and outtakes from around the time of their breakthrough album, Grave Dancer's Union (1992). This includes some early demo versions of several songs from Grave Dancers, as well as 4 songs that appear to be unreleased outtakes from these sessions. The Grave Dancers demos material suffer from some tape issues that indicate these are several generation duplicates of the originals. However, the unreleased outtake tracks are clearly from a different source, and are in much better, and high quality sound. So, although the demo versions of the tracks from Grave Dancers are interesting to hear, the real gems here are the previously unreleased outtake tracks ('Easy to Avoid', 'Some Obsession', 'Straight Up', and 'Thick and Thin'), which are very good, and a fine addition to the Soul Asylum repertoire from this period.

1.Get On Out
2.Runaway Train
3.Growing Into You
4.Easy To Avoid
6.Black Gold
7.Some Obsession
8.Straight Up
9.Thick And Thin
10.New World 2

Soul Asylum_Grave Dancers Union Demos_mp3.rar

Soul Asylum_Grave Dancers Union Demos_FLAC.rar