Friday, August 30, 2013

Jackson Browne - 1976-11-06 - 'Soundstage' TV show, Chicago, IL

Jackson Browne (w/ David Lindley and full band)
PBS Soundstage TV show, Live at WTTW Studios, Chicago, Illinois,
'Chicago Soundstage 1976'

Stereo FM broadcast (simulcast) recording, good quality
mp3 @ 224 kbps

Moving forward with more Jackson Browne, in late 1976 Jackson released his 4th album, The Pretender, and this TV show (PBS' Soundstage) performance was staged shortly after it's release. And although the album was a success, this was a very difficult period for Jackson and his family, because just months earlier, in March 1976,  Jackson suffered the crushing loss of his wife, Phylis Major, who took her own life with an overdose of sleeping pills. Despite being devastated by this loss, Jackson eventually worked to finish the album by fall, adding a couple of songs that dealt with the tragedy ('Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate' and 'Here Comes Those Tears Again'). He began performing and touring again in late 1976 to support the album, which went on to become his biggest success up to that time. For this Soundstage televised concert show, Jackson sticks with songs from Late For the Sky for the bulk of the show (6 songs, including 'Farther On', which was not included in the previous 'Late' show I offered), introducing only 2 songs from the new album (the opening 'The Fuse', and the closer 'The Pretender'). And once again, Jackson puts on a great show, if not a bit somber, with heartfelt renditions of these classic songs. The recording is from a very good FM broadcast, but like many older cassette recordings, shows some telltale artifacts of limited frequency range, tape wobble, and some hiss issues. But still, overall, is quite good and the show is certainly of merit and well-worth repeated listens.   

01. Intro / The Fuse
02. Rock Me On The Water
03. Late For The Sky
04. The Road And The Sky
05. Farther On
06. Fountain Of Sorrow (drop/glitch around 2:58)
07. Before The Deluge
08. Walking Slow
09. I Thought I Was A Child
10. The Pretender

The lineup:
Jackson Browne - vocals, keyboard, guitars
David Lindley - guitars, violin
John Mauceri - drums
Bryan Garofolo - bass
Mark Jordan - piano, guitar
David Mason - organ
David Landau - guitars


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jackson Browne (w/ David Lindley and band) - 1974-10-11 - Passaic, NJ

Jackson Browne (w/ David Lindley and band)
also w/ special guests Freebo & Bonnie Raitt
October 11, 1974
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ

Soundboard or FM recording (unknown origin), good quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

Here's some more vintage live Jackson Browne, from his 1974 Tour, with David Lindley and a full band this time. Apparently, there are not many available recordings from this tour, so this is great to have. This was my absolute favorite time period for Jackson, and although I adore several of Jackson's albums, I think his 1974 album, Late For The Sky, was his definitive masterpiece, and one of my favorite albums of all-time. These may not be his most famous, popular, or 'commercial' songs, but they are among his very best, and collectively, attain a level of heartfelt personal and emotional songwriting that has rarely been achieved.  It retains a very special place in my heart, and was very meaningful to me and my development. The depth of feeling and emotions contained not only in the lyrics, but the music as well, that Jackson was able to capture and convey in this album was extraordinary. The songs are so personal, yet express such universal feelings and expressions of hope, longing, frustration, and desperation. Personally, this album got me through some very difficult times making the transition from high school to college to adult, and it still is very powerful every time I listen to it. And this tour, not surpisingly, contained more songs from Late For the Sky, than any other, so it is also a personal favorite of mine. This show features 6 tracks from Late For the Sky (although it is lacking 'Farther On' and 'The Late Show', 2 other stand-out tracks that would have been great to have here), as well as some favorites from his first 2 albums. Bonnie Raitt and her band also played on the same bill, so this show also features some guests, bass-guitar-tuba player Freebo (from Bonnie's band) on some songs, and Bonnie Raitt herself joins Jackson for the encore, a rarely heard duet version of 'Cowboy Boots'. I don't know the origin of this show, but it seems to be a soundboard recording (or FM broadcast), so the sound is pretty good; however, it is also obvious that it comes from an old cassette recording, with some of the inherent sound limitations that came with most cassette recordings from the 1970's. But overall, it is wonderful to get to hear this show from this period in Jackson's history. Great stuff. 

01 Redneck Friend
02 Ready Or Not
03 Late For The Sky
04 Fountain Of Sorrow
05 For Everyman
06 For A Dancer
07 Rock Me On The Water
08 Walking Slow *
09 The Road & The Sky *
10 Before The Deluge *
11 Doctor My Eyes *
-- Encores
12 Take It Easy - Higher and Higher
13 Cowboy Boots **

* with Freebo (from Bonnie Raitt's band - bass, guitar,vocal)
** with Bonnie Raitt

Jackson Browne (vocals, guitars); David Lindley (guitars, violin); Larry Zack (drums); Doug Haywood (bass); Jai Winding (keyboards)

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jackson Browne (w/ David Lindley) - 1973-8-15 - Bryn Mawr, PA

Jackson Browne (with David Lindley)
August 15, 1973
The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA

Pre-FM soundboard recording, excellent quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps

Here's some more Jackson Browne from around the same period, also an excellent sounding recording, but this one has a few different songs (including an impromptu fiddle reel from Lindley while Jackson had some technical difficulties). Another great performance all around. Although this has a listed date as 8/15, that is actually not likely, as Jackson was opening for America all through August, and those dates did not include Lindley. Instead, this is most likely from some time in September, the exact date is not clear (not that it really matters), but it is another classic show from this period.

1. Take It Easy
2. Jesus in 3/4 Time
3. Jamaica Say You Will
4. Rock Me On The Water
5. Song For Adam
6. These Days
7. Colors of the Sun (aborted start)
8. Reel of the Hanged Man
9. Colors of the Sun (complete)
10. Redneck Friend
11. Sweet Little Sixteen
12. Runaway
13. My Opening Farewell

Jackson Browne - vocals and guitar
David Lindley - vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and steel guitar


Friday, August 16, 2013

Jackson Browne (w/ David Lindley) - 1973-09-27 - New York

Jackson Browne (with David Lindley)
September 27, 1973
RCA Studios, New York, NY

Pre-FM soundboard recording, excellent quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Sorry for the long gap between posts, but I have just been very busy the past month, and have been away much of that time, without access to my music files. But now, I will continue with a few more Jackson Browne shows, from early in his career. This is an excellent quality recording, from around the time of the release of his 2nd album, For Everyman, in fall 1973 (although some sources for this show claim it is from 1972, instead, but based on the setlist - including several For Everyman songs that he was not playing in '72 - I'd stick with 1973). Here we have a nice mix of songs from the first 2 albums, as well as a few that are not on any album, and with the wonderful David Lindley accompanying Jackson (for the first of many times over the years) on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. Just a wonderful show from these early years.

1.  Come All Ye Fair & Tender Ladies
2.  Take It Easy
3.  Jesus in 3/4 Time
4.  dialogue
5.  Our Lady of the Well
6.  dialogue
7.  Jamaica Say You Will
8.  Rock Me On The Water
9.  Out To Sea
10.  Looking Into You
11.  dialogue
12.  Song For Adam
13.  dialogue
14.  My Opening Farewell
15.  The Times You've Come
16.  For Everyman
17.  dialogue
18.  Redneck Friend

mp3 - Jackson_Browne_1973-9-27_NY_mp3.rar

FLAC - Jackson_Browne_1973-9-27_NY_FLAC.rar