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Neil Young - Archives Be Damned 2000

Neil Young
Archives Be Damned 2000
5-CD set
MP3 files @320 kbps
Artwork included

Here's another great Neil Young compilation, although much more obscure stuff here. This was another response by fans to fill the void until the oft-delayed, ever-elusive 'definitive archive' collection promised by Young finally comes out (still not released, maybe next year?). Excellent set. An essential collection for every serious Neil Young fan. Outtakes, rarities, demos, live versions. 82 tracks on 5 disks. Great companion to 'A Perfect Echo'. Whereas 'Echo' tries to compile all the best unofficial live versions of classic Neil songs, ABD2000 collects primarily the obscure, unknown, and rare song performances that many have probably not heard before.
Sound Quality varies from mediocre to excellent, but overall, very good.

Neil Young-Archives Be Damned 2000
Disc One
1) Born To Run (rehearsals 1990)
2) Forever Young (San Francisco 11-3-91)
3) Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Studio 1973)
4) It Might Have Been (Cincinnati 2-25-70)
5) Everybody’s Alone (San Francisco 2-19-70)
6) War Song (Studio 1972)
7) Johnny (NYC 10-1-83, played on the PA after the show)
8) Goodbye Dick (Uniondale, NY 8-14-74)
9) Pushed It Over The End (Chicago 8-27-74)
10) Everything Is Broken (Mtn View 10-28-89)
11) Ordinary People (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
12) Farmers’ Song (Bristow, VA 9-12-99)
13) Berlin (West Berlin 10-19-82)
14) Nothing Is Perfect (St. Paul 9-1-85)
15) Come Along And Say You Will (Toronto 1-15-73)

Disc Two
1) If You Got Love (Goteburg 10-8-82)
2) Sweet Joni (Bakersfield 3-11-73)
3) There Goes My Babe (studio demo 1966)
4) Dance, Dance, Dance (London 2-23-71)
5) Soul Of A Woman (Dallas 7-15-83)
6) Your Love Is Good To Me (Santa Cruz 2-6-84 early)
7) Do You Wanna Dance? (Dayton 9-18-83)
8) Hello Lonely Woman (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
9) Lady Wingshot (Eureka, CA 2-18-89)
10) Fool For Your Love (Detroit 9-4-88)
11) Aurora (single demo 7-23-63)
12) Live To Ride (Torhout 7-3-93)
13) Big Room (Santa Cruz 11-2-87 late)
14) So Tired (Santa Cruz 2-7-84 late)
15) Grey Riders (St. Paul 9-1-85)
16) Rock, Rock, Rock (Santa Cruz 2-7-84 late)
17) Bright Sunny Day (Clarkston, MI 9-18-78)
18) Leavin' The Top Forty Behind (Studio 1985)
19) I Ain’t Got The Blues (demo Nov 1965)

Disc Three
1) Love Hotel (Birmingham, UK 9-24-82)
2) Kansas (Oakland 3-20-99)
3) Homefires (Upper Darby, PA 3-24-92)
4) Love Art Blues (Seattle 7-9-74)
5) Separate Ways (Torhout 7-3-93)
6) Crime Of The Heart (Albuquerque 10-25-88)
7) Bad News (Wantagh, NY 8-27-88)
8) Stranger In Paradise (Mtn View 11-6-93)
9) Run Around Babe (demo Nov 1965)
10) Find Another Shoulder (Santa Cruz 11-2-87)
11) Your Love Again (outtake 1985)
12) Guilty Train (Boston 11-22-76)
13) Dog House (Detroit 9-4-88)
14) Windward Passage (Santa Cruz 8-22-77)
15) No One Seems To Know (Santa Cruz 1-5-83)
16) Extra, Extra (demo Nov 1965)
17) Give Me Strength (Chicago 11-15-76 late)
18) Walking After Midnight (NYC 4-19-88 late)

Disc Four
1) Rainin’ In Paradise (Studio 1982)
2) Amber Jean (Austin 9-25-84)
3) Hawaiian Sunrise (Long Island 9-8-74)
4) One More Sign (Studio 1966)
5) Winter Winds/Turbine (Berkeley 10-3-80)
6) Hillbilly Band (Costa Mesa, CA 10-24-84)
7) Modern World (Santa Cruz 5-19-97)
8) Road Of Plenty (Minneapolis 10-17-86)
9) Beautiful Bluebird (outtake 1985)
10) High Heels (Santa Cruz 11-2-87 late)
11) I Shall Be Released (Mtn View 10-30-99)
12) That’s All Right (Dallas 7-15-83)
13) Sultan (single 7-23-63)
14) The Rent Is Always Due (demo Nov 1965)
15) Hitchhiker (Saratoga Springs, NY 6-29-92)
16) Time Off For Good Behavior (outtake 1985)

Disc Five
1) Sixty To Zero (Toronto 8-19-88)
2) Box Car (Spokane 2-23-89)
3) Traces (Studio 1973)
4) Sad Movies (London, 3-28-76)
5) I’m Goin’ (Wantagh, NY 9-27-88)
6) I Wonder Why (Studio 1986)
7) Don’t Pity Me, Babe (demo 1965)
8) Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay (Santa Cruz 6-13-93)
9) Evening Coconut (Springfield, MA 6-27-76)
10) Fingers (Austin 9-25-84)
11) I Wonder (Studio/Winnipeg/4-23-64?)
12) Mediterranean (Studio, mid 1970s)
13) Greensleeves (NYC 5-16-74)
14) Dead Man, Acoustic Theme (promo, 1995)


binkerbo said...

Just FYI, if you download via torrent...the Fabulous Poodles at My Father's Place is available at The Pirate Bay

lost and found music library said...

awesome! i've been searching for a non-torrent version of this for MONTHS! thanx a bunch!

only gripe: it appears that "Winter Winds/Turbine" (track 5, disc 4) is missing?

any chance you can post it as a stand alone mp3?

Ogun Ferraille said...

Thanks a lot! "Hitch hiker" is one of my favorite Neil Young songs...

BBKron said...

Sorry about the missing track. It was not on any of my arkived files, so I didn't think I ever had it. However, I was able to locate the original source I got this from, and ultimately did find the missing track (CD4, track 5, Winter Winds/Turbine), so here it is for anyone that needs it (BTW, it's not exactly classic Neil, not missing alot without it, but it is a rarity, and for the sake of completeness, here it is:
(link also available in update of post)

Unknown said...

Linkies no workie for this.

Thank you, by the way, for your excellent site.

BBKron said...

Files have been reuploaded, and new links added (12/15/10). thanks for your continued interest and support.

Unknown said...

Hi, is the 2000 year of the edition? Or rather part of the title? I'm trying to complet the albums of Neil Young...Thanks for the answering my question en avance!

HarryO said...

2000 is the year of the edition. The original Archives Be Damned compilation was traded on cassettes. In 2000 a rustie friend of mine created an updated compilation on CDR, hence "2000" added to the title

Pat said...


A thousand thanks