Monday, November 3, 2008

Neil Young - A Perfect Echo, Vol.6

Neil Young
A Perfect Echo, Volume 6

Soundboard compilation
Now available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320K) versions

Continuing with the excellent live soundboard compilation by Braden S., Here's the last completed Volume, Vol. 6, for the final 2 CD's of this 12-CD compilation.

Disc 1: 1971-1999

Massey Hall, Toronto, ON 1/19/1971
1. There's A World
2. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
3. See The Sky About To Rain
9/14/74 Wembley Stadium, London England
4. Traces
5. Star Of Bethlehem
6. Love Art Blues
7. Don't Be Denied
8. Pushed It Over The End
02-06-1984, The Catalyst (Early Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
9. I Got A Problem
02-07-1984, The Catalyst (Late Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
10. Violent Side
9-25-1984, Austin City Limits TV Show, Austin, Texas w/ The International Harvesters
11. Amber Jean
01-13-1989, Brady Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma w/ The Restless
12. Wrecking Ball
13. Boxcar
1989 - 12/8/89 -
14. F***in Up
1997 Horde 8/1/97 Saratoga
15. Slip Away
Bridge, Mountain View, CA 10.31.1999
16. Cortez The Killer

Disc 2: 2004-2006

09-18-2004, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington, Farm Aid 2004 Solo
1. Pocahontas
2. Journey Through The Past
3. On The Way Home (piano version)
4. Cowgirl In The Sand
5. Birds
09-18-2005, Tweeter Centre, Tinley Park, Illinois, Farm Aid 2005 w/ The Prairie Wind Band
6. Walking To New Orleans
7. Southern Man
8. This Old Guitar
9. One Of These Days
Late Night With Conan O'Brien NBC Studios New York, November 2, 2005
10. The Painter
November 4th
11. No Wonder
12. When God Made Me
Saturday Night Live NBC Studios New York, New York, December 18th, 2005
13. It's A Dream
Farm Aid 21, Tweeter Centre Camden, New Jersey, September 30, 2006
14. After The Garden
15. Human Highway

New Links! (Updated 04/26/15)
Flac_Disc 1: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_1_FLAC.rar
Flac_Disc 2: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_2_FLAC.rar

mp3-Disc1: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_1-mp3.rar
mp3-Disc2: Neil_Young_-_A_Perfect_Echo_Vol.6_Disc_2-mp3.rar


Unknown said...

hi...excellent site - really enjoy the neil young posts...

question for you: have the perfect echo 1-4 that you have reposted on your site...i don't use FLAC due to storage issues - have you posted volumes 5 & 6 in non-flac (i only see flac) or seen posted anywhere else where links are still live? thx very much


BBKron said...

Reposted. New Updated links added (11/12/09) to original post. Check it out.

Remark said...

I am sorry, I also would like to download these non-Flac, but I somehow cannot find the "Reposted. New Updated links added (11/12/09) to original post. Check it out." Apoligies if I am being dense, but how do I find it?