Monday, April 28, 2008

Kinks In Concert 1974

The Kinks
The Kinks In Concert 1974

Soundboard recordings, excellent quality
192 kbps mp3
Cover Art included

Excellent recordings (made for BBC and ABC-TV shows) of the mid-70's era Kinks. Includes probably the best available recording of 'Slum Kids', a good song from this era that was played in concert throughout the '70's, but a studio version was never released (or apparently even ever recorded). Although the setlist is not their strongest, as it highlights several songs from the relatively weak Preservation concept albums, it does contain some great versions of a number of classics (Dedicated Flower of Fashion, Lola, Celluloid Heroes, Here Comes Yet Another Day), and also includes a wonderful version of 'Skin and Bones' merging into the old standard 'Dry Bones'.

1. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
2. Daylight
3. Here Comes Flash
4. Demolition
5. He's Evil
6. Lola
7. Here Comes Yet Another Day
8. Skin And Bone / Dry Bones
9. Celluloid Heroes
10. Slum Kids

Tracks 1-6, BBC 'In Concert', Hippodrome Theatre, London, UK, July 14, 1974
Tracks 7-9, ABC-TV 'Wide World-In Concert', Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, June 4, 1974
Track 10, unknown venue/location, 1974
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kahn said...

would you please upload this file again please ?? because megaupload delete this file.


BBKron said...

Just reposted this one. here's the new link:

Private Beach said...

A studio version of "Slum Kids" was released as a bonus track on a CD reissue of Preservation Act 2.

BBKron said...

Private Beach,
Yes, you are correct that 'Slum Kids' was included as a bonus track on the 1998 Preservation 2 CD Reissue (and subsequent reissues). However, it too was a 'live' version, and not a studio track, as indicated in the liner notes, and obvious when listened to (I was a bit disappointed, as I was hoping for a studio version). In fact, it is the inclusion of this live rendition rather than a studio outtake on this reissued CD that makes me suspect that a usable studio version may not exist. Otherwise, why wouldn't they have included that instead of this live version (which is presumably from sometime in 1979)? Thanks for your interest and comment.

Narrow Dog said...


Just a little thank you for the re-ups. Take care man.

trtlrock said...

I have not seen the 6/4/74 dates anywhere for tracks 7-9...think those dates are accurate? Not even on the new 5-CD Kinks at the BBC set?


More awesome stuff -- thanks.

And, yes, I am genetically unable to refrain from asking about a lossless link :)