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The Kinks - 1993? - Club Vegas Session -Live rehearsal

The Kinks

1993 (?) Club Vegas Session Live
at The Kinks' North London Konk Studios

Mp3 @ 320 kbps
Excellent Soundboard recording
Artwork Included

This is from a rehearsal session prior to one of their early '90's tours. The date is not known and has been speculated as being anywhere from 1989-1994. Most sources list it as 1993, but is not really known. It is clear that it is a rehearsal, as the informal session consists of many partial songs, instrumental run-throughs, or vocals added only in bits and pieces here and there. This edited tape of the session (between song talk, misc., etc. removed) was reportedly leaked by a sound engineer or someone else that was there. The source is a CD Bootleg called 'Kinky Rehearsals". It's an interesting and unique look at the band, and they do (at least parts of ) a wide range of songs from all phases of their career, some with quite different arrangements. However, since it is a rehearsal, and does not have concert quality performances, it is mainly of interest to dedicated fans, and not casual listeners.

01 Club Vegas Intro
02 Catch Me Now I'm Falling/Tired of Waiting
03 Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
04 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Dave)
05 Now And Then
06 Victoria
07 Hard Way
08 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Instrumental)
09 Come Dancing (Partly Instr.)
10 Till The End Of The Day (Partly Instr.)
11 Top Of The Pops (Instr.)
12 Tired Of Waiting (Partly Instr.)
13 Set Me Free (Mainly Instr.)
14 Well Respected Man
15 Muswell Hillbilly
16 Have A Cuppa Tea (Partly Instr.)
17 Uncle Son
18 Sunny Afternoon
19 Dead End Street
20 David Watts
21 "Satisfaction"Jam (brief intro)
22 Autumn Allmanac
23 Around The Dial (Partly Instr.)
24 Low Budget
25 Welcome To Sleazy Town
26 Stat Of Confusion (Partly Instr.)
27 Superman (Partly Instr.)
28 Superman/Destroyer (Partly Instr.)
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