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Little Village (John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner) 1992-04-26 - Boston

Little Village
(Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner)
April 26, 1992
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
FM Broadcast (WBCN), Excellent Quality recording
mp3 @ 256

In 1991, following his successful run of recent albums and tours (1987-1990), John Hiatt wanted to get back together with the band lineup that started it all, the all-star group (Ry Cooder, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner) that backed him on his breakthrough 1987 album, Bring The Family. But this time they would be a 'real' band, not just Hiatt's back-up group. So, in early 1992, it was announced that Hiatt, Cooder, Lowe, and Keltner were forming a band, to be known as 'Little Village' (after an earlier idea of calling the band 'Hiatus' was scrapped). This was welcome news for fans, who had high hopes for the reunion of these talented musicians. Unfortunately, when the album was released later that year, most fans were dissappointed with the result. Although a solid album, it just wasn't up to the expectations and high standards set by the talent involved. The songs, which were all listed as collaborations of all four members, were not as memorable as most from Hiatt's (or the other members) recent solo albums. As a result, the group disbanded later that year, and each went back to their own solo work. However, they did tour that year in support of their album, and the tour was much more successful than the album. It is a joy to hear these guys playing together as a band in concert. They are all consumate musicians and just seem to be having fun. For the most part, the Little Village songs also come across much better live than on record, as Ry Cooder's great guitar and slide work is much more prominent in the longer, looser, live versions. And live, the band also gets to do some of their earlier songs (from Bring the Family), as well as a song or two from each of their solo repertoires. So, although Little Village was somewhat of a failed experiment for these guys, their live show, as demonstrated here in Boston on one of their last shows from the American tour, was great, and we were fortunate to have had these guys get together for this tour and interesting musical venture. This is an excellent FM recording, probably the best of the recorded versions of Little Village live shows. So, check 'em out, the once and only Little Village.

Disc 1: 66:22
1. Introduction 1:03
2. She Runs Hot 3:57
3. Band introduction by Nick Lowe 2:53
4. The Action 3:37
5. Fool Who Knows 4:31
6. Crazy About an Automobile 6:06
7. Inside Job 5:23
8. Do You Want My Job? 6:36
9. Alone in the Dark 5:42
10. Take Another Look 4:57
11. Solar Sex Panel 4:57 (tape flip during applause)
12. Don't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive 6:04
13. Memphis in the Meantime 5:28
14. Crying in My Sleep 5:06
Disc 2: 53:54
15: Don't Go Away Mad 5:10
16: Big Love 8:15
17: Little Sister 4:35
18: Across the Borderline 7:39
19: Carter Alan Encore Break #1 1:07
20: Don't Bug Me When I'm Workin' 5:58 [tape flip during applause]
21: Half a Boy and Half a Man 3:52
22: Announcer Encore Break #2 1:00
23: Thing Called Love 7:46
24: Lipstick Sunset 6:11
25: Carter Alan Closing Credits 2:19
Total Runtime: 120:16

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Disc 1: Little_Village_-_1992-04-26_-_Boston_MA_d1.rar


The PopCulturist said...

Hey BB man! More great stuff, thanks as always.

This site has another LV boot, called Stage Job, from the Chicago show on the same tour (exact date unknown):

Judging from the Boston setlist, the Chicago boot is missing a good third of the show. And I haven't side-by-sided 'em yet so I don't know how different the performances are, but it is in good sound quality.

BBKron said...

Thanks PopC,
Yes I have the Stage Job boot, as well as a couple others (from San Francisco, and a BBC Radio show) from their only tour, but this Boston show is by far the most complete (most songs), and best sounding (crisp, clear, clean, great mix) of all I've heard. Thanks for your support!

Unknown said...

Wonderful blog, thanx very much!!

Thunderbirdman said...

I've got Stage Job as well (Note to PopCulturist - Recorded at the Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, April 15, 1992), but based on your comment really looking forward to this show - thanks for your all the terrific posts.

Big Man said...

Great album! Is it my bad ears or is someone's guitar way out of tune on Do you Want My Job?

Thanks for the file!

Anonymous said...

DISK 2 ?

BBKron said...

Master Eddie,

Link for Disc 2 updated. Thanks for letting me know. enjoy.