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Evis Costello - 1987-01-30 - Manchester, UK (with The Confederates)

Elvis Costello & The Confederates
January 30, 1987
Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England
Good audience recording
Lossless (FLAC) Files

After finishing up his 1986 european tour (featuring both solo shows and Attractions shows) with extended UK dates in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Liverpool in December, Elvis went right back to the UK in January-February 1987 for more shows, this time backed by the Confederates, a group of American musicians (including James Burton-guitar, Jim Keltner-drums, Benmont Tench(from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers)-keyboards, and T-Bone Burnett) that he worked with on the King of America album. The Confederates had backed him on several dates on the 1986 US tour, but did not come with on the subsequent european tour. Elvis must have enjoyed the shows with them, because he invited them back for most of the 1987 tour. As would be expected, the shows with the Confederates focused much more closely on the King of America songs, as well as other country, folk and country-influenced songs. Here, then is a full-length show from Mancester, England that provides a very good representation of these shows with the Confederates.

Disc 1
01. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes - Elvis solo
02. Stranger In The House
03. That's How You Got Killed Before
04. The Big Light
05. Our Little Angel
06. Good Year For The Roses
07. It Tears Me Up
08. The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line
09. Poisoned Rose
10. I'll Wear It Proudly
11. Lovable
12. Riverboat
13. Radio Sweetheart - including Jackie Wilson Said - Elvis solo
14. Alison - including lines from Living A Little, Laughing A Little, Point of No Return and You Win Again - Elvis solo
15. Tokyo Storm Warning - Elvis solo
16. - talk
17. Any King's Shilling - Elvis solo
18. New Amsterdam / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Elvis solo
19. - talk
20. Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness - including a couple of lines from Lullaby of Broadway - Elvis solo
21. Shipbuilding - Elvis solo

Disc 2
01. - talk
02. Little Palaces - Elvis solo
03. Indoor Fireworks
04. Sally Sue Brown - including You're No Good and 36-22-36
05. True Love Ways
06. American Without Tears
07. Brilliant Mistake
08. Glitter Gulch
Encore 1
09. Suit Of Lights
10. Green Shirt - Elvis solo
11. I Want You - Elvis solo
Encore 2
12. What Would I Do Without You
13. Pouring Water On A Drowning Man
Encore 3
14. Oliver's Army - including Be My Baby - Elvis solo
15. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
16. Your Mind Is On Vacation / Your Funeral My Trial
Encore 4
17. That's How You Got Killed Before
18. Payday
19. Sleep Of The Just

The Confederates:
James Burton - lead guitar
Jim Keltner - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Benmont Tench - keyboards
T-Bone Wolk - dobro, guitar, mandolin, accordion, backing vocals

FLAC Files (Mediafire links, courtesy of the Elvis Costello Wiki Pages):
Elvis Costello_1987-01-30_Manchester_FLAC files

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Sergej said...

Amazing concert, but i can't download it.
Can you help me please with some zippyshare or something like this?
I will really love to hear Elvis with Jim.
Here is my blog
Thank you.

BBKron said...

not sure what problem you are having. I checked and files and links all seem to be working correctly.

craigie* said...

ah, one of my very best recordings....