Monday, March 25, 2013

Marshall Crenshaw - 1992-08-21 - Philadelphia

Marshall Crenshaw
Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA

Soundboard recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 192 kbps.

Here's more from the great, vastly under-appreciated Marshall Crenshaw, from a few years later. In the late 'eighties, Marshall released two more very fine albums (Mary Jean and 9 Others, 1987; Good Evening, 1989) to increasingly disappointing responses by the public. By the time of Good Evening, Marshall was being pressured by his record company, Warner Brothers, to be more 'commercial', resulting in some changes in the production and style, and the inclusion of more covers. Nonetheless the album was still very good due to his superior songwriting skills and cover interpretations. However, after lackluster sales of Good Evening, he was dropped by Warners.  But Marshall came back in 1991 with Life's Too Short, on the fledgeling label, Paradox Records (a short-lived MCA subsidiary). Now, freed somewhat from the pressures of a major label, he was just able to make the record he wanted to make, and not have to fit into any pre-conceived style or role. The result was one of his very best albums, with many memorable songs moving seamlessly from different styles and influences, mixing in more elements of jazz, blues, rockabilly, etc., as he matured as a songwriter and a seasoned music veteran, yet still all retaining the characteristic Crenshaw magic, and still quite rockin'. The strength of the new material is evident in this Philly show from 1992, where he features 5 songs from his latest album, as well as a great mix of songs from previous albums and his unique takes on a variety of pop classic covers (including songs from The Ramones, Dave Alvin, Gene Vincent, Richard Thompson, Dylan, and The Beatles). A great show, and evidence that Marshall Crenshaw was not just an early 'eighties flash in the pan, as he continued to make great music and albums throughout the 'eighties, nineties, and beyond. 

101. Fantastic Planet of Love*
102. Wanda & Dwayne (Dave Alvin cover)
103. Whenever You’re On My Mind
104. This Is Easy
105. Better Back Off*
106. The KKK Took My Baby Away (The Ramones cover)
107. Rockin’ Around In NYC
108. Somewhere Down The Line*
109. Right Now (Gene Vincent cover)
110. You Should’ve Been There
201. Everything’s The Truth*
202. Stop Doing That*
203. Monday Morning Rock
204. Calling Out For Love (At Crying Time)
205. Cynical Girl
206. Valerie (Richard Thompson cover)
207. Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan cover)
208. Ask Me Why (The Beatles cover)
209. Someday, Someway
210. (You’re My) Favorite Waste Of Time

* songs from his current album (at that time), Life's Too Short (1991)


These files were originally obtained from Big O Worldwide so thanks to him for making this available.

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