Monday, March 11, 2013

Jellyfish - 1991 - Germany - Bubbles & Pixie Stix

1991 (unknown date)
Munich, Germany
'Bubbles & Pixie Stix'

Broadcast recording, good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

By request, here's one more show from Jellyfish. This is from the Bellybutton Tour (1991), in Germany, but don't know much else about the recording, although it is of fine quality. The setlist is pretty much the same as for the other 1991 show previously posted (Santa Cruz, CA - link here), although this one adds a few different dynamite cover songs to their own stellar compositions, including the opener, 'Hold Your Head Up' (Argent), 'Let 'em In' (McCartney), used as an Intro to 'That is Why', and their closer Fleetwood Mac's 'Go Your Own Way'. Enjoy! 

01 Hold Your Head Up
02 Hello Hello
03 Calling Sarah
04 The King is Half Undressed
05 I Wanna Stay Home
06 Mr. Late
07 Bye Bye Bye
08 She Still Loves Him
09 Will You Marry Me?
10 Now She Knows She's Wrong
11 Baby's Coming Back
12 Jet
13 No Matter What
14 All I Want is Everything
15 The Man I Used To Be
16 Let 'em In - That Is Why
17 Go Your Own Way

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Formosa Coweater said...

Great concert! Your blog is responsible for introducing the Jellyfish to me for which I offer great thanks.

Mason said...

Aw, you came through yet again with the paiselypowerpop of Das Jellyfish. Thanks again man.

Remco, Leila en Nik said...

Thank you, what a great band they were!!

robgronotte said...

Could use a repost of all your Jellyfish. :)

BBKron said...


Sure thing. Just updated all the links. Enjoy!