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Graham Parker (solo acoustic) - 1991-02-08 to 12 - London

Graham Parker (solo acoustic)
1991, 02-08 to 02-12
Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

(Opening act for Bob Dylan)
Audience recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Continuing with some later Graham Parker, here is a rare treat, solo acoustic performances from 1991, as he opened for Dylan in London. This was right around the time of the release of Struck By Lightning, which is one of Graham's very best albums. Although I love the early stuff with the Rumour, I have to say that, overall, Struck By Lightning is my all-time favorite Parker album (Ironically, it was poor sales of this brilliant album that resulted in RCA dropping Parker from the label). And here, we get many songs from that album, as well as others from this and other periods. As the opening act for Dylan, he performed alone with just his guitar and harmonica. Here, I have combined the shows to include all the unique songs he performed over the 4 days of that event. I have included the full show for the first night (2/8/91), then added in only the songs that were different from the subsequent nights. I have included all 4 versions of the medley that started with 'Don't Let It Break You Down' because he played it a little different each night, inserting different snippets of other songs. So, here, you get them all, and can choose which version you like best. This is an excellent-sounding audience recording. I got this from The Rare Stuff awhile back, and so have to thank the popculturist over there for making these great shows available. for those that want the full sets from all 4 shows, you can get them over at The Rare Stuff. So, here then, is a quite different sounding Graham Parker (from that heard on the previous Rumour show), toned down a bit, but as great as ever, in all his musical splendor.
01. Introduction/Watch The Moon Come Down
02. Over The Border (To America)
03. Strong Winds
04. And It Shook Me
05. She Wants So Many Things
06. Guardian Angels
07. Hotel Chambermaid
08. Don't Ask Me Questions
09. Wrapping Paper
10. Blue Highways
11. When I Was King
12. Don't Let It Break You Down/Here Comes The Sun (instr.)
13. The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again
14. That's What They All Say
15. The Kid With The Butterfly Net
16. The Three Martini Lunch
17. Museum Of Stupidity
18. You Can't Be Too Strong
19. Get Started, Start A Fire
20. No Woman No Cry
21. Don't Let It Break You Down/Substitute/This Is How It Feels/Here Comes The Sun (instr.)
22. Between You And Me
23. Success
24. Don't Let It Break You Down/Sweet Jane/Substitute/Here Comes The Sun (instr.)
25. Don't Let It Break You Down/Sweet Jane/I'm Free/Here Comes The Sun (instr.)

The songs in the medleys with 'Don't Let It Break You Down' are just snippets, not full-length.
The core songs of 'Watch The Moon Come Down', 'Over The Border (To America)', 'Strong Winds', 'Guardian Angels', 'Wrapping Paper', 'Don't Let It Break You Down', and 'The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again' were played at most or all shows, with 'Don't Let it Break...' and 'Sun is Gonna Shine...' ending each show.

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Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

Would like to say thanks for some of your nice shows.

The PopCulturist said...

You're welcome, BB! :) Glad to see these great shows getting around, and good job putting together a compilation of all the songs performed. Thanks for the link!

whsonic said...

oops.. the Zippyshare link leads to "Steely Dan - 1993-09-01 - St. Louis SBD_disc2.rar"
Could you please corrct this?

BBKron said...

oops is right. OK, link nowfixed/replaced

KMAmes said...

Looking forward to seeing Graham at the Union Chapel in November. Meanwhile, that photo of him with Bob Dylan is backstage at Blackbushe Aerodrome In 1978. Graham told he was so nervous about meeting his hero and his mouth became so dry that his upper lip stuck to his teeth! Which is why he’s not grinning like a Cheshire Cat. It was a homecoming gig for him as it wasn’t far from Deepcut.