Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Graham Parker & The Rumour - 1977-03-17 - BBC

Graham Parker & The Rumour
BBC Sights & Sounds, London

TV Broadcast recording, excellent quality
New! Now upgraded to mp3 @ 320 kbps
(previous version was 192 kbps)

I'm delighted to see how popular the previous Graham Parker posts have been. So, here's another show, the audio from a TV broadcast of the BBC show Sights & Sounds from relatively early in Parker's career, following his second album with the Rumour, Heat Treatment. Here again, he's backed by that great band, The Rumour. So, here's some vintage GP from 1977.
01. Heat Treatment
02. Silly Thing
03. Fool's Gold
04. Pourin' It All Out
05. Gypsy Blood
06. Don't Ask Me Questions
07. Hold Back the Night
08. Not If It Pleases Me
09. Soul Shoes
10. Kansas City

New Link! (and upgraded to 320k) (Updated 12/27/13)


bglobe313 said...

A great document of Graham and the band at this time. Highly recommended to all.


Ace K.

furnguy said...

thanks. Love the Graham.aciverma