Monday, January 17, 2011

Graham Parker & The Rumour - 1980-10-18 - Rockpalast - Essen, Germany

Graham Parker & The Rumour
Rockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany

Soundboard recording, excellent quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's another great Graham Parker & the Rumour show, this one from what would be their final tour together, in support of their last album, the Up Elevator, in 1980. This is from the Rockpalast series, so has great sound, and features many songs not in the earlier shows. So, enjoy. By this time, keyboardist Bob Andrews had already left the group and was not replaced, so for this tour, they had Nicky Hopkins sit in on keyboards. I got this from the fine blog 'Music ruined my life', so I have to thank them for making this available, and they also have several other GP boots and out of print albums there, so check 'em out.

01  Stupefaction                            
02  No Holding Back                      
03  Jolie, Jolie                         
04  Love Without Greed                    
05  Discovering Japan                     
06  Passion Is No Ordinary Word        
07  Howlin Wind                          
08  Thunder And Rain                     
09  Manouvers                            
10  Don't Get Exited                     
11  Beating Of Another Heart             
12  Empty Lives                          
13  Devils Sidewalk                         
14  Endless Night                           
15  Can't Get No Protection                  
16  Nobody Hurts You                         
17  Hey Lord Don't Ask Me Questions         
18  Tripe Face Boogie                      
19  Soul Shoes                             
Graham Parker - guitar, vocals
Brinsley Schwarz - guitar, vocals
Martin Belmont - guitar, vocals
Stephan Göulding - drums, vocals
Andrew Bodnar - bass, vocals
Nicky Hopkins - piano

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madwhoman said...

Thanks a lot for some really fine stuff from GP & the R, one of many underrated musicians. I especially love those 70s recordings that I grew up with. Keep up your good work!