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Genesis - 1980-04-30 - Newcastle, UK PRRPGS-020

City Hall, Newcastle, England
PRRPGS-020 - Ripples on the Tyne
Remastered audience recording, very good quality (A-,
Lossless (FLAC) files
Artwork Included

In 1979, Genesis took an unplanned break, no album, no tour, so that Phil could take time to work through some personal problems (failing marriage). During that break, Banks and Rutherford each began working on solo albums (A Curious Feeling and Smallcreep's Day, respectively - both worth seeking out). When all three got back together in fall of 1979, they put together, Duke, their 2nd album as a trio. This album continued in the musical direction away from progressive rock toward radio-friendly pop-rock, although still retained some of their progressive spirit, and actually had 2 hit singles ('Misunderstanding', 'Turn It On Again'). This album and tour was generally considered to be either the last of their progressive rock career or beginning of their time as pop stars. For the 1980 Tour that followed, the boys were again supplemented by drummer Chester Thompson and guitarist Darryl Stuermer, and once again, despite any misgivings about the musical directions of the group, the band was still nonetheless pretty impressive in concert. This show from early in the tour includes some songs that were not played in the later US portion, including 'Carpet Crawlers', 'Say It's Alright Joe', and 'The Knife'), and also, Phil's voice is in fine form at this show, whereas in some of the later shows of the tour, the vocals showed obvious strain and wear. So, enjoy this 1980 version of Genesis Live.

Disc 1
01 Deep In The Motherlode 6:00
02 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 1:53
03 The Carpet Crawlers 5:42
04 Squonk 7:46
05 One For The Vine 11:23
06 The story of Albert 4:20
07 Behind The Lines 5:26
08 Duchess 6:54
09 Guide Vocal 1:38
10 Turn It On Again 4:40
11 Duke’s Travels 7:29
12 Duke's End 2:36
Total Time 65:47

Disc 2
01 The Story of Sidney 3:04
02 Say It's Alright Joe 8:22
03 Story of the Hero and the Villan 2:24
04 The Lady Lies 6:21
05 Roadies and the Smoke Machine 2:38
06 Ripples 10:0207 Band Introductions 2:46
08 In The Cage 7:49
09 Slippermen 1:07
10 Afterglow 4:55
11 Follow You, Follow Me 4:35
12 Dance on a Volcano 4:38
13 Drum Duet 0:50
14 Los Endos 6:26
15 I Know What I Like 9:08
16 The Knife 4:06
Total Time 79:11

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