Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Genesis - 1975-01-10 - West Palm Beach, FL (SAB-06)

Convention Hall, West Palm Beach, Florida
Excellent Soundboard recording (A+,
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork Included

OK, I know that so far all the Genesis I've posted has been in Lossless format, and that is basically because I always try to post stuff in the best quality that I have (and since Genesis is one of my very favorites I try to get the best quality out there). But, I am certainly not opposed to mp3 as a format, as it can be very useful. And I know that there are many out there who just don't use lossless because of the huge size and space requirements. So, anyway, I will try to share at least a few Genesis shows in mp3 before I move on to other things. I also have not yet posted a show from the great Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour, primarily because just about all the good shows are already readily available on the other blogs previously mentioned. But I have found a show that can rectify both of these situations. So, here is a great soundboard recording, one of the very best available from the Lamb tour, and one that is not currently available in mp3 at T.U.B.E . Most Genesis fans generally consider this album and tour as the crowning achievement of Genesis, their masterpiece, a bizarre and stunning vision (both musically and visually). Personally, although I too think it is a magnificent masterpiece, I still prefer Foxtrot and Selling England by the Pound overall (I always had trouble with disc 2 of Lamb, it just can't sustain the excellence of disc 1, or compare with their previous masterpieces), but that's just my preference. As a stage show, Lamb was certainly unprecedented as a musical spectacle. For Gabriel, this was his Swan Song with Genesis, and a magnificent one it was, as he left the group shortly after this tour. So, please enjoy The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Live, in all it's glory.

101 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
102 Fly On A Windshield
103 Broadway Melody Of 1974
104 Cuckoo Cocoon
105 In The Cage
106 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
107 Back In NYC
108 Hairless Heart
109 Counting Out Time
110 Carpet Crawlers
111 The Chamber Of 32 Doors

201 Story Of Rael
202 Lilywhite Lilith
203 The Waiting Room
204 Anyway
205 Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist
206 The Lamia
207 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
208 The Colony Of Slippermen
209 Ravine
210 The Light Dies Down On Broadway
211 Riding The Scree
212 In The Rapids
213 It
214 The Musical Box
Total Running Time: 1:52:13

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A different remastered version of this same show (BURP-009) is available in Lossless at Quality bootz HERE , as well as about 10 other high quality shows from this tour (Find them here).

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