Monday, April 19, 2010

Genesis - 1977-07-02 - Zurich Revisted v.2

Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
Live in Zurich 1977 ("Zurich Revisited" version 2)

audience/soundboard matrix recording, excellent quality (A,
mp3 @ 320 kbps
Artwork included

Here is another excellent show and recording from the 1977 show, generally considered to be the best available from this tour. This show was from near the end of the tour, and included some memorable songs that were not played at earler shows, with the great but rarely played 'Inside and Out' being the most significant. This particular recording version is a slightly modified version of a great bootleg known as 'Zurich Revisited', which was released some years ago by The Digital Brothers who did a great job merging two sources (soundboard and audience) to create an incredible sound matrix, restoring the live atmosphere that the raw soundboard was missing. This 'enhanced' version (version 2) corrects a few minor problems with audience noise interfering with introductions, some other minor problems, and also adds several additional songs from other shows that were played earlier in the tour, but dropped from the setlist for later shows. Thus, the whole experience (all the songs) from the tour are included in excellent sound quality.

1. Squonk
2. One for the Vine
3. Robbery, Assault and Battery
4. Inside and Out
5. Firth of Fifth
6. The Carpet Crawlers
7. In That Quiet Earth
8. Afterglow
9. I Know What I Like
10. Eleventh Earl of Mar

1. Supper's Ready
2. Dance on a Volcano
3. Los Endos
4. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
5. The Musical Box
Bonus Tracks :
6. Myrtle the Mermaid (intro)
7. Your Own Special Way (Dallas, USA, 19 March 1977)
8. All in a Mouses's Night (Southampton, UK, 20 January 1977)
9. The Knife (London, UK, 24 June 1977)
10. Lillywhite Lilith / The waiting room / Wot gorilla (London, UK, 1 January 1977)

Mike Rutherford : bass
Steve Hackett : guitar
Tony Banks : keyboards
Phil Collins : vocals, drums, percussion
with Chester Thompson : drums, persussion

New Links! (Updated 01/12/14)
CD1: Genesis_1977-07-02_Zurich_Revisitedv2_CD1.rar
CD2: Genesis_1977-07-02_Zurich_Revisitedv2_CD2.rar


terribletee56 said...

Just a quick 'Thanks' for an excellent blog. Your hard work is very much appreciated. All my best to you and yours.
Terry Miles
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luis alfieri said...

I listened to this work on youtube & I was stunned. I live in Argentina and I'd like to have it in my genesis collection, Is there any possibility of still buying it? Is there anywhere I could find it to be shipped? Thanks for the info in advance and any blog talking about genesis is eagerly read here.