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Genesis - 1978-04-17 - Los Angeles PRRPGS-008

The Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California
Remastered audience recording, very good quality
Lossless (FLAC) Files
Artwork Included

After their massive 1977 world tour, Genesis returned to the studio to mix and edit hundreds of hours of tape from the past 2 tours to compile a new double live album (The excellent Seconds Out, released in Oct 77 ). It was at this time that guitarist Steve Hackett, after struggling long and hard with his decision over the past several months, officially left the band. After surviving the departure of their charismatic singer Peter Gabriel two years earlier, the band was suddenly down to a trio. This time, however, they wasted no time in deciding that they would not try to replace Hackett, and guitarist-bassist Mike Rutherford would play all the guitar and bass parts himself for the next album, which they immediately began work on. The album, which was appropriately titled And Then There Were Three was released in April 1978. But Hackett's departure would have a profound effect on the group. The new album, although quite successful, and by all accounts a strong album, was nonetheless a noticeable departure for the group, as it shifted away from the more 'progressive' style and more towards shorter, radio-friendly songs (For the first time, there were no songs 8 min or longer, or that contained extended instrumental sections), and produced the band's first-ever hit single, 'Follow You Follow Me'. And despite the move toward radio pop, the bulk of the album's style and content, still was much more like progressive rock than pop music, and thus was still mostly endorsed by Genesis fans old and new.
But the 1978 tour, which was their biggest ever, now that was still, predominantly, classic Genesis. Despite any rumblings about the direction the band was headed, Genesis Live was still a sight to behold. American jazz-rock guitarist Darryl Stuermer was brought in, along with the successful previous tour's drummer, Chester Thompson, as 'guest musicians'. Further enhancing their state-of-the-art lighting and effects were the use of huge rotating mirrors which would move and focus the lights around the stage, to breathtaking effects. In addition to the new songs, also added to the setlist for this tour were a couple of older classics, 'The Fountain of Salmacis and 'In the Cage', and a more recent favorite that had never been played live before, 'Ripples' (unfortunately, the epic 'Supper's Ready' was dropped for this and subsequent tours). The unparalleled success of the new album and tour reinforced to the band that they were on the right track, and so this trio form of the group, bolstered by Stuermer and Thompson for the live shows, remained the same for nearly 20 years, until 1996, when Phil Collins decided to (temporarily) leave the the group. So, here, is the next in this series of hard-to-find PRRP Genesis series releases, a very good quality show from fairly early in the tour, which includes a few songs that were not played at later dates. I saw them on this tour, and despite all the changes, they were still most impressive.

1-1. Audience Noise 1:05
1-2. Eleventh Earl Of Mar 9:05
1-3. In The Cage 8:13
1-4. Burning Rope 8:22
1-5. Ripples 10:11
1-6. Deep In The Motherlode 6:46
1-7. The Fountain Of Salmacis 9:41
1-8. Down And Out 6:05
1-9. One For The Vine 10:27
2-1. Squonk 7:31
2-2. Say It's Alright Joe 6:40
2-3. The Lady Lies 6:34
2-4. The Story of Romeo and Juliet 3:47
2-5. Cinema Show 11:52
2-6. Afterglow 5:09
2-7. Follow You Follow Me 4:27
2-8. Dance On A Volcano 4:10
2-9. Drum Duet 1:25
2-10. Los Endos 5:56
2-11. Phil Thanks The Road Crew 1:28
2-12. I Know What I Like 9:50
Phil Collins- Lead Vocals, Bass Pedals, Drums and Percussion
Tony Banks- Keyboards- 12 String and Backing Vocals
Mike Rutherford- Bass Guitars, Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals
Touring Guests
Daryl Stuermer - Lead Guitars and and Bass Guitars
Chester Thompson- Drums and Percussion

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