Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Steve Goodman - 1978-03-03 - East Lansing, MI

Steve Goodman
(with Jethro Burns, mandolin)
Mariah Coffee House, East Lansing, MI

Both sets, early and late shows
Soundboard recording, very good quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Yes! Even more from the wonderful singer-songwriter-storyteller Steve Goodman. And this time, it is a full evening of entertainment from Steve (and backed up by the great Mandolin player Jethro Burns), with both complete sets (early and late shows, each 80 min) in very good sound quality from this Spring 1978 night at Mariah Coffee House in East Lansing MI. That's a whopping 2hr.40 minutes, 44-plus songs from Steve, and in the 2nd set he only repeats 4 songs from the earlier set (all of which are with Jethro), so the second set is mostly completely different from the first, for a grand night of fun from Steve. OK, it might be a bit too much for non-fans (try the previous compilations for a good intro to Steve's wit, style, and songs), but for real fans, this is a rare treat to get such a long, full show in it's entirety. Enjoy. 

Early Show
01 Paradise for Two
02 Chicken Cordon Blues
03 Shake Rattle and Roll
04 Life Could Be A Dream
05 Banana Republics
06 42nd Street
07 Old Smoothies
08 Lincoln Park Pirates
09 Penny Evans
10 Three Legged Man
11 Is It True What The Say About Dixie (joined by Jethro Burns)
12 Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyeball Sockets
13 Jessie's Jig
14 The Dutchman
15 Hillbilly Auctioneer
16 Spoon River
17 City Of New Orleans
18 Stayin' Alive
19 Would You Like To Learn To Dance
20 From A Jack To A King

mp3 - SG_1978-03-03_early_East_Lansing_MI_mp3.rar
FLAC - SG_1978-03-03_early_East_Lansing_MI

Late Show
01 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
02 Video Tape
03 The 20th Century is Almost Over
04 Turnpike Tom
05 talk
06 Unemployed
07 This Hotel Room
08 Somebody Else's Chickens
09 talk
10 Barnyard Dance
11 That Old Gang of Mine
12 Blue Suede Shoes
13 I Think We're Alone Now
14 You Can't Go Back
15 Introduce Jethro
16 Instrumental (joined by Jethro Burns)
17 Just Lucky I Guess
18 Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
19 A Fool Such as I
20 Chicken Cordon Bleus
21 You Never Even Call Me by My Name
22 talk
23 The Dutchman
24 City of New Orleans
25 My Old Man
26 Is it True What They Say about Dixie
27 Hobo's Lullaby
28 Paradise

mp3 - SG_1978-03-03_late_East_Lansing_MI_mp3.rar
FLAC - SG_1978-03-03_late_East_Lansing_MI


Narrow Dog said...

Hi, can't say I've heard of this guy, but I'm always willing to give my ears a try to new sounds. Thanks for the sign post.

adgorn said...

I saw Steve Goodman in Lansing in 78 or 79 I believe, in a larger auditorium as a warm up for comedian Steve Martin (King Tut & Wild and Crazy Guy era.) The audience was not in the mood for folk music, so sadly they booed Goodman off the stage in order to get to Martin. I liked both, but matching them in one show didn't work for Goodman.

Unknown said...

I was at both of these shows. Can you please tell me how to get copies?

Unknown said...
Please contact me, I would love to get copies of both of the shows.

SSchus87 said...

Contact me at somewhere I have copies of both of these shows as well as other SG material.