Friday, June 28, 2013

Steve Goodman - Misc. performances, WXRT Tribute show

Steve Goodman
Miscellaneous performances (1974-1979)
(with Interview segments from John Prine)
WXRT-FM Steve Goodman Tribute show, 2010-07-21, Chicago, IL

FM Broadcast recording, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

OK, here's one last Steve Goodman post before I move on to other things. This was a radio tribute show to Steve Goodman broadcast on WXRT in 2010, consisting of various unreleased live recordings of Steve in the 1970's, with interspersed more recent interview excerpts from John Prine, talking about Steve and his music, all in very good quality sound recordings. Even contains a few songs that have not been heard in any of my previous posts. Although by no means comprehensive, nor even a collection of 'best of' works, it is a nice little compilation to honor the great Steve Goodman.
-- Unknown date
01 I Hope You're Satisfied
02 Election Year Rag
03 John Prine Interview
04 Somebody Else's Troubles
05 City of New Orleans
06 Announcer
-- 1975 - Amazing Grace, Evanston, IL
07 This Hotel Room
08 You Didn't Even Call Me By My Name-John Prine Interview-Last Verse
09 Chicken Cordon Blues
10 634-5789
11 Words We Can Dance To
12 Lincoln Park Pirates
13 John Prine Interview
-- 1978 - Amazing Grace Farewell Concert
14 The Auctioneer (w/Corky Siegal)
-- 1979 - Unconcert w/Full Band
15 Men Who Love Women Who Love Men
16 The Dutchman
17 John Prine Interview
18 I'll Fly Away

mp3 - SG_2010-07-21_WXRT_Tribute_mp3.rar

FLAC - SG_2010-07-21_WXRT_Tribute_FLAC.rar

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