Friday, June 7, 2013

FLAC is Back

Return of missing FLAC posts...and more

Since the filesharing site problems have seemed to settle down a bit (I haven't had any of my posts, downloads, or files shutdown or deleted in almost a year!), I am now finally getting around to restoring all of the previously posted lossless file downloads that have been missing from the posts. So far, I've restored all of The Kinks and Neil Young posts with their respective lossless versions (where available), as well as Chris Hillman, JD Souther - SHF, and Firefall, and am working on restoring the rest of the David M posts, and any others where the Flac files have been missing.

But, I'm not stopping there. In the earlier days of this blog, many of the posts were made with mp3's at bit rates of 192 instead of the higher quality 320 kbps (because that is just what I had then). So, in addition, I will start upgrading these earlier posts with higher quality versions (320 kbps, and where available Lossless (FLAC) versions), as well as add or restore links that were previously made to other blogs (for downloads), but that are no longer functional. In particular, I will be upgrading the Steve Goodman and John Prine posts to provide lossless and upgraded recordings wherever possible. The goal is to get  everything already here fully working again, and at the best available quality. So, I can at least have this set of shows fully available once again. So, if you prefer lossless, and have been disappointed that many posts have not been available. Here's your chance to upgrade. And even if you prefer mp3s, be sure to come back and check for upgrades and new links for those, too.  This also may give many a chance to go back through some of the great older posted stuff that you may have previously overlooked. So, there may not be as many new posts over the next few weeks as I work to get these upgrades taken care of, but I think it is well worth it to improve the overall quality of what is already here. Thanks. (BTW, if you see any places where it says a link is 'not currently available', let me know, so I can get it fixed - I may have missed it).


Narrow Dog said...

Hi Bigman (a scottish expression of respect and affection). Can I ask a favour. When I last downloaded Neil Young's series a perfect Echo, I had a problem with one track on Vol 5 disc 1, it was track 13. It jammed on the original download, could you check this for me please. Many thanks.

synonymicious said...

A laudable commitment to sonic quality. We appreciate all the effort you put into this, and thanks!

BBKron said...

Narrow Dog,

A new corrected link is now available on the original post page (APE Vol.4CD2). Thanks.

wcpaeb said...

I look forward to more FLAC upgrades of some of your earlier posts.