Friday, May 31, 2013

More All-time Classics

More All-Time Classics - Already Here

To close out the month and this brief look at some of the great, all-time classic bootlegs available out there, I thought it would be appropriate to make the point that, in addition to the great classics featured here over the past couple months, this blog already had many other shows and recordings that also could be included in any list of all-time classic bootlegs. Of course, ALL of the posts I have made here over the years contain great music, otherwise I wouldn't have posted them. However, there are a select group that I would consider to be in that lofty category of All-Time Classics. So, here again are the links to the original posts of some more of those that I would definitely put in that illustrious category.

The Kinks - 1969-11-27 - San Francisco - Fillmore West

The Kinks are, of course, one of the greatest rock bands of all time. There are many fine Kinks recordings and shows featured here, but this great show and rare high quality recording from the very peak years of the band is just a bit more CLASSIC than the rest. If you don't have this already, here's another chance.

The Who - This Old Lifehouse-Bootleg Reconstruction project

Likewise for The Who, many great shows and bootlegs available, but for me, the absolute highlights of their career involve the songs associated in one way or another with Pete's aborted Lifehouse project. And since no one else had put together a thorough compilation, I took on the task myself. And, not to pat myself on the back or anything (after all, Pete and The Who did all the real work), But I think my own compilation of Lifehouse-related songs by The Who constitutes an All-Time Classic, as these are just the best songs (from the best unreleased sources) available. So, again, if you haven't checked yet out this exclusive and classic BB Chronicles compilation, please do so now.

The Band - 1976-11-25 - The Complete Last Waltz

Here it is, the legendary farewell concert from The Band and all their all-star musical friends, presented in its complete, original, raw and unadorned concert form (distinctly different from all officially released cut and enhanced [studio overdubs] versions of the show). Already one of the most popular posts on the blog, this is indeed a classic show, and great warts and all, without any embellishments or enhancements. There are also several other great Band boots (most notably Academy of Outtakes-1971 and Across the Endless Highway-1973) available here, but it's hard to top the Complete Last Waltz.

 Steely Dan - The Lost Gaucho and Outtakes

Overall, probably the most popular download to ever appear on this blog, these classic outtakes and unreleased tracks from 'The Dan' are certainly a treasured rarity and a true classic bootleg. But for more from the Dan, and a classic live show from their early and very short-lived days as a live Rock band, you also cannot beat the Steely Dan - 1974-05-20 - Rainbow Theatre-London show  as another Steely Dan Classic.

Little Feat - Ultrasonic Ultra (1974-9-19&1973-4-10) Hempstead NY

Another all-time classic live show and recording, and this version made even better by combining 2 high quality radio shows from this period into one extended kick-ass live session (and my own compilation). Starting with The BEST quality audio recording (allegedly mixed and leaked as a bootleg by Lowell George himself), this is professional quality stuff from this great band in their prime.

Supertramp - 1975 BBC radio - London 

Also have to include this full-length show, high quality broadcast recording of Supertarmp in tis review of classic boots. this is a great-soundong recording of the band highlighting songs from Crime of the Century and Crisis? What Crisis? (their 2 best albums). I would also add to this their 1977-11-10 Queen Mary College-London show (also high quality broadcast recording), which adds several new songs from Fool's Overture, as well as some different songs from Crisis? to make a superb 2-disc live combo.

Well, there are plenty more great shows featured here (many more Neil Young, Kinks, Costello, genesis, etc.), but for now, that's a good selection of some of the Great All-Time Classics here. So, if you don't have any of these, your collection is seriously lacking and you better get them right now.

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed this look at some of the All-Time Classic Bootleg recordings. We will now go back to presenting some equally great, but perhaps less well-known or popular artists for a while now.
Disclaimer: Now, I know that I did not cover many other of the 'Greats' that have extensive bootleg recordings in this brief look at All-Time Classics (such as Dylan, Stones, Pink Floyd, Clapton, Hendrix, Zeppelin), but these are all artists that are either covered much better in other blogs or are just not among my all-time favorites, and thus I am not really qualified to present and/or categorize which are the most classic recordings by them (not that they aren't great, just not among my musical strengths and knowledgability).


La Piazza Gancio said...

No Genesis?

Narrow Dog said...

No Bowie either.

Narrow Dog said...

PS sorry forgot to mention. Thanks for the posts.

bglobe313 said...

The Lifehouse comp is one of the greatest bootleg comps ever.

I would guess that every Lifehouse fanatic like me has "thought" of a similar thing, but I would also guess that most of us (also like me) never did it.

And for the non-fanatics, any exposure to the larger group of songs behind the classic Who's Next LP should be a mind blower.

Ace K.