Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Holiday Break?

Ok, so I have taken a bit more of a break from posting shows here than I intended over the 'holidays', and there are many factors that have contributed to making things a bit more complicated, but I am now ready to get back to business here, at least in my usual somewhat sporadic way. First off, the weather lately has been very difficult to deal with, starting with snow, frigid temperatures, and including an epic ice storm here a few days before Christmas, which resulted in my home losing all power (and heat) for 4 straight days right through Christmas, which was then compounded with more snow, freezing rain, and ice (I'm still trying to clear the ice out from around the house). So, that has been a real adventure. Now, I'm not complaining, we still had a fine Christmas and holidays regardless (just like those Whos in Whoville), and are thankful that we escaped with no real problems or lasting damage, it was just a bit of an adventure, and has taken alot of time to deal with. But, for the blog, I have been trying to steadily update and re-post stuff for all the dead hotfile links throughout this time, so I have been doing some blog-related stuff. Up to now I have re-upped the links for all the posts from 2010 through 2013, as well as many other individual shows and artists (all Kinks, Dan, etc., now working on getting all the NY posts updated). So, things are mostly back up, and should be all fixed very soon (until the next filesharing fiasco). Anyway, I'm back now, and will start things up again by sharing a couple more radio shows (John Hiatt and Bodeans) that I got from draftervoi. So, once again, thanks all for the support I receive, and enjoy!


Narrow Dog said...

hanks for the work your doing. Take care.

La Piazza Gancio said...

Whew. Ice and houses--bad mix.

Glad you got through everything okay, and that BB Chron is once again sailing the high seas.