Thursday, February 9, 2012

Return of Some Favorites

Long Hard Climb (photo by Katrina Swift)
Climbing back up

Ok, so I have begun that long hard climb to try bring the blog back (by restoring deleted download links) to some semblance of its former self after the loss of all music downloads in the Megaupload fiasco. I am starting slow, and have re-uploaded some of the most popular downloads so far. I will continue to do so at a slow steady rate until most of what was here is restored. I doubt that all will be returned, however, but we'll see how it goes. Here is a list of what has been uploaded so far.You can check back here for updates on what has been recently uploaded and updated.

The Guess Who - 1974-05-06 - St. Louis
The Best (Emerson/Walsh/Entwhistle/Baxter) - 1990-09-26 - Yokahama
Jackson Browne - 1970 - The Criterion Demos
The Kinks - 1972-03-11 - Cleveland
The Kinks -  1996-06-15 - Oslo (Final Concert)
The Kinks - 1978-10-30 - Paris
Gene Clark & Carla Olson - 1987-03-06 - Santa Monica

Flying Burrito Brothers - High Lonesome - 1969-70
Chris Hillman Band (Firefall) - 1975-09-22 - Bryn Mawr
Jackson Browne - Song Traveler (Live Solo Acoustic Compilation)
Dan Fogelberg - 1979-04-18 - NY
Dan Fogelberg - 1984-05-29 - NY

The Band - Academy of Outtakes 1971-12-28-31
Genesis - 1982-10-02 - Milton Keynes (Reunion) 
The Kinks - 1969-11-27 - San Francisco (mp3) 
Steve Goodman & John Prine - 1980 Minneapolis 

Steely Dan - Lost Gaucho and Outtakes
Steely Dan - Katy Lied/Royal Scam Outtakes
Steely Dan - 1974-05-20 - London (remaster)
Steely Dan - 1974-03-20 - LA
The Band - The Complete Last Waltz 
The Kinks - 1974-11-27 - NY (mp3)
Fabulous Poodles - 1979-02-13 - Hempstead, NY
Fabulous Poodles - 1979-05-26 - London BBC
Genesis - 1982 Reunion Rehearsal 

In the wake of the megaupload upheaval, things are still very tentative. Although there are still several decent file-sharing sites active, they tend to be slow, overcrowded, or inaccessible (like filefactory!), and are much more jittery about potential copyright violations, and seem ready to delete accounts at the slightest provocation, without any warning or recourse.  So, although I only post unofficial stuff, who knows how long any re-uploads will survive. I am using mediafire, at least for now, as it has worked well so far. However, it has a 200mb file size limit, so for the larger shows (and especially any lossless stuff), it is a bit of a pain to have to split into several multiple files. So, I may wait a bit on re-upping the lossless stuff and look for another alternative site without the size limits. Anyway, if you haven't already gotten any of the above shows, by all means, get them now, they are all great. I will continue to upload more shows each week.


wkc said...

Some great music! Thank you for sharing. Please see comments for Jackson Browne Songwriter set.

A B said...

Thanks a lot for the hard work. I recently found out about this great place and am absolutely gutted to see some exceptional stuff go away with megaupload.
If I may, kindly re-up unusual line-ups for- for eg.- The Best one.

Thanks a ton once again for doing the hard yards

BBKron said...

A B,

I've just re-posted "The Best" show as well as several others. Enjoy.