Friday, February 24, 2012

Firefall - 1975-06-06 - The Other End, NY

The Other End, New York City, NY

(Firefall debut concerts)
Uncirculated Audience (David M.) Recording, Good Quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC) and mp3 (@ 320 kbps) versions

Remember the story of how Firefall got its record contract (from previous Chris Hillman post) by performing in place of an ill Chris Hillman, and being signed immediately? Well, here is the very show (actually, one of a few shows at the Other End in NY) where that happened. This is another of David M's personal uncirculated audience master recordings (actually, one of the very last I have to share), and a great document of this historic show. So, once again, so much thanks to David for making this available for sharing here on this blog. For further info, I'll just leave you with David's own comments he sent to me regarding this recording. 
David's comments: "We went to New York expecting to see Chris Hillman. When we got there it was explained that Chris Hillman had gone home sick, but his backup band had brought out it's other members, as they were a new group on their own, and would play. So this was Firefall's debut in New York. It just happened that there were some record execs there, saw the band, and gave them a contract. Some notable things about the show is the number of unreleased tunes they did, some old Burrito songs, and Roberts solo stuff. Just into the 2nd set we got "battery fatigue", so I've only included a few tunes, you may or may not want to use. The rest of the set was unusable. Too bad, too, because there was some good stuff there. I recorded this a few tables back from the stage; decent sound. Traded it a bit years ago, but pretty much uncirculated now."
So, here is Firefall, at the very beginning, nearly a full year before the release of their first album. But, you'll note that they play 7 of the 10 songs from that first album here (so they already had just about everything written), as well as a good half dozen other never released early Firefall songs. Great stuff, and a historic show. Enjoy.

First Set
01 - It Doesn't Matter
02 - Do What You Want
03 - Tell the Truth
04 - Wedding Song
05 - Falling in Love
06 - No Way Out
07 - You Never Know
08 - Deliver Me
09 - Sad Old Love Song
10 - She Made Me Lose My Blues
11 - Mexico
12 - Colorado
13 - Give

2nd set (partial)
14 - In My Own Small Way
15 - Livin Ain't Livin (variable speed problems due to dying recorder batteries)
16 - Cinderella (fragment)
Note: rest of set unusable due to recorder battery problems.

Rick Roberts - vocals, guitar
Larry Burnett - vocals, guitar
Jock Bartley - lead guitar, vocals
Mark Andes - bass
Michael Clarke - drums

Taken directly from a previously very limited-circulation audience master recording by David M. This version prepared exclusively for The BB Chronicles by BBKron (

mp3 version - Firefall - 1975-06-06 - NY link here

FLAC version - Firefall - 1975-06-06 - NY FLAC link here
New Link! (Updated 10/8/21)

Also, get this previously posted David M-recorded Firefall show from a year later, recently re-uploaded with new link


Mike Bodayle said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I was at one of the Other End shows and started seeing what I could find on-line about them.

One thing is that I found in my archives is an ad for the shows which show the dates to be from June 2 through June 4. My own concert log has me at the June 4 show. So I'm not sure about your date of June 6. After I listen I will see if I recall if this was the show I attended.

Thanks again.

Mike Bodayle said...

If my facts are straight this is 6-3-75 since they mention it's the second night.