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Chris Hillman & Friends - 1983-05-05 - Cotati, CA (both sets)

Chris Hillman & Friends
(Bernie Leadon, Al Perkins, Herb Pedersen & Bill Bryson)
1983-05-05 (both sets)
Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, Ca

Soundboard - Very Good Sound Quality
mp3 @ 192

After the extended reunion tours and albums with Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn (McGuinn, Clark, and Hillman, McGuinn/Hillman) had run their course (by end of 1981), Chris Hillman decided he wanted to get back to his country and bluegrass roots. So, he once again turned to old friends and FBB alums Bernie Leadon (who had left the Eagles) and Al Perkins, as well as his old bluegrass buddy Herb Pedersen and bassist Bill Bryson (both formerly of the bluegrass group, the Dillards). With this lineup, he recorded 2 bluegrass-oriented albums for Sugar Hill Records (Morning Sky, 1982 & Desert Rose, 1984), as well as toured together throughout 1983-84. Around this time, Hillman and Pedersen were also asked by Dan Fogelberg to join him on his new all-star bluegrass-oriented album and tour, High Country Snows, in 1985. This union eventually lead Hillman and Pedersen to form the Desert Rose Band, which was a very successful traditional country band for the next several years. In this fine soundboard recording (featuring both sets from from their Cotati Cabaret show) near the beginning of this next phase of Chris Hillman's career, Chris primarily features some FBB tracks with mainly new or traditional songs with a a definitely more bluegrass sound and feel, and highlighting the expertise of his band.

Set 1:
1. Instrumental (1:07)
2. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (2:25)
3. Last Thing On My Mind (2:53)
4. You Don't Know My Mind (2:02)
5. Burrito Breakdown (2:17)
6. God Loves His Children (2:43)
7. Running The Roadblocks (2:03)
8. Desert Rose (2:32)
9. Love And Wealth (2:25)
10. The Christian Life (2:18)
11. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die (2:05)
12. Why You Been Gone So Long (2:23)
13. Hollywood Is Making Me Blue (2:41)
14. How Mountain Girls Can Love (2:07)
15. Children Are Crying (2:04)
Set 2:
16. Fallen Eagle (2:00)
17. Wheels (2:49)
18. Devil In Disguise (2:46)
19. You Don't Know My Mind (2:04)
20. Sin City (3:44)
21. Burrito Breakdown (2:11)
22. Love And Wealth (2:25)
23. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die (2:09)
24. Instrumental (2:13)
25. God Loves His Children (2:50)
26. Instrumental (2:56)
27. Children Are crying (2:46)
28. Take Me In Your Lifeboat (2:40)
29. How Mountain Girls Can Love (2:06)
30. Desert Rose (2:27)

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