Thursday, December 30, 2010

Most Popular Downloads

As one of those year-end event kind of things, here is a rundown of the most popular downloads on the blog. Not surprisingly, the list is comprised mainly of the biggest name acts I’ve posted, such as Neil Young, The Kinks, Genesis, The Who, etc., but there are also several surprises on the list. For example, I was quite surprised that boots by Procol Harum, the Band, and Jackson Browne also made the list. All of these have been downloaded more than a thousand times, which at least for this blog, is quite a lot.

BTW - BB-X indicates my own exclusive compilations, only available here.

In addition, here are several other great quality downloads, that although were not among the very most downloaded still received substantial activity (over 500 downloads each), and it was great to see somewhat lesser-known artists like The Guess Who, Little Feat, Little Village, Rockpile, and Nick Lowe get this much attention. and these are just great shows, so here are some of those downloads, too.

Little Feat - Ultrasonic Ultra (BB-X)

The Guess Who - 1974-05-06 St.Louis

Little Village - 1992-04-26 Boston

Rockpile - 1978-10-24 NY

Nick Lowe and His Noise To Go 1982-03-15 London

Next up, I'll feature some other downloads, hidden gems, that may not have been as popular, but are well-worth seeking out.

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furnguy said...

Always nice to see what gems you post.