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Steve Goodman - 1977 Radio Shows - NY & Atlanta

Steve Goodman
(with Jethro Burns)

1977 Radio Broadcasts

The Bottom Line, New York, NY 1977-11-01
Great Southeast Music Hall, Atlanta, GA
FM Broadcasts, excellent quality
Now available in lossless (FLAC) and mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here's more from the great Chicago singer-songwriter, Steve Goodman, a combination of 2 radio broadcasts from the fall of 1977, with excellent sound quality. These shows also feature great mandolin playing from Jethro Burns (of country act Homer and Jethro), who regularly toured and performed with Goodman. Goodman does most of the show solo, then brings out Jethro for the last part of the set. I have combined these 2 shows to highlight the different songs from the sets, removed some repeated songs, and arranged them all into a relatively seamless longer single show. Highlights include another of his songs co-written with John Prine 'The 20th Century is Almost Over', his observations on sexual relationships - 'Men Who Love Women Who Love Men', and 'Moby Book', his condensation of Moby Dick into a blues song (or as he says, 'like Cliff Notes written by Willie Dixon' ). Enjoy.

Some more background on Steve. Right around the time Steve was just getting started as an entertainer, in 1969, he was diagnosed with Leukemia, which in those days was basically a death sentence. He didn't know how long he would have to live, but he dedicated himself to making the most of his career while he could. Only his close friends and family knew about his condition, so he went through his music career fighting back the disease as best he could, with his fans and public not knowing anything about his ailment. That he was able to keep up such an upbeat attitude, high energy, and good humor, and be such a prolific songwriter and performer throughout his career was an amazing achievement. By 1983, however, the cancer was really taking it's toll, and Steve finally revealed to the world his condition. Steve died in September 1984, but left behind a rich legacy of songs, albums, and performances. Next time I'll feature some shows from his last few years. Till then, enjoy this small glimpse of a wonderful performer and great guy, Steve Goodman.

01 Red Red Robin
02 Videotape >
03 Do It Yourself
04 Old Smoothies
05 20th Century Is Almost Over
06 One Of These Days >
07 Men Who Love Women Who Love Men
08 Two Lovers
09 Can't Go Back
10 You’re The Girl I Love
11 Three-Legged Man
12 Mind Your Own Business
13 Moby Book
14 Bandstand
15 Yellow Coat
16 Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
17 Donald and Lydia
18 Door Number Three
19 My Old Man
20 The Auctioneer
21 Spoon River Anthology
22 Jessie's Jig
23 City Of New Orleans
24 Just Lucky I Guess

tracks 1-9, 16, 21-23, New York, NY (WNEW-FM)
tracks 10-15, 17-20, 24, Atlanta, GA (WKLS-FM)

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Complete shows - full lossless versions
FLAC_1977-New York: Steve Goodman_1977-10-10_New York_FLAC
FLAC_1977-Atlanta: Steve Goodman_1977-11-01_Atlanta_FLAC
Lossless versions are the complete, unedited shows for each date (contain additional songs not included on edited mp3 version)

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