Friday, September 17, 2010

John Prine - 1978-06-11 - Bottom Line, NYC

John Prine
June 11, 1978

The Bottom Line, New York, NY

FM recording, very good quality
Now available in lossless (FLAC) and
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Here is a show from Prine several years later in his career. This tour was in support of Bruised Orange (1978), his 5th studio album, so, we get the additional songs from this period. In addition, this tour featured a full back-up band with Prine, including additional guitars (both electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass, drums, and back-up vocals, rather than Prine's more traditional solo act or just with guitar and bass. At this time Prine was exploring more of a harder edge and rock sound on several songs, which would be even more prominent on his next album, Pink Cadillac (1979). Here, he already has the band assembled that he would use for most of Pink Cadillac, and it is interesting to hear some of his songs done with a band (and electric guitar?), although he does go back to just himself and guitar for some of the classic tracks that work better that way. But whether you like the fuller sound and arrangements, or prefer just John alone, this represents the next phase of his illustrious career, and it's all great stuff.

01 Spanish Pipedream
02 Often Is A Word I Seldom Use
03 Angel From Montgomery
04 Fish And Whistle
05 Crooked Piece Of Time
06 Blue Umbrella
07 Illegal Smile
08 Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone
09 The Bottomless Lake
10 Sam Stone
11 That's The Way That The World Goes Round
12 There She Goes
13 I Had A Dream Last Night
14 Chinatown
15 If You Don't Want My Love
16 Try To Find Another Man
17 Band Intros - Pretty Good
18 Hello In There
19 Grandpa Was A Carpenter
20 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
21 Paradise
22 Please Don't Bury Me
23 Sleepy Eyed Boy
24 Treat Me Nice
25 Onomatopeia
26 Sailin' Around
27 Mexican Home
28 How Lucky Can One Man Get
29 I'm Not That Good At Goodbye
30 Saddle In The Rain

John Prine - acoustic guitar, vocals
John Burns - acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals
Howard Levy - piano, keyboards, harmonica, mandolin
Tom Piekarske - bass
Angelo Varias - drums

New Links - Upgraded Quality! (Updated 12/30/13)
mp3 - JP_1978-06-11_New_York_NY_mp3.rar

FLAC - JP_1978-06-11_New_York_NY.rar

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Our student government at my college booked Prine and this band to play during this tour.
What a fantastic show it was!
For the careful listener Prine added a new verse to "Saddle in the Rain", performed here.
I worked this show and met him backstage, he's a little shy off-stage but very nice.
When I asked him about that extra verse, he said it was in the original song but it cut out during recording. He wrote the lyrics to it on a note pad and autographed it to me. I still have that page 33 years later. Thanks for this!