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Rockpile - BBC Sessions (1977 & 1979)

BBC Sessions - 1977 and 1979
February 14 & April 7, 1977; June 16, 1979; BBC In Concert

FM Broadcast Recordings, excellent quality
Available in both lossless (FLAC), where available, and mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's more live Rockpile! And this time, in excellent quality from BBC radio broadcast recordings, and also available in lossless versions (at least for some). Just great stuff! The only down-side here is that because these are from multiple different sessions, there is some duplication of songs ('I Knew the Bride' 3 times, etc.). Also, I did not have a lossless source for the 1979 session, so that is available as mp3 only, but for the FLAC version I included some tracks from a 1979 San Francisco show (which were included in the lossless show package I received). These are of lesser quality than the BBC material, but still good quality. One other note, I put these together from multiple different partial sources, so there may be some differences or inconsistencies among tracks (volume levels, etc.), but all are high quality recordings that sound great, and together represent the most complete versions of these sessions that are available. So, rock on some more with Rockpile at their best.

BBC Session February 14, 1977
1. Introduction
2. Heart of The City
3. Ju Ju Man
4. Down Down Down
5. I Knew The Bride
BBC In Concert April 7, 1977 (broadcast April 23, 1977)
6. Introduction
7. Down Down Down
8. Back To Schooldays
9. I Knew The Bride
10. Band Introductions
11. Mess of The Blues
12. I Hear you Knockin
13. They Called It Rock
14. Here Comes the Weekend - So Fine

BBC In Concert June 16, 1979 (mp3 only)
1. Intro
2. Sweet Little Lisa
3. So it Goes
4. I Knew The Bride
5. Girls talk
6. Cracking Up
7. Let It Rock
8. Love So Fine
9. Switchboard Susan
10. Ju Ju Man

1979 San Francisco (Audience recording, good quality) FLAC only;
15. Introduction
16. So It Goes
17. Fool Too Long
18. Breaking Glass
19. They Call It Rock
20. Heart of the City

mp3: Rockpile_BBC sessions_mp3.rar

FLAC: Rockpile_BBC77&SF79_FLAC.rar


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