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Atlanta Rhythm Section - 1979-10-26- Western Carolina University, Cullawhee, NC

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Western Carolina University,
Cullawhee, NC
(Plus tracks from 1978-09-03, Atlanta, GA)
Soundboard recordings, very good quality
Available in both Lossless (FLAC) and Mp3 (320 kbps) versions

Here's another good '70's rock band that had great regional success but  struggled to breakthrough to more widespread fame. Here is the The Atlanta Rhythm Section, a fun rockin' band, saddled with the 'Southern Rock' label when they were capable of a much broader mainstream success.Although they had a short string of hit singles, they were never quite able to make it big  ARS was formed in 1971 in Doraville, GA, originally as a Session band at a local recording studio. They signed with Decca records, but their first 2 albums (Atlanta Rhythm Section-1972 and Back Up Against the Wall-1973) failed to garner much attention and they were dropped by Decca. After being picked up by Polydor, their next album, Third Annual Pipe Dream (1974) featured a smoother, more accessible pop-rock style that resulted in some success and their first single, 'Doraville', to crack the top 40. Although their next 2 albums, Dog Days (1975) and Red Tape (1976) still floundered, they toured extensively during that period, building their reputation and receiving acclaim in the South and Midwest. They also secured opening act spots with the Who and The Rolling Stones that year. Bolstered by this increased exposure, their next album, A Rock and Roll Alternative (1976) would finally break through as an album success, on the strength of the hit single 'So Into You'. And their next album, Champagne Jam (1978), would be their biggest hit, reaching #7 on the US album charts (and platinum sales), and more hit singles with 'Imaginary Lover' and 'I'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight'. In 1979, with a couple more hits, 'Do It or Die' and 'Spooky' (which was a remake of a hit song a couple of the band members had way back in 1967 with the Classics IV), their next album, Underdog, was also successful. But that was about it for the glory days, for as the calendar and musical styles moved into the '80's, they were no longer able to get their songs on the radio, and fan interest waned. Although their next 2 albums, Boys From Doraville (1980 and Quinella (1981) were  were still quite good, sales plummeted. Although they worked on another album in 1982, before finishing the album, disputes with their record company (now Columbia) resulted in shelving the album and the band. After that, some members split to go their own way, leaving the band in disarray. Although the band never actually split-up, as different makeshift lineups continued to play some gigs, they were essentially done at that point. Some years later, in 1989, lead singer Ronnie Hammond returned and rejuvenated the band, resulting in some new recordings in later years, with various members and lineups. The band does even still exist and continues to play shows, but with an almost completely different lineup from the old days. The only original member that has been a part of every ARS band over the years is keyboards-vocalist Dean Daughtry. Here is a fine show from their hey-day (1978-79). The fine soundboard recording of the Cullawhee show was missing the first few songs from the set, so I substituted in the probable opening songs from an earlier show (with a very enthusiastic Georgia Tech crowd) in Atlanta. This features all of their hits as well as many other quite memorable songs. Relive these simpler days with the boys from Doarville. 

1978-09-03 - Atlanta, GA
01. Back Up Against The Wall
02. Angel
03. Champagne Jam
1979-10-26 - Cullowhee,NC
04. I'm Not Gonna Let it Bother Me Tonight
05. Born Ready
06. Do it or Die
07. Large Time
08. Imaginary Lover
09. Spooky
10. Another Man's Woman
11. Rocky Raccoon
12. Georgia Rhythm
13. So Into You
14. Long Tall Sally (fades out)

The Atlanta Rhythm Section:
Ronnie Hammond - vocals
Barry Bailey - lead guitar
James B. Cobb - guitar, backing vocals
Paul Goddard - bass
Dean Daughtry - keyboards, vocals
Robert Nix - drums, percussion, backing vocals

FLAC - Atlanta Rhythm Section_1979-10-29_CullawheeNC_FLAC.rar

Mp3 - Atlanta Rhythm Section_1979-10-26_CullawheeNC_mp3.rar


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