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Eddie & The Hot Rods - 1977-01-14 - Paris

Eddie and The Hot Rods
January 14, 1977
Le Bataclans, Paris, France

Audience recording, good quality (From The Moose Track Collection)
Mp3 @ 224 kbps

Continuing with more Pub Rock , here's some more from Eddie & The Hot Rods, this one a full-length set from early in 1977, which was after their first album, but before their second album, and thus features more of their regular 'pub rock' material, including several rock classics of old ('96 Tears', 'Wooly Bully', 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy', 'Gloria') and relatively new (the Who's' Kids are Alright', Seger's 'Get Out of Denver', and CCR's 'It Came Out of the Sky'), as well as original songs from their first album.

1. Get Across To You
2. 96 Tears
3. Keep On Keeping on
4. All I Need Is Money
5. Show Me
6. Woolly Bully / Horseplay
7. Why Can't It Be
8. Teenage Depression
9  The Kids Are Alright
10. It's Been So Long
11. Hard Driving Man
12. Double Checking Woman
13. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
14. On The Run
15. audience
16. Get Out Of Denver
17. Gloria
18. It Came Out Of The Sky

Eddie & TheHotRods_1977-01-14_Paris.rar

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