Monday, February 11, 2013

Jellyfish - 1991-08-02 - Santa Cruz, CA

The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

Audience recording, very good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

Glad to see that we do have some fans of Jellyfish here. So, here's some more from the wonderful Jellyfish for all of you, this time from their earlier tour, in support of their first album, Bellybutton (1990). So, Jason Falkner is included in the band here. This earlier set features some interesting covers (Badfinger, McCartney, etc.) in addition to their entire first album and some additional tracks. This appears to be a very good-sounding audience recording, and the band is in fine form and in great spirits. So, here is a bit earlier taste of Jellyfish and their Power Pop extraordnaire in concert. I have more Jellyfish if there is enough interest in it. Let me know.

01.Hello Hello
02.Calling Sarah
03.The King Is Half Undressed
04.Baby's Coming Back
05.I Wanna Stay Home
06.Mr Late
07.Little Bit Of Love
08.Bye Bye Bye
09.She Still Loves Him
10.Will You Marry Me?
11.Now She Knows She's Wrong
13.All I Want is Everything
14.The Man I Used To Be
15.That Is Why
16.No Matter What



Mason said...

YES YES YES YES YES YES. More Jellyfish. No, scratch that - ALL the Jellyfish. I'm DLing now!

Mel B. said...
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Mel B. said...

I would love more Jellyfish if you have it!
I saw them (unintentionally) as the opening act for World Party (I think?) in 1990.
I struck up a conversation with Andy and Jason at the bar following their set, they were super cool and nice guys.
Became a fan immediately.

Tjarley said...

The more Jellyfish, the better!

Noah Elrod said...

What is the song played halfway through "She Still Loves Him?" I've searched lyrics and, nothing.