Friday, February 22, 2013

Jason Falkner - Live Solo Acoustic (1997-98?)

Jason Falkner
Solo Acoustic set
Unknown date and location (1997-98?)

Audience recording, good quality
vbr mp3 (224-256 kbps)

Here's Jason Falkner in a solo acoustic set, from sometime after his first solo album, Jason Falkner Presents Author Unknown (1996). Actual date and location are unknown, as no info came with the files I received for this, but since the set consists predominantly of songs from his first album, with only one song ('Eloquence') from his second album, Can You Still Feel? (1999), I'm assuming the set was probably sometime after his first album, but a ways before his second, so I would guess somewhere around around 1997 or early 1998. If anyone else his any info on this set, let me know. Anyway, as we learned from the previous posts, Jason, a talented singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, was briefly a member of Jellyfish (1990-91) and The Grays (1993-1994), but then went out on his own, as he never seemed to like being part of a band. And he really took being on his own seriously, as he plays all the instruments on all the songs for both of his first 2 solo releases. His first album was highly acclaimed, but received little public recognition, and even skimpier sales. And a similar story for his second album. Yet, he has continued to carry on, to make and release quality albums and musical projects over the years since that time. He has a strong core group of fans that have followed his every move and consider him something of a power pop genius. So, here's Jason Falkner in an earlier, solo acoustic setting. After This, I'll post some more Jason from a few years later, and more electric even, with a band.
1. I Live
2. Hectified
3. Miss Understanding
4. Eloquence
5. Both Belong (The Grays)
6. Afraid Himself to Be
7. Johnsberg, Illinois
8. Don't Show Me Heaven
9. I Go Astray
10. Become Anita Trapped
11. A Lot to Learn



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Thank you for both of these Falkner shows!

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Thanks a lot!!! sound good. Good Work