Friday, February 15, 2013

Jellyfish - 1993-07-07 - San Francisco

Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Audience recording, good quality
mp3 @ 320 kbps

OK, here's one more taste of Jellyfish before we move on, this time catching them in their triumphant return to San Francisco (and the Warfield Theatre) after months of touring abroad in support of their 2nd and final album, Spilt Milk. And this time we get get the full-length concert show (rather than a shortened opening set) from this tour, so it includes several additional songs that were not included on the previous 1993 show I featured here last week. So, here's another chance to hear and enjoy the great power pop of Jellyfish.  

01 All Is Forgiven
02 Sebrina, Paste & Plato
03 That Is Why
04 New Mistake
05 Now She Knows She's Wrong
06 Joining A Fan Club
07 I Wanna Stay Home
08 He's My Best Friend
09 The Ghost At Number One
10 The Man I Used To Be
11 Baby's Coming Back
12 The King Is Half Undressed
13 No Matter What
14 The Glutton Of Sympathy
15 Calling Sarah
16 I Can Hear The Grass Grow
17 She Still Loves Him
18 All I Want Is Everything

Link updated 9/14/18


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Tjarley said...

Ever discover a band and want everything they've ever recorded, and then find out they broke up 10 years previously? That was me and Jellyfish. Now I'm looking for anything by them or any of the offshoots by the many talented ex-band members. Thanks for this and anything else you can dig up!

Unknown said...

The date is incorrect. Jellyfish played Omaha, NE on July 7th. This is July 17, 1993.