Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jason Falkner - 2002-12-04 -Troubadour, Hollywood, CA

Jason Falkner (w/ full band)
December 4, 2002
Troubadour, Hollywood, CA

Soundboard recording, good quality
mp3 @ 256 kbps

Here's some more Jason Falkner, from a few years later, and this time with a full back-up band, which is relatively rare for him. This show featured several songs that were brand new at the time, as well as a good selection of songs from his first 2 albums and a song each from his Jellyfish and The Grays days. A really nice show. 

1. Put Her in the Movies
2. My Lucky Day
3. Intro
4. Untitled
5. Run Away
6. She’s Not the Enemy
7. You Am I
8. Princessa
9. Intro (I Can See For Miles exerpt)
10. Feelin’ Much Better
11. Miracle Medicine
12. I Live
13. Revelation
Encore (solo electric):
14. She Goes To Bed
15. The Man I Used To Be
16. Miss Understanding
Final Encore (with band):
17. Honey
18. Goodnight

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Mario said...

Good show but poor sound quality. It is often distorted and it seems more an audience recording than a soundboard one. In addition, the ripping frequency rate is 256kbps and not 320 as stated.

BBKron said...


Sorry you were disappointed in the recording quality of this one, but there's no way this is 'poor quality'. I definitely would call this a 'good quality' recording, Sure, it's not great, and there is some distortion and 'muddy' sounds, but that's why it is not considered 'very good' to 'excellent' quality. Overall, it is quite good, with a good mix and full clear sound of all instruments and voices. All I can say is Welcome to the world of bootleg recordings. The information I got with this claimed it to be a soundboard recording, but yes, it certainly could be an audience, hard to tell for sure, but I will say, if this is an audience recording, I would call it a 'very good' audience recording. You are right, though that this was ripped at 256k and not 320k (sorry, that was my fault in posting), but really, there is very little difference in sound quality between 256 and 320kbps anyway. But to be accurate, I will correct the post. Thanks for your comments, I do want to hear from people, both with the good and the bad, and I hope you will check out other shows here.

Mario said...

I did not want to seem disrespectful referring the quality as poor, if it seemed so I apologize. Maybe I exceeded using the term poor, but I'm not native English and my translation may not have been accurate. My statement was based on the fact that the recording was identified coming from a soundboard and as such I cannot define it as good. If this was an audience recording I have no problem to call it good. My first encounter with the world of bootleg dates back to 35 years ago so, immodestly, I think I am a little experienced. The ripping at 320kbps is probably a obsession but I see this is shared with other passionate bloggers (i.e. Willard's), perhaps because we grew up with the warm sound of vinyl in our ears and we are often able to appreciate the difference when comparing two different ripping of the same source.
Anyway, thanks for the excellent contribution you provide spreading good music with your blog. I like several artists in your list (Costello, Brion, Mann, Falkner and many others), so I promise I'll check back soon. Bye.

Karl AceModrules Decaux said...
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Karl AceModrules Decaux said...

Thanks for sharing. I became aware of Mr Falkner in 2002. There was a french tv show with live music and Travis was there. Not a fan, but they're good and honest musicians. Anyway, Jason was a guest and he played two or three song. A cover of "Wichita linemen" with Travis ...and "Revelation". And what a revelation it was. He played alone, in the twilight. just his electric guitar and his voice. It was very haunting and impressed me. I'm a fan since that night. A great gifted musician. At that time, i had recorded the tv show, but i lost the VHS cassette and never been able to find this video again!!! If it'll ever surface one day, watch this show, it was a magical performance.
Cheers from France.

Unknown said...
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Mike said...

Could you please re-post this one? Thank you!

BBKron said...

Sure Thing, Mike! Link now updated. Enjoy

Mike said...

I'm getting the download now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the share!!!