Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Sinceros - Demos and Rarities, 1978-1981

The Sinceros
Demos and Rarities

Studio demo recordings, good to very good quality
mp3@320 kbps

OK, Here's the last of The Sinceros stuff. This is a collection of various demos and rarities from throughout the brief history of the group, beginning with some early demo recordings from 1978, progressing up to their later recordings in 1981. The early (1978) stuff here is pretty rough, both in the recordings and the performances, but the later stuff is really good, and features many songs that can not be heard on any other recordings, either live or studio. So, this is definitely needed to complete any collection of The Sinceros music. After their first album, The Sound of Sunbathing (1979), they essentially completed recording what was planned to be their second album, to be titled '2nd Debut' (artwork featured above), in 1980, but then at the last minute the album was withheld and shelved by their label, Epic records. Much of the material for that album was later re-worked and re-recorded, along with several new songs, under the guidance of Producer Gus Dudgeon (most well-known for his work with Elton John), and was eventually released as Pet Rock in 1981. I don't know how much of the credit goes to Dudgeon (as opposed to the band just growing and maturing), but Pet Rock, is by far their best work, just a wonderful pop album for that time, with great songs, a great sound, and great production. The collection included here has couple of the songs from the 2nd Debut sessions, as well as several from later sessions that were not used on any released albums. For anyone interested at all in the music of The Sinceros, I highly recommend getting Pet Rock, as at least half of its songs (including some of their best) are not found on any of these bootlegs, and the others are in superior versions (actually, everything on that album is better than anything I have been able to post from them here).  Just a great, criminally underappreciated pop album.  In addition, only fairly recently, Pet Rock was reissued as a deluxe CD (actually, first time on CD, 2010 - Wounded Bird/Sony), that contained not only all of Pet Rock, but also the complete 2nd Debut tracks and several other additional bonus tracks, too (for a total of 25 Sinceros tracks). Well worth checking out, if you can find it. But until then, hope you enjoy this final sampling of The Sinceros. BTW, these recordings I've shared represent the only live/unreleased recordings of The Sinceros available as far as I know. If you have or know of any others, I'd love to hear/have anything you can share about them. Thanks.  

First Demos (c. 1978):
01. Something's Happening Now
02. Rich Quick
03. Girl I Realise
04. Little White Lie
05. My Little Letter
06. Hollywood
07. Quick Quick Slow
08. Cry
09. Cry (instrumental)
Pathway & Matrix Demos (c. 1979):
10. Break Her Heart
11. Count The Beating Hearts
12. Little White Lie
13. My Little Letter
14. Take Me To Your Leader
15. Worlds Apart
2nd Debut (unreleased album, 1980):
16. Come On Out And Play
17. Down Down
Later Demos (1980-1981):
18. Knot On The Inside
19. City Summers
20. Everyday Girl
21. Falling Out With You
22. We Don't Get Along
23. You And I Make Magic
24. Coming Down
25. The Scene



Unknown said...

Holly Crap! Where did you find these? I've been a fan since I heard Disappearing on the radio in Chicago. They probably played once but that's all it took and I was hooked. Many Thanks!

LaurenceA said...

Well now BB, I just stumbled across these while on a nostalgic quest to see what remains of my old pal Mark Kjeldsen. Not that I knew him very well, we were in a couple of bands together (very) briefly but I saw him play here in London a lot when the Strutters were going on. Lost touch after that, but I just wanted to add to your research that he was one of the 2 best guitarists I have ever seen and easily the best I ever played with. A truly astounding musician - I only wish someone had recorded those Strutters nights. Great to see he's remembered and people are still enjoying his talent. Best regards from London UK - Larry